Loque vs Gondria

Loque'nahak vs Gondria

Who wins? The tattooed beast from Sholazar Basin or the spectral saber from Zul’Drak?

Well you can probably guess who won this bout. 😉

I know some of you may be going… “OMG, I can’t believe you killed a Spirit Beast… there was probably some unfortunate hunter logged out at that spot waiting for the opportunity to claim Gondria”! 😡

Normally I leave the rare tamables alone, as I believe it to be good hunting karma, but sometimes the temptation of an Adventurer’s Satchel gets the best of me. 😈

I still can’t bring myself to kill Loque though. Every time I encounter him I simply pause, take a cool screenshot or two perhaps, then just go about my business, hoping some lucky hunter will happen by and experience the joy of taming the most treasured of the Spirit Beasts.

Northern Exposure

Of course, what most likely happens right after I leave…

A Blood Elf DK swoops down to mine some Saronite nearby, spots Loque and 2 shots him, leaving his looted corpse rotting in the Sholazar sun – crushing the hopes and dreams of the hunter who logged in at the spawn point 10 seconds too late. 😥

To this day, I still can’t bring myself to kill Broken Tooth. Even though he’s been reduced to nothing more than just a mangy mountain lion, I can’t help but recall the elation of taming him back when he meant something. He’s definitely sacred IMO.

So how about you guys… do you just nuke any and all tamable rares you come across, or are you weird like me, considering some of them to be sacred and untouchable?

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  1. Rare, tamable beast is always sacred for me. Especially what comes with spirit beasts, killing them should be a crime. I’ve been hunting for Loque’nahak whole weekend, non-stop, yelling every hour that I’m searching for Loque.

    Twice I’ve seen King Krush. Both times he’s been killed in front of my eyes. First time my taming attempt failed. Didn’t remember that he fears and is immune to freezing trap, so he almost killed me. I was dying, so quick feign death and bandage after. And there we go again.. But it was too late. Someone was already took it to 50% of it’s health.

    I’ve never seen Loque in wild. The time I’ve already spent hunting on him is incredible. But he has always been my favorite beast, and always will be. I would give all my pets (Old Cliff Jumper, Rak’shiri, Arcturis, Gondria) and all my money for him. I really hope he spawns soon.

    In my opinion, those who are hunting rare tamable beasts just for achi/drops should always ask in general chat if there’s someone hunting for the beast. The worst thing you can do is prolly killing the beast when someone is taming it.

    I wish all the luck to my fellow hunters and achi/drop hunters: before you pop your cd’s and attack, ask if there’s any bm hunters in area. If you was a hunter, you would totally appreciate that.

  2. Sacred and untouchable for sure. Humar was my first ever rare tame. The way you feel about Broken Tooth is the way I feel about Humar….thats why I kill Pitch every chance I get!!

  3. I can only kill a spirit beast if i have stayed there, trapping it until someone wants it… If no-one turns up after 20 minutes. Its an Arcane Shot in the face and a Kill Shot in the neck.
    Done it with Gondria. Done it with Skoll. Done it with Arcturis and Done it with Loque… Against my will… stupid other hunter who wasn’t even BM.

  4. I can say that I do have the credit for killing Loque, all be it, because the farmer thought that it would be money for him if he did, even tho I had it tagged. That said, I have came across Loque many times since (at least 7-8 times) and each time, I whispered Every stinkin hunter in SB, my guild, and even popped on my alt account horde char and asked any in there. I also never had no hunter looking for him either. That said I still don’t think I could kill him, he is just to special. I am however, guilty of killing Gondria cause it spawned on my bear while I was aoe farming meat/leather at the bears and kitties. I did feel bad even tho Gondria is Way common on my server.

    But ya, I don’t generally touch broken tooth, snarler, rak’shiri, or any of the other rare tameable mobs. And soon enough, I will have them again and won’t ever have to worry about letting them go for a new pet!

    @Muskogean I always wanted to ask you about your Loque, where did you come up with that name?

  5. Having tamed all the available spirit beasts and King Krush, I know how painful it is to hunt rare spawns… especially those for an achievement. That being said, I’ve encountered Skoll once (when tamed), Arcturis twice (once ganked from me, the other tamed), Gondria three times (first tamed, second ganked from me after having to abandon him, and the third just re-tamed a few minutes ago), and Loque twice (once tamed, the other I did indeed slay because there were no hunters available and a paladin charging in).

    I did not like killing Loque once bit. And when Gondria and Arcturis were both killed right in front of my eyes, by hunters no less, it did distress me. I should also mention Krush was ganked form me four times before I got him. Its very anguishing.

    The only time I kill them is out of mercy. I’d rather them fall to my arrows than to a death knight’s sloppy blades. 🙁

  6. Having not encountered each spirit beasts again in the wild since taming them, (except Skoll, damn his elusiveness), it will be hard to say if I’ll kill them until the day comes when I come across them again.

  7. I spent three days circling in Zul’Drak for my spirit beast. Nope, I’ll never kill one. I’m not much for achievements anyway. Classic underachiever here. Oh, if only he would apply himself! Such potential!

  8. After nearly two weeks searching out a spirit beast, any spirit beast (I ended up luckily getting the one I wanted, Gondria), I just couldn’t bring myself to kill one. I’ll kill anything else, but that’s one achievement I’ll never have. Maybe in Cat when they expand stables I’ll go on the search for more. As of now my stables are just too full with a pve pet, a pvp pet, and two bugged pets (The Slime and the Giant Bee from Sholazar)

  9. I only kill the ones that I come across really, but never playing a hunter, I would never know the “Joy” of Farming for rare Pets to tame. It is funny to me though how special these pets are to you hunter 🙂

  10. All rares are fair game except spirit beasts, Broken Tooth, and Rak’shiri. Loque is currently in my stable and my primary pve killer. That said, I have killed Loque. After camping him for a week I’d found found him and had begun taming. Suddenly another hunter landed and began shooting him. Worse, she was another alliance; worse yet, she was another Night Elf. After gaining aggro she gain to tame. At that point I killed him. Exactly one week later I got him again and completed the tame.

    Rak’shiri, now Mekkopose, sits forlornly in my stablebut will never be left behind.

    I have never tamed Broken Tooth but have waited long in the attempt. Like you he is now arrows off out of respect for his old speed, capable of chasing down and bringing down mounted players.

  11. I can’t kill any of the rare pets. When I find them I immediately who list 80 hunter and frantically ask them if they’re BM. I spend about a total of 56 hours of ingame time waiting for these treasures to spawn. I can’t bring myself to kill Loque either, I guess it’s just a hunter thing.

  12. I like this topic. I love chasing/finding rares, and completed the Frostbitten achievement in January which meant I had to kill Loque, and the elusive Aotona. It didn’t feel great. However, the many times I encountered Gondria, and the couple of times I found Skoll and Loque, I managed to find an excited hunter who came and tamed them! I couldn’t kill them either just for the sake of killing a rare…


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