Anariell returns

Anariell, Blood Elf HunterThe cat came back….

Well, not really…but in a way? Yes…

But we’ll get to that in a moment.

After a series of unfortunate events I was left without WoW for a good…oh, three months. Yeah, heart breaking I know. I bet you feel my pain.

It wasn’t just that though… As well as having a laptop up and die on me after only having it for 6 months, which by the way…was downright depressing, I also moved. Now when I say moved, I don’t mean like a couple hours or even a state away… I made a HUGE move. I moved to Australia. Been happily living in the Land Down Under for a month now and still going.

Three months without WoW left me rather far behind, and cost me my spot within my rather large and rapidly progressing raiding guild. Worst part is, the GM wouldn’t listen to why I was gone and refused to take me back into the guild. So over the next short span…I did some guild hopping and was rather dismayed by the lack of “raiding” guilds on my server.

We’ll go back to this one later…or I am just going to go on a rant that ends up with a bunch of $^&$%$*&^% all across the screen, and really…I just don’t need that right about now. I have an image to uphold.

Even if it’s a bit fuzzy :/

So yeah…anyone on Jubei’Thos need a sexy, healy disc/holy priest? Thought not…too much to ask for. *Swears I am going to faction change to alliance, just so I don’t have to spend ages looking for a guild again.*

It wasn’t so terrible having to catch up after the new patch, along with whatever else happened to change while I was away. I ended up spending several hours researching new boss fights and gear, as well as desperately trying to gather some upgrades in an attempt to get back up to speed. It did give me pause for a short time, the most noticeable differences are usually the small ones.

My poor neglected hunter took some huge upgrades in a short amount of time. The Pyrite Infuser for one, off a weekly pug of Flame Levi. Not such a huge upgrade…but way better then the badge Mirror of Truth I’ve had for god knows how long, because nothing better ever dropped for me. After nearly 4 weeks of daily Forge of Souls runs, my patience paid off and I won my Needle-Encrusted Scorpion.

Trust me, when that thing dropped I just about fell to my knees and thanked whatever deity I could think of.

I bought the Carapace of Forgotten Kings for a whopping 4k gold. This was a huge deal btw, since on my server I’ve seen them go for 7-8k and sometimes more. I think 14k was the top rate. Happy happy hunter eh?

In addition to that, I managed a spot in a pug 25m ICC that I was only able to get into because my main Healy Priest is 8/12. Fun, right? Anyway, I got Zod’s Repeating Longbow and Scourge Hunter’s Vambraces in one go, even though some poor and ultimately misguided soul thought I’d sell the bow to him for 2k.


Yeah you read it right, someone wanted to buy the bow off me for a whole 2k. *headdesk* Yeah, like any genius would sell a bow like that when all they have is the one from heroic Pit of Saron. Got to love people some days.

In other news! I happily found my hunter a raiding guild a few days ago that doesn’t and shouldn’t conflict with the times I have available to raid on my priest. A huge feat I will add, should help in finding a new guild for the priest…

Well, here’s hoping…

Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of time on the target dummy and at playing with the DPS analyzer and whoa. I will tell you, that thing is nuts. Not only did I manage to increase my spreadsheet DPS by a good 1500 after just one go at the thing, but it also gave me huge insight on what I should change and upgrade first after only just playing with some of the gear settings. It took awhile but my little hunter is happily blasting away the DPS meters and knocking people who are actually far more geared than myself out of the water. Gotta love pissing off a 5900 GS hunter in a 25m because you’re out DPS’ing him by a good 3k. 😈

Playing with pets and gems or enchants is fun when you have the option of using this thing to see the effect on your DPS…without having to pay for the gems first to see the results. I was rather impressed with the huge change I saw in my personal DPS. I hadn’t really realized I was doing something that wrong, but well…there ya go. After some spec tweaks which included talents I hadn’t previously been taking, I saw a severely noticeable change.

I’m still planning on changing over to Marksman at some point. Sadly though, my armor pen is only at about 30% which, well…for marks, isn’t anything special. After tweaking with the spec I had, and playing with gear options I’ve decided to stick to SV for now, even if only for a little while.

Whoever said change is a good thing? After getting this comfortable with the spec I’ve been using for ages, I’ve been finding it harder to change over. You’d think after being Beast Mastery through the whole of Burning Crusade, then switching to Survival for WotLK, that woulda prepared me for something like the Armor Pen fit that hunters are on now. You’d be wrong, but there ya have it.

I’m not making the adjustment so well and probably still have several hours of deciding if switching to marks is truly worth it…or perhaps going back to the Beast Mastery route again. I saw a BM hunter in a TotC 25 doing 11k DPS the other day, so maybe they really are making a comeback after all.

I know, right..?! I’m still a bit shocked on that one myself.

I seem to still have a lot to do, even after what would probably be considered far too much time spent just researching and tweaking possible changes. Not to mention the gold I’ve spent on respecs and a few actual changes. I have a goal in mind and I plan to get there, ASAP. Or at least make every possible attempt to do so.

For now though…I think it’s time for some dailies, ’cause I’m totally broke and can barely afford a new stack of Iceblade Arrows. Yes, I am that pathetic.

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “Anariell returns”

  1. Wait…Australia? VERY cool my friend, VERY cool.
    I know you said you’ve been living there for a month, but still, very neat! Hope your new home treats you well!

    • Thank you, Thank you. I will say thats it’s an INSANE change after living the full length of my 20 something years on the west coast of the united states. I don’t miss the severe amount of fast food chains but there is alot here that I think it will take me AGES to get used to.

      Thanks again!

  2. I recently made the switch to Marks from Survival. If pushing max dps is important to you and you don’t hate Marksman (nor absolutely love Survival), I would recommend making the switch. You will encounter some hiccups initially as you re-learn the timing of your hunter and get your skill level up to what it is with Survival (I know I needed a bit of time) but it is well worth the switch. You will notice a significant jump in your dps _and_ I am finding Marks to be significantly more forgiving of movement. I initially made the switch on Rotface because it is a fight that requires so much movement I figured that a couple more instant shots would help me got more dps out while being forced to change position throughout the fight. I noticed a rather substantial jump in dps so I decided to stick with it for a bit longer. It took little time to get comfortable with the spec and I won’t be going back. I love Survival and miss Explosive Shot a great deal but Marks is wonderful. More dps, more instant shots to use while moving, a ton of initial burst damage (useful for misdirects off the pull), and all around a great spec. The only real downside I’ve noticed is 1) I go through a TON of arrows (I went through four THOUSAND arrows in a 3 hour raid last week) and 2) you’re more likely to run low on mana compared to Survival. Other than that, I recommend making the switch.


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