Hit Rating

Hit Rating overdoneThis is a topic I’ve covered many times in the past, but I feel compelled to revisit it today. Why, you ask..?

It’s been brought to my attention that many hunters these days are grossly exceeding the hit cap, and therefore are wasting precious DPS. I figure this is due to a few reasons…

  1. The misunderstanding of what hit rating is, and being unaware of how much is actually needed.
  2. The allure of higher ilvl shinies.

Hit rating increases your chances of “not missing” when attacking enemy mobs or players. All players have a built in mechanic which causes them to miss 5% of the time when facing mobs or opponents of the same level. This “miss chance” is increased by one percent for each level beyond that. Therefore, level 83 raid bosses have an 8% chance to be missed when attacked by a hunter with a ranged ability.

So how do we combat this chance to miss, and ensure that we’re always hitting with our shots..?

Hit rating.

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Hunter Hit Cap Perfection

…has been attained. After Grobbulus gave me his Sealing Ring, I was able to swap out an enchant and a gem, resulting in Hunter Hit Cap Perfection! Remember young Huntlets, 263 is the minimum you want to shoot for (without any points in Focused Aim). Don’t go 262, or your pet will only receive 7% hit. Unfortunately, Blizzard rounds down …

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Hunter Hit Cap Attained and Then Some

After starting the week out at somewhere around a paltry 126 hit rating, I now have enough +hit on my gear to not only attain the cap, but to also re-gem if need be. With all of my new +hit blues and purples I am able to exceed the 263 hit rating (~8%) needed vs. bosses. Not only that, I’ve …

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Black Ice

The bad news is our Naxxramas 10-man scheduled for last night didn’t happen. I was all dressed up with nowhere to go because we couldn’t assemble a full group. There were a couple last minute sign-up removals and our Fury Warrior, who’s a huge portion of our DPS, couldn’t miss his Monday night episodes of Wife Swap and Super Nanny. …

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