Anariell returns

Anariell, Blood Elf HunterThe cat came back….

Well, not really…but in a way? Yes…

But we’ll get to that in a moment.

After a series of unfortunate events I was left without WoW for a good…oh, three months. Yeah, heart breaking I know. I bet you feel my pain.

It wasn’t just that though… As well as having a laptop up and die on me after only having it for 6 months, which by the way…was downright depressing, I also moved. Now when I say moved, I don’t mean like a couple hours or even a state away… I made a HUGE move. I moved to Australia. Been happily living in the Land Down Under for a month now and still going.

Three months without WoW left me rather far behind, and cost me my spot within my rather large and rapidly progressing raiding guild. Worst part is, the GM wouldn’t listen to why I was gone and refused to take me back into the guild. So over the next short span…I did some guild hopping and was rather dismayed by the lack of “raiding” guilds on my server.

We’ll go back to this one later…or I am just going to go on a rant that ends up with a bunch of $^&$%$*&^% all across the screen, and really…I just don’t need that right about now. I have an image to uphold.

Even if it’s a bit fuzzy :/

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Hunter CC: Dead and Buried, or just comatose?

Anariell, Blood Elf HunterI myself have several 80’s, my favorite though severely neglected Hunter being my salvation and joy when I need time off the toon I was harassed into playing when joining my new guild. Over the course of my time on WoW since shortly before the BC days, I’ve leveled and played a total of 6 hunters. Yeah, I really need a new hobby one of these days.

Most of them barely made it past their leather clad diaper days though I managed quite a few into their 60’s and beyond. In that time I’ve noticed there are the generic things that plague all hunters, or maybe just the ones who have to sit back and watch others fumble through their class to the frustration of everyone else.

My question to you today is, as a hunter and one of the heaviest CC classes out there, do you actually ever really use it other than when told? Or are you one of those string command, cast sequencing button mashers?

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Top 10 Greatest Huntard Quotes…

Anariell with Loque'nahakYes, the greatest…Or is it worst Huntard quotes I have personally seen. Things like this make me stop questioning why the poor hunter class is always picked on. Just when it seems like I will live it down, something like this happens. Sad part is…it’s not always low levels. Some of these were a whopping level 70+.

See if you can guess which of these comments are from a low level or not…

10. Why can’t I equip this shield? I thought Hunters could use shields.

9. I know I have a bow, How do I shoot it?

8. Turn off Growl? What’s that? I can’t growl.

7. What do you mean turn Aspect of the Viper off? I need mana…

6. Oh, the pet was on aggressive. Stupid thing.

5. Tank! Why didn’t you pull that off me?

4. Can I need that neck? I need the block for melee.

3. I’m sorry…I thought I could tame it.

2. What does this do… OMFG HOW DID I DIE?!

1. If I screw anything up, don’t blame me. I just bought this toon yesterday.

What about you? Do you have any fantastic, stupid or amusing quotes of hunters you’ve ran across?

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Meet Anariell

Anariell with Loque'nahak

Hello you crazy bunch of avid followers of hunter blogs… Trust me, I know you’re out there. I just happen to be one of them. I bet you’re wondering just who this nutso taking up space on the website is? Well, pull up a chair, sit on the floor and I will make sure you’re duly informed without too many detours in the process…

Ok well, maybe that last part might not be such a guarantee.

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