Updates and Goings-On

Part of my intent in reviving the site is to make it run more efficiently so that I can eliminate the expensive VPS bill each month. In doing this, I’m fiddling around with the forums in hopes that I can lessen the resource load once people start using it again.

I may end up chucking the forums altogether, but I’d like to try and get the community active again. We shall see. In the meantime, forum access will likely be spotty, but it has been that way for quite some time anyway. Upon checking them out today I noticed the forum was throwing back an error, and I’ve no idea how long that’s been going on. If you’ve tried to access the forums this year and have been denied, I do apologize. 🙁

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PvP Trap Launcher Macros

I’ve avoided Trap Launcher macros throughout Cataclysm mainly due to their inflexible and clunky nature. Most of the macros I’ve tried have suffered from one fatal flaw or another, and in the end, just wind up not being worth it. As such, I’ve gotten used to the act of manually using the ability for all of my traps.

However, recently I started working with a couple of macros that utilize Trap Launcher + Freezing Trap, and both are working famously for me, so I figured I’d share. 😀

First off, know that all Trap Launcher macros require two button presses no matter what. Trap Launcher initiates a Global Cooldown so there’s no way to macro it with a trap – using only one button press.

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Minor Macro Hiccups

After it was pointed out to me that I’d forgotten an @ symbol in one of my mouseover macros, I went through and gave the page a once-over again. I caught a handful of minor oversights like that one, but they’ve been corrected now. If you happened to grab one or two that weren’t working as intended last week — …

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Hunter Macro Madness

Yesterday I painstakingly reviewed and updated my hunter macros page — adding some cool new ones, revising some old ones, and enhancing the whole macros section ten-fold. Just so you know… I can verify that all of the hunter macros featured on the page are fully functional as of Patch 4.2.2. All of the dead wood has been removed. I’m …

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Hunter Macros for PvP

The following list contains the macros I use which are beneficial for hunter PvP, along with a brief description of each macro so that you know how they work. For those of you who’ve never created a macro, click here for a brief explanation and macro how-to… Anti-Rogue / Feral Druid Macro This macro works well provided you have Track …

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