A few notes on Reflux

Reflux is a pretty neat addon I recently discovered, and one that I chose to include in my UI package. In a nutshell, it provides an easy way to manage user profiles.

I want to go over a few features of the addon, so those of you who haven’t used it before can get an idea of what you can do with it.

After installing my UI package, one of the first things you need to do to get it running after you log in to WoW, is to type: /reflux switch GarUI. What this does, is it tells all of the addons to switch to my profile settings. This is really handy, since before you had to go into each and every addon to configure them accordingly. Reflux does it in one fell swoop. Very convenient I must say.

Now… let’s say you want to put your own personal touches on my UI package. No problem. Here’s what I suggest you do…

Type in:

/reflux create NewProfileName (e.g., /reflux create LotharUI)

After doing this, your screen will go back to the crazy-ass layout that you had right after you installed my UI. Don’t fear though… next step is to copy my settings into your new profile and them use them as a foundation for making your changes. You can do this by typing:

/reflux copy GarUI

What that did was import all of my profile settings into your new profile. Now you can go ahead and make all of the necessary customizations to my UI, while still leaving the GarUI profile intact.

Once you’re happy with it, go ahead and type:

/reflux save

Now you’ll have a custom version of my UI saved with your own unique profile name. If you ever decide you want to go back to my settings for whatever reason, just type:

/reflux switch GarUI

Alternatively, you could just load my UI and make any changes you want, then save it. The problem with that is… if you ever wanted to refer back to my original settings, you will have overwritten them. This is why I think it’s best if you just create your own unique profile and import my settings into it, then go from there.

Alright, so now you’ve taken my UI and made a few changes of your own. Now it’s time to configure it for the rest of your toons. To do this, just create new profiles for your alts by typing in the create command again:

/reflux create YourAltProfile (e.g., /reflux create KronosUI)

Once you’ve created the profiles for your alts, just switch back to the profile you created for your main (e.g., /reflux switch LotharUI). Now your main is back in business, so now it’s time to go configure your alts…

Next step is to log in with your first alt. After login, your screen will look all screwy again. The first thing you need to do is switch to the alt profile you created for this toon (e.g., /reflux switch KronosUI).

After you’ve switched to your alt’s profile, then import the settings from your main profile (e.g., /reflux copy LotharUI). Now you can go through and make changes to your alt’s UI, using your tailored version of my UI as the starting point.

With this method, you’ll be able to utilize many of the core settings, yet be free to adapt this layout to other character types.

Hopefully this post makes some sense and helps you with managing multiple character profiles.

For more on Reflux, check out the info over on the project page at WoWAce.

5 thoughts on “A few notes on Reflux”

  1. Just wanted to bring it to your attention that it might not load for some people when they type /reflux switch GarUI .. it might have just been my system or a error.

  2. Well yea i have worked wit reflux before and instantly when i loaded it onto the other account it only showed the 2 i already stated. IDK either lol

  3. Hey man,

    Hey man great UI set-up. I quickly downloaded your UI folder and just browsed it applied it to a account and the toons to see if your instructions were correct and I have found out the the /reflux switch GarUI is not a available profile to switch to or copy to another new profile. I have taken a Screen shot if you would like to see what I am talking about. It says the only available profiles are: LucaUI and ThorgrenUI.

    • I’m able to create and import without incident, so I’m not exactly sure what could be happening here.

      I’m going to try and throw together a video today to demonstrate how this works.

  4. Gar i dont know if you saw my other comment on your other article, love how clean it looks, but the fact that you got so less action bars make me afraid , i dont know what macro you use to actually have evertyhing in your control with so less action bars, can you give me some tips cause i really wanna use the same ui as you all looks perfect nice and clean. but i only cant live with those action bars even i really like the look of it :'(


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