Dropbox suspended

Dropbox Suspension

I kinda thought this might happen. Dropbox gives no indication as to what their bandwidth limits are; they just shut things down when you’re exceeding them.

I’ll probably submit the package to WoWInterface, but in the meantime I’ll host the file on this server and just keep an eye on the bandwidth.

I should have the Gar UI zip file accessible again within the hour.

Update: The zip file is available again.

4 thoughts on “Dropbox suspended”

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    Thanks guys.

    • The problem wasn’t the space, it was the requests. Apparently the public folders are restricted to probably only a GB or two of bandwidth per month. Dropbox isn’t really ideal for my intended purpose. I think it’s catered more towards a few dozen users per month accessing and downloading public files, rather than en masse.

      It’s still a killer service though and one I highly recommend.


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