Another Reason I Went Back to Beast Mastery for PvP

Bone Spider

Bleh… no way am I going to roll with that as a pet.

Spider is one of the few pet types I’ve never used. For one, they used to suck up until Blizzard gave them their Web ability. Second, they just never remotely appealed to me as far as looks are concerned. Also, my wife’s not afraid of too much, but one thing that freaks her out more than almost anything are Black Widows. I’m sure she’d just love having me show up with my new creepy companion when helping her out with a group quest in Icecrown. 😈

Anyway, when I was playing around with MM for a bit in arena, I decided to say screw it… I’m gonna get me a spider. So what if I don’t like how they look, and too bad if my wife gets grossed out as she peers over my shoulder and sees me running round with this horrific thing in arena. After all, it’s just a bunch of pixels… it’s not real.

So, I moseyed over to Icecrown to locate me a level 80 Necrotic Webspinner. Alas, I found one, landed, then sat there… A few moments later I came to this conclusion…


I even went back to Searing Gorge thinking that maybe one of those tarantula looking ones would be more to my liking. Heck no. Those look ridiculous, plus there was no way in hell I was going to spend the time leveling the dreadful thing to 80. My Crab will suit me just fine when and if I start PvPing as a spec other than Beast Mastery.

I’ve never been one to conform to whatever the internet tells you is the best pet for this and that. I’ve always gone with my preference and good judgment. My Wind Serpent used to melt faces in arena back in TBC. 🙂

The sad part is, this thing is going to be hands-down the best PvP pet for non-BM Hunters come 3.3. Not only will pets be getting full resilience from the Hunter, making Spiders a lot less squishy than they are now, but Web is getting a 10 yard range buff!

Crabs are still a popular choice for PvP, but I’m afraid their only real selling point come 3.3 will be Intervene. Spiders have them beat in a lot of ways.

  • Web cannot be dispelled, where as Pin can.
  • Web will have a 30yd range. *gasp* Pin has to be within melee range.
  • Web can be can be used to snare a target without your pet even being in harm’s way.
  • Spiders do a lot more damage, especially when you’re going in for the kill.
  • With full resilience, Cornered and Bullheaded, Spiders are going to be a lot harder to take down.
  • Spiders have Roar of Recovery, which already makes them the preferred choice for MM Hunters in arena.

Hunters will still use crabs, but I’m certain more and more will be moving to the Spider as their top choice for BGs and arena.

Not me though…

My choice is Chimaera for PvP

17 thoughts on “Another Reason I Went Back to Beast Mastery for PvP”

  1. This sounds like a huntard question im sure but i just cant get a pet well big and when u have a chimeara for winterspring thats smaller then u ur gonna be worried

  2. Well, finally… I’m gonna enjoy my (black and cool) spider when I return to WoW, waited too long for that.
    It was usually dying pretty fast, so I didn’t use it as much as I wanted till my last days online, some months ago ;/
    Argh, I just remembered my new hunter hasn’t good enough gear with resilience (yet) to truly help with that, but who cares, there’re more reasons I’d like to use.

    @ Uchihoma – thx for making me even happier (cause I’m gonna help some peeps get over their arachnophobia by facing it… even if my spider’s not real :S); I like helping others so much ;D
    Hope they’re gonna be loads of them (ok, ok, I admit it, I’m gonna enjoy some funny reactions too if I’m lucky enough :P).
    Thanks again for the good news guys 🙂

    • @ Goldenleaf

      Pets are inheriting 40% resilience at the moment, so with me at 929, my pet’s getting 372 resilience and it makes a noticeable difference. In 190 arena matches this season he’s only been killed once. Part of that is due to my uber pet management skills of course. 🙄 Anyway, imagine how sturdy he’ll be with 100% resil inheritance. I can’t wait.

      He’s a cunning pet btw, same as a spider. Just stack that resilience and you shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping him up.

  3. Spiders have the advantage of a lot of people don’t like spiders, I used to get asked all the time during my Naraxis weilding days to change pets just because people hate the spindly spider model. In PvP this is an added benefit, people freak, want to focus down the pet as they hate it, and you just sit back and pew pew them.

    As long as you don’t mind spiders, it’s quite a bonus to have one in the stables. The Silithid might have the DoT, but it doesn’t freak people out as much as a Spider.

  4. Yeah. Spiders are good. But –
    – Crab take 40% more healing – You need your pet whole fight and if they kill it yoy have a problem

    – Crab got the abiliy called Roar of Sacrifice – If you get rushed by a shaman or warlock they often crit, but you will survive because Roar of Sacrifice wont let you get crits.

    – 1 of my favorite spell is Intervene,but i love all the crab spells, That will prevent the next attack/ranged abiliy/meele ability/ lik, stun, sap, and all spells like that. But the spell we be transfered to the pet but wtf.. you proberly got a healer :p

    What i want with this = Spiders are you good, yes.. But a crab is better and there is nothing to discuss- You told everything that is good about a Spider – But nothing about the crap-
    = fail, im sry.
    Crab is the best pvp pet – I dont care if Pin sucks if you look at Web, but 2 sec on rogue is good enough – and 4 sec on every other class is nice –
    And your pet is always melee on your target.. You dont need range.

    • @ Vizzka

      With pets getting 100% of the Hunter’s resilience come 3.3, cunning pets will be gaining a lot of survivability. Sure BotR is nice, but it won’t be as important in 3.3.

      A spider can sit by your side the whole fight w/ Web on a keybind, snaring a target at range and not even getting hit. Then you just send it in for added finishing power once your target’s below 20%.

      Spiders have Roar of Sacrifice too.

      Intervene is about the only reason to get a Crab.

      Crab is not the best PvP pet. One of the best, but not the best.

  5. I hate the looks on spiders, but for BG’s it’s the only way I’ll go. Now if they ever grant me my wish and let all hunters not just BM tame spirit beasts…Well then I’m gonna drop it quicker than you can say “I hate rogues.”

    Also more stable slots please!

    • @ Fawatam

      Spec BM and grab a Silithid and Spirit Beast. 😀 It’s not for everyone, but I think BM’s actually really fun in BGs. It lacks the burst, but with higher end gear it becomes pretty formidable. With all S6 and S7 pcs and 950ish resilience, I don’t have much trouble bursting people down and I’m pretty hard to kill.

  6. Stables are full. I hate spiders. Always have and always will. I think the best looking ones are in Blades Edge though.

    I don’t see replacing my ghost saber, shattered hand warhound, bear, core hound, or spirit beast with a spider.

    Blizzard I need another stable slot please. Actually a total of 10 slots. 5 for MM and 5 for BM. Thank you. Let me know how soon(tm) you can patch that in. LOL

    • @ Nochezador

      I’d be happy if they added an Exotic Pet Stable, mainly for the collection of Spirit Beasts. If we had our current stable of 5 that could house any type of pet, then another 3-5 specifically for Exotics, I think that would suffice. Hell, I’d even buy them like bank slots.

  7. @ Uchikoma

    3.3 may induce Arachnophobia for some, as just about every Hunter in the queue for BGs or arena will have a big creepy crawly by their side.

    That’s cool though. Naraxis is one of the least common skins I’ve seen. He definitely stands out.

  8. I was rocking Naraxis from lvl25 to 80, I only got rid of him when I started doing “serious” raiding and collecting spirit beasts. I can’t wait for the patch so I can go back and grab my little red spider buddy once more. I am seeing more and more people with a Naraxis while in Dalaran, so I think other people are starting to realise their benefits.

  9. @ npast

    Spiders are not my bag, but they are definitely dominant for PvP. No doubt.

    Ravagers are great too, and I have used them in the past, but Spiders are going to be wreaking havoc come 3.3. Spiders are faster than crabs as you said, because they can learn dash where as crabs can only charge.

    @ icedtrip

    Nuramoc’s my boy too. 🙂 You could make arguments for Core Hounds, Silithids, and another of my favorites.. worms, but I still think Chimaera is tops for BM in arena. For BGs I like the worm, but I that may change in 3.3. Already my pet is pretty hard to kill, but once 3.3 hits he’s going to be really sturdy.

    Only once in 167 matches this season has an opponent managed to kill my pet. Next season it’ll hopefully be zero.

  10. I agree. I hate spiders, but I also hate crabs. Neither of them have ever appealed to me.

    BUT….Noramoc FTW!!! He is my PVP companion 90%+ of the time. I’ll occasionally take my MC Core Hound into a battle just because I like him, and worked harder to get him solo, having never once stepped into BRD or MC, than I did to acquire Nuramoc. And on very rare occasions, I’ll take Uhk’loc into one with me so he can have fun with Mages and Priests.

    Then again, one day I plan to buckle down and try to get King Krush so that he can munch on some Rogues.

    However, I’ll always come back to Nuramoc as my PVP pet of choice.

  11. Interesting. One reason I keep coming back to my spider is because they are so cool looking. Black with red spiders that live near Undercity are very beautiful! Plus, I like that my spider seems to be faster than the crab, and, to me, web seems to be more reliable than pin.

    However, I am mostly using ravager. Also a cunning pet, has 2 sec stun on same 40 sec cooldown as a spider. 2 secs is not as good as the 4 sec web, but stun works against casters and rogues when they ambush me. I wish I could use my spider more often though, spiders are so beautiful 🙂



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