Here’s the Deal

I began this post earlier today, but then life intervened as it often does, and the post sat unfinished. During the several hours that passed from when I left my desk until now, I’d considered letting it disappear into the abyss and go unpublished. In fact, this is something I’ve done quite a few times over the past year. There have been at least a dozen posts with anywhere from 1K-3K words that I could not bring myself to hit the publish button on.

Why, you ask..? 9 times out of 10 is because I believe the tone is too negative for my tastes. I find there are too many people online as it is who feel the need to expend so much emotion and get so riled up over something so silly as a video game. I try my best to not be one of them. Once in awhile something such as the great BM PvP Nerf will get my dander up, but my incidences of nerd-rage are pretty few and far between and typically pretty mild. Instead, my irritation is usually caused by the people who get so pumped up over WoW, identify so closely with their avatars, and then behave badly without fear of consequence. Anyway, that’s another story entirely and I won’t expound upon that.

Anyway, after working my ass off this afternoon leveling our front yard and trenching for a sprinkler system that will be installed tomorrow, I decided I would go through with the post. I also approached it with a crankier tone. Being that my usual tools of the trade are a mouse, keyboard, and on rare occasions a microphone, manual labor (especially trench digging) irritates me. Of course, the end result will be a beautiful front yard, so I suppose it’s a labor of love. πŸ™„

Whether or not I will regret posting this, I dunno. I just feel compelled to get a few things off my chest. Essentially, I just want to present you with a state of the HuntsmansLodge Address, answer a few possible concerns, and speak my peace.

Here’s the resumed and edited post from earlier today…

I’m well aware that the site’s been a little void of activity lately. Apart from yesterday’s post about my UI, I haven’t given visitors too many reasons to stop by the past few weeks.

On one hand, you could say I’ve been slacking a bit. I made mention of leveling a Death Knight, which to some may have been seen as a slap in the face considering I’d been promising a post about my new UI for quite some time.

On the other hand, you could say that Garwulf’s time is his own and perhaps he’s too busy to post. Or, maybe he’s choosing to spend his free time playing WoW so as to blow off steam, and when things settle down he’ll return to better posting habits. Both of those statements are true.

Between work, family, friends and various projects around the home, there is only a certain amount of time left to either:

a) Venture into Azeroth and slay beasties and/or other players.

b) Talk about venturing into Azeroth and slaying beasties and/or other players.

Lately I’ve preferred to engage in choice a.

However, just because I’ve leveled a Death Knight and have been a little weak in the posting department does not mean I’ve forsaken the Hunter community. The fact is, the DK was something I’d been chipping away at for months and months. It’s not like I power leveled him to 80. I mainly played him to replenish my funds, as it was a more rewarding way of farming gold than grinding out dailies. I also wanted to become more familiar with the class, so that I can be more efficient at getting them more acquainted with the Spirit Healer. It just so happened that I eventually made it to level 80. πŸ˜‰

The other reason I’d been playing my Death Knight is because he’s unguilded. If you’re anything like me, then sometimes you just want to log on and be anonymous. It’s a refreshing change of pace for me to be able to log on and play at my own pace, go afk when and I want, and not feel the pressures of having to join some late night 10 man that the guild’s decided to begin at 11:00pm.

Also, during this time I was spending a lot of time tweaking my UI in-game. It was important to me that I have any bugs or minor kinks worked out before I posted the compilation here for download. Transferring the UI to another toon and adapting it to a new class helped me work out some of the final few issues.

Another major reason I’ve been somewhat lax on the posting, is because I’ve been raiding a lot more than usual. Being one of the top DPS’ers in our guild, I feel somewhat of a responsibility to be available when it’s time to push through new content. I’m not always able to be on-hand come raid night, so since my schedule has permitted it lately, I’ve been answering the call. I’m happy to say, we’re now one-shotting TotC 25 man. πŸ˜€ Anub’arak was even so kind as to give me a new Polearm on my last visit.

Then there’s also that time sink known as arena. Fortunately for me, my 3v3 team has called it quits, which leaves me with only my cozy little 2v2 team. I’m very happy with this change, as trying to manage a raid schedule in addition to multiple arena teams can be a bit much. Now that I’m just down to a casual 2s setup, I have a little more free time, which is most refreshing. One of my former 3s partners was one of the “we’re just about to go on a tear” individuals who’d manage to keep our other partner and I in arena til the wee hours of the morning until one of us (namely me) would throw in the towel. Needless to say, this didn’t afford me much time at night to keep up with the blog.

As I’ve indicated in the past, my wife and I live in a relatively small home, which became quite a bit smaller once this guy arrived. Recently, in an attempt to create a better work situation for myself (I work from home), I proposed a living room makeover plan to my wife. She was digging the idea, so I began the process of dismantling the Garwulf Command Center and relocating it to the common area of the home (prior to that, I had my home-office in our bedroom).

This little home makeover was not an overnight job, as it had a huge ripple effect on the layout of our living room, bedroom, as well as our son’s room. When you only have so much space and limited fundage, you have to be creative and resourceful when trying to redo things.Β Anyway, this mini home makeover was quite a task, I’ll tell you that.

At any rate, this little project ate up a considerable amount of my free time the past few weeks, not to mention, anyone with a small child knows that everything takes 5-10 times longer when you have a toddler around trying to “help”.

I reach a point where when things get a little more hectic than usual, something has to give. In this case, it was the blog. However, regardless of how busy I am, I check the site regularly and try to reply to each and every comment that gets posted. I’m also active in the forum. Plus, some of my forum replies are just as in depth as a blog post.

I try to devote only so much time to WoW endeavors (even though it’s probably a considerable amount), because well, it’s not really all that important. I mean, it’s fun as hell to play and we all enjoy it, but c’mon… Anyhow, as I’d indicated in a recent post, there are only so many hours in a day and sometimes WoW blogging can’t work its way into the schedule.

That said, I am getting to a point now where I should be more on top of things as far as the site is concerned. I’m feeling not just a need, but a compulsion to shift some focus away from the game and turn it back to the site. I have some posts swirling around the ol’ noggin, as well as some unfinished business posts (ie: MM and SV raiding primers).

So there yo go… I’ve been off enjoying myself in Azeroth, while the rest of you have been checking the site going, “sigh… no new post… guess I’ll check back tomorrow…”.

I’ve been feeling a little guilty about letting things slide, but when one of my readers posted his criticism of the site in one of his comments, it really struck a nerve. My knee-jerk reaction was, “What an a$$”! “I maintain this site using my ‘free time’… how dare he criticize me and demean my site. I’ve written well over 300 posts and pages of helpful and relevant information, plus I pay nearly sixty bucks a month to host this beast. Last I checked, no one was paying me to update this blog, and ffs… just 2 weeks ago I wrote a comprehensive guide on raiding for Beast Mastery Hunters“!

Then I realized, that was the wrong reaction. After all, people are entitled to their opinion. It’d been two weeks since I’d posted anything of real value, and by my standards, that is pretty weak I must say. Although this site is primarily a hobby that I don’t get paid for, it does attract a lot of visitors. Therefore, I do have somewhat of an obligation to try and not disappoint. I’ve worked very hard on this site and I hate to think that people would turn their back on it just because of a few weeks here and there of sparse posting.

Now maybe I’m overreacting somewhat, and perhaps the one comment I received was the voice of maybe only a handful of people. Perhaps most others realize that all the work I do here is a charitable contribution to the WoW Hunter Community and don’t feel the need to ride my nuts about it. Regardless, I am what you would consider a sensitive individual. When someone feels the need to let me know that my site is a disappointment, initially I feel a little upset that I’ve let someone down. Then, the caged tiger in me comes out.

Once this site started really attracting some attention, I tried my best to meet the demands of new and repeat visitors by trying my darnedest to continually serve up juicy posts and helpful information. I’ve worked my ass off on this site over the past 13 months. So what if I need to take a few weeks off here and there. It happens. Go visit one of the other regularly updated sites among the plethora of Hunter blogs on the web. Come back when I have something to say. Until then, don’t send me any, “no offense but…” comments. Grrr…

To those of you who think that HuntsmansLodge has lost its lustre, understand that I don’t mean to let things sag, but as I’d said… sometimes something’s gotta give. More power to the elite WoW bloggers who manage to maintain their busy lifestyles, while at the same time being able to not only immerse themselves in Azeroth, but also to have the dedication and desire to maintain their WoW blogs, put together instructional videos, guides, record f**king podcasts, and continue to deliver quality posts. I marvel at that.

As I’d said, I do intend to get back to better posting habits, so hopefully I can get this train back on its tracks. I will say this though… because I know when to let things like WoW blogging and/or WoW fall off my plate, I’m one of the least likely bloggers to publish one of the dreaded, “WoW’s consumed my life, so I’m quitting the game posts.” In other words, Garwulf and will be around for awhile, like it or not. πŸ˜‰

/hops off soapbox

I feel much better.

Thank you for listening.

23 thoughts on “Here’s the Deal”

  1. “People who have full lives understand that. … You are doing this because YOU enjoy it. It’s for you more than it is for us.”

    After spending some time on the site, seeing only a -truth to be told- tiny part of Garwulf’s work, I felt the need to say “thanks” and something similar to that anyway… and then I found this post, which -ofc- seemed the right place to post some words like the above, even if, clearly, I’m not the first one who says them (well, glad about that tbh) πŸ˜›

  2. Trial of the Crusader 25 man is what we’re (the guild) one shotting, not Trail of the _Grand_ Crusader. It would be awesome if we were though.

    • @ Ryan

      Thanks, I appreciate it. πŸ™‚

      @ Perceuss

      You know it. There’s gonna be 20 pages of variations on Perseus in the armory. I used to love that movie and its “state of the art special effects” when I was a kid. It’s still actually pretty entertaining.

  3. ^^^^^ = Sarcasm. Oh btw did you know they are remaking Clash of the Titans? You know how many dbags are going to be running around with Perceuss as their name in some variation or another? Can’t wait!

  4. If you were any kind of REAL blogger, you’d quit your job, abandon your family, drive around in a giant van searching for the meaning of life while stealing WiFi internet access parking on people’s front yards and providing 25 3,000 word blogs a day. JERK!

    While I have missed your posts, and hoped it wasn’t a sign of things to come, real life happens. People who have full lives understand that. And people under some misguided delusion that readers own this material and the bloggers/writers themselves never really made any sense to me. You are doing this because YOU enjoy it. It’s for you more than it is for us. And one of the benefits to that is that you can write and post as much or as little as YOU want.

    • Thanks Fawatam.

      I’ll be a more active poster henceforth. It seemed that whenever I had a set time in which I was going to blog, something would come up. Granted I don’t want the site to become an obligation, I do enjoy reading and replying to your comments. More posts = more opportunities to commune with all of you nice folks. πŸ˜€

      @ lawman30

      You see where I’m coming from then. It’s not like I’m blogging about Cancer research.

      I shake my head at how so many players allow themselves to let WoW become a job, a duty, an obligation… It amazes me how people feel the need to go on marathon badge runs even when they don’t want to, or feel like if they miss the daily, “omg… I totally blew it. Now it’s gonna be one more day before I can get that new shiny purple thingy”.

      I refuse to farm Heroics or be DPS LFG H ToC every day on Garwulf, which is one reason why I was still rocking 2 pcs of Valorous up until last week. Fortunately for me, my Jedi-like skills as a Hunter allow me to overcome such disadvantages and still be able to produce top dps. πŸ˜‰ Although the emblem farming is a nice feature for those that cannot raid, I still detest the whole time-sink approach of earning items. Even more, I despise the opinion that some people are “lazy” when they don’t want to put in the “work” to get said items. “Lazy” is sitting at your computer meandering through Azeroth 16 hours a day, when you could be doing something more enriching, productive or enlightening offline.

      WoW is one of the more unproductive things you can do with your time, but it’s also one of the most fun. πŸ˜‰ However, to me the fun is lost when people let it become a job. WoW is just a space in time for us to enjoy in the moment. It will all be gone one day, so it’s best to just have fun with it. That’s what I try to sell here is “fun”. My goal is to share tips and info that I’m certain will improve their game play, but it’s all done without a shred of elitist attitude.

      Anyway, I’m rambling… thanks for your support lawman30!

  5. “You can’t please all the people all the time.”

    Cliche, but true. Run this site how you want and fill it with what you want. As a fellow father and victime of RL circumstance I’ll share this bit of advice (which you may have already discovered yourself): Once you come to grips with deciding NOT to feel bad/guilty that RL causes you to adjust how/when you get to play/post anything about WoW, the game actually becomes even MORE enjoyable!

    My time in-game is limited and subject to random bouts of family aggro. My time spent reading sites like yours is even more limited. Once I quit letting other people’s opinions dictate how I felt about this, I began having way more fun in-game.

    You just keep rolling how you need to roll and those of us who really appreciate what you do will continue to appreciate it whenever you do it.

    THANKS, GAR!!!

  6. Think all above comments have said it.

    This is a very good site, and whatever you think you need to do to keep it like that is probably right. Be it, taking a couple of days off every now and then or posting so much we can’t keep up. =)

  7. Unfortunately it seems the world of Azeroth, just like RL, has its share of asswipes. This is a great site full of great information, especially for a casual BM hunter like me who is too lazy to do all of the class research himself.

    Keep up the good work!

    • @ Ddorian

      Don’t sweat it man. Coming here for info is not being lazy. Lazy would be showing up for a 25 man with your 1.4K DPS. Hopping on my site shows you’re interested in learning how to become better at your class.

      I’ve spent countless hours learning to do what I do. I enjoy being able to share that knowledge, and in turn save all of you the hassle.

  8. Rest assured that anybody who has any idea about what this site is all about would never complain about a lack of posts or react negatively about any post content.

    We treat what ever you write as informative and/or interesting and above all as a gift and the last thing we want to see is you ‘burn out’ and disappear!

    It’s a shame that someone’s comments have given rise to the need for such a post, however, it’s important that you say what you need to.

    Well done & thanks πŸ™‚


    • @ Bruxa

      I probably overreacted, but like I said, I just thought F**K… s**t happens. Sorry to disappoint. I put up a couple of wimpy posts just so people would know I’m still breathing.

      But yea… things are all good, and thank you for the compliments. πŸ˜€

  9. It always amazes me when people criticise you for not posting enough I would much rather read 100 well thought out quality posts (which I always find here) than 1000 random ravings.
    Keep up the good work

  10. “Quality not quantity” – it’s a cliche but it’s true. Your posts are always worth the read, the frequency isn’t an issue. I often recommend stuff you write to friends, almost none of who are hunters, just because it’s thoughtfully written, nicely presented, and interesting.

    And no doubt when you’re enjoying the game, and life in general, the blogging becomes more enjoyable and higher quality too. So take your time, I always give a “woot” whenever it pops up on my feed, and we all appreciate your work else we wouldn’t be here.

    And your UI is genius πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks Nanotrev. I’m assuming most others share your opinion, or at least I hope so.

    While I do enjoy writing about and sharing helpful tips and information about this game we all enjoy, sometimes the looming obligation of it can cause moderate unneeded stress.

    If I don’t have time to post, then f**k it. I know that’s a fail attitude for a blogger, but I’m just keepin’ it real. At any rate, you’ll probably be seeing more of me here starting now.

  12. /applaud

    Well said πŸ™‚
    Despite the frequency or infrequency of your posts I always check your blog every so often. It’s good to know WoW hasn’t consumed your life and that you spend time focusing on the real things, than spending too much time in another life that is more or less related to the matrix, in the case of some people who can’t tear themselves away from their computers. Good to hear someone I’ve thought highly of takes to one of the tips on the load pages. Everything is to be taken in moderation. πŸ˜‰


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