Another Reason I Went Back to Beast Mastery for PvP

Bone Spider

Bleh… no way am I going to roll with that as a pet.

Spider is one of the few pet types I’ve never used. For one, they used to suck up until Blizzard gave them their Web ability. Second, they just never remotely appealed to me as far as looks are concerned. Also, my wife’s not afraid of too much, but one thing that freaks her out more than almost anything are Black Widows. I’m sure she’d just love having me show up with my new creepy companion when helping her out with a group quest in Icecrown. 😈

Anyway, when I was playing around with MM for a bit in arena, I decided to say screw it… I’m gonna get me a spider. So what if I don’t like how they look, and too bad if my wife gets grossed out as she peers over my shoulder and sees me running round with this horrific thing in arena. After all, it’s just a bunch of pixels… it’s not real.

So, I moseyed over to Icecrown to locate me a level 80 Necrotic Webspinner. Alas, I found one, landed, then sat there… A few moments later I came to this conclusion…

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My Survival Guide to Surviving in PvP as a Survival Hunter: Part One

Say that five times fast…

I’ve specced Survival for PvP in the past, but never for very long. However, once BM was laid to rest last week, I decided to jump ship and become an explosives expert. Since there may be other displaced BM PvPers like myself, I figured I’d provide a glimpse at my spec, as well as share some of what little knowledge I possess concerning Survival Huntering in the realm of player versus player combat. 😉

Keep in mind that I’m not an elite PvPer. I’m decent and I’m competitive, but I am in no way an authority on hardcore Hunter PvP. I usually do pretty well in both BGs and arena, but I am always out looking for ways to step my game up. Although I’m feeling a lot smoother with it this go ’round, I’ve never remained Survival for more than a few weeks. If anyone has any advice or constructive criticism pertaining to this post, macro suggestions, tactics, and especially arena strategies, then please share.

Well let’s get started…

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