Hunter CC: Dead and Buried, or just comatose?

Anariell, Blood Elf HunterI myself have several 80’s, my favorite though severely neglected Hunter being my salvation and joy when I need time off the toon I was harassed into playing when joining my new guild. Over the course of my time on WoW since shortly before the BC days, I’ve leveled and played a total of 6 hunters. Yeah, I really need a new hobby one of these days.

Most of them barely made it past their leather clad diaper days though I managed quite a few into their 60’s and beyond. In that time I’ve noticed there are the generic things that plague all hunters, or maybe just the ones who have to sit back and watch others fumble through their class to the frustration of everyone else.

My question to you today is, as a hunter and one of the heaviest CC classes out there, do you actually ever really use it other than when told? Or are you one of those string command, cast sequencing button mashers?

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