Meet Anariell

Anariell with Loque'nahak

Hello you crazy bunch of avid followers of hunter blogs… Trust me, I know you’re out there. I just happen to be one of them. I bet you’re wondering just who this nutso taking up space on the website is? Well, pull up a chair, sit on the floor and I will make sure you’re duly informed without too many detours in the process…

Ok well, maybe that last part might not be such a guarantee.

I happen to be Anariell, a Blood Elf Hunter and a pseudo Priest when the occasion merits it. A lover of Hunters and Engineering, along with all the gizmos and gadgets that come with it. Proud owner of more vanity pets then I rightly know what to do with, a Spirit Beast (My secret love) and at least a barnful of household pets at home with the typist… I am an avid reader of Huntsman’s Lodge and a blogging noob. I play on a laptop, raid religiously and hate farming with a passion.

Why am I here? To talk about Hunters! Of course, anything and everything that might come up, or just the generic tidbits every thriving Hunter needs to get themselves and their companion through their travels in Azeroth. From tanks that blame you, your pet or your pet for looking at a mob wrongly…

Yes, this counts for the times you weren’t even in the party.

To even the hunters that are the bane of you…I will dare to say it. Huntards. Yes, the #1 cause of times where I want to beat my head against a desk. Hunter’s fudging something up, Death Knights are right up there too but let’s not even go there or this post will never end.

Just how successful I am at that is still up for interpretation. We’re waiting for the judge’s final scores but we hope to be the next Azeroth idol. No I am kidding, though wouldn’t that be a nifty event?

Wait. Probably not, 13 year olds singing off key might cause a severe plummet in Blizzard stocks. And then where would we be…

7 thoughts on “Meet Anariell”

  1. With me having 2 no longer tameable pets, and the rest northrend rare spawns…makes more stable pets really important for me, I wouldn’t ming having to pay a few thousand gold for 1-2 more stable slots really 🙁

  2. Welcome 🙂 Looking forward to more hunter blogging. And yes, one can never have enough stable space, companion pets or a barnful of pets at home!


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