Anthriss - Rare Lava Spider in Patch 4.2

See my Patch 4.2 Rare Pet Briefing Post for an updated guide on how to tame Anthriss, as well as the other 9 Patch 4.2 Taming Challenge pets.

Anthriss is a rare yellow lava spider that’s being added in Patch 4.2. Anthriss is part of the… yawn… excuse me… rare beast taming challenges… yawn… oh, pardon me… that will be a part of Patch 4.2.

All of these taming challenges require some sort of unique strategy in order to pull them off.

The trick with Anthriss is that you need to: dismount, dismiss your current pet, be awake, get within 30 yards to start the tame, and… you need to click your Tame Beast spell.

Yes folks, this one is brutal…

Seriously though, I imagine Blizzard will buff the damage of his Searing Web. Even a very well-geared hunter with stacked health buffs should not be able to just walk and tame one of these new rare taming challenge beasts.

Even then… is the strategy going to be… stand in the lave while taming..? What a joke. You see, if you stand in the lava, Anthriss’ Searing Web will burn off. It even says so on the tooltip.

Seriously Blizz… taming challenges..? They should have just announced 8 new rares and left it at that, because this is definitely not living up to the hype.

Anthriss Video Preview

I don’t mean to be a negative Nelly here, but for fuck’s sake… taming challenges..?!

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  1. I finally tamed it by standing in the lava pool as pointed out. Now that I have it, it just looks the same as any other spider from this area. Kind of disappointed. Is it supposed to look or act different?

  2. I have to agree, I did tame this one on the ptr, and if they don’t buff it, it’s certainly not a challenge at all. Shoot, disengage into lava conc shot and tame. Bam done. I’ve tamed em all so far aside from Solix (due to getting knocked in lava and crash before I am in game) But most (3 of 5) are really good challenges. But I imagine they have to put in at least one easy one so people can say they did it and appease the ego’s.

  3. Gar, keeping with my ‘I don’t really care” mantra I’ve not been following the patch updates so props as always.
    Do you know if they’ve added an achievement if you tame one of the new rares as a Paladin called ‘Sir-Hops-A-Lot’ or is that pally trying to fly without a mount?

  4. Not that anyone in particular cares what my opinion is on the matter, but I read Gar’s reaction and felt the need to weigh in.

    If the taming “challenges” go live in a manner that is identical to their PTR incarnation, then I will count myself among the disappointed. I do, however, think they ALMOST got it right. Let me explain.

    When I think of challenging tames, two names come to mind….King Krush and Terrorpene. Krush was a nightmare tame initially because he was immune to CC, hit like a truck and could break your tame with his fear. Terrorpene is a BEAST if attempted at equal level. THOSE tames are taming challenges. You needed to prepare SPECIFICALLY for the tame before setting out on the hunt. If you were lucky enough to find the beast, you not only needed flawless execution of your strategy but a little bit of luck to boot.

    I think there are elements of various 4.2 rare taming challenges that, standing alone, are pretty well imagined. I LIKE the idea of having to stand in lava, putting myself in harms way in order to protect me from an element of the beasts attack. I LIKE the idea of having to beat a beast with a hughe HP pool “into submission” before I can get my tame on. I LIKE the idea of the beasts in question being able to dump truck griefers or the hunter trying to tame it.

    What I DON’T LIKE is being spoonfed this information in a tooltip. What I DON’T LIKE is that the animal I have to beat down before I can tame it moves slower than mashed potatoes running down a wall (people with 4 year olds know what I mean) and I’m more in danger of running too far away and losing aggro than I am of having the beast bear down on me and one shot me.

    I guess what I’m getting at is I would have preferred it if the beasts had been given a toolbox of destruction like Krush and Terrorpene were. Krush and Terropene were puzzles that you needed to figure out how to work for your own character, even though you knew the strategy ahead of time. Do I have enough HP to survive or do I need to stack stam? How much fire resistance can I get by with in combination with my HP and still survive? Is there a priest in the zone that can give me a fear ward before I go hunting JUST IN CASE I find Krush?

    When I do a jigsaw puzzle, I don’t look at the picture on the box. I look at the pieces. I group them based on which ones look like they go together. Then I try putting that bad boy together and I keep at it until its solved. By putting the solutions to the puzzle in the tooltips, Blizzard isn’t simply forcing us to look at the picture on the box of our puzzle. They’re also putting numbers on the pieces so that we can just line them up in numerical order and assemble them. Putting a puzzle together like that doesn’t make me step back and appreciate the beauty of the picture and feel the satisfaction of having figured it out. It cheapens the whole experience for me and almost makes me feel like I should feel more ashamed of myself if I CAN’T do that puzzle as opposed to feeling proud that I DID do it.

    When it all boils away, here’s what I am left with. I will tame the new Spirit Beasts because it is encoded in my DNA that if a Spirit Beast exists in the game, I must tame it. I will also tame Deth because he looks Bada$$ (and who doesn’t like purple, amirite?!?!…btw I call dibs on naming him Grimace). As for the other spiders….I will stop and look at them if I find them and ponder how they were A L M O S T worth going after.

  5. So far the only one I’ve been impressed with is the one where you need to kite them onto the Frost Trap to lower their …heat? energy? or something. I’m hoping it requires actual kiting ON the frost, or something, so that it at least requires some skill. I’d really like these pets to require some actual work and not just silly one-off gimmicks.


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