I generally don’t like crossbows

…but this one was just too badass to pass up. Look at it..!

Wrathful Gladiator's Crossbow

…and another

Wrathful Gladiator's Crossbow

After 2 weeks of pounding my head against the wall, we finally broke the 1800 rating gear threshold in 2v2 the other night.

My partner and I joke that the arena match making system is actually just a couple of Blizz devs, who are sitting around drinking beers and controlling our fate. How else do you explain being within one game of breaking through 1800, only to have them throw a 2100 MMR Unholy DK/Holy Pally team at us to crush our hopes and dreams. This happens far too often to be purely coincidence… at least I think. 😉

What a job that would be though, eh… I can just picture these guys…

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Time to bring the pain

The Kurken, BM Exotic Core Hound Pet

Coincidentally, just after posting my thoughts on BM PvP pets, I’ve finally decided to try out a Core Hound for arena.

I’d been contemplating the idea for awhile now, ever since I’d first heard about pets getting the hunter’s full resilience, but I just couldn’t justify using one over a Chimaera. However, after hitting our proverbial wall last week in 2v2, I’m thinking a change is in order.

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Back to BM

Even though I’d just plunked 45G down for a Glyph of Explosive Shot the day before, I respecced back to BM as quick as you please. My experience in week one of arena taught me that if our Ret Paladin/Hunter combo is to work, I’m gonna have to return to my beloved tree. Initially, I was going to try a …

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Whew… it’s been crazy lately. Aside from the few hours I was on Friday night, I haven’t been able to defend Azeroth much at all lately… Life is piling it on right now. WoW will always be there when time permits. I would like to get some arena in before tomorrow if possible. I hate the idea of losing out …

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