Jadefang with Tiny Shale Spider Pet

Jadefang is a rare Shale Spider that spawns within an upper alcove nestled deep within the Crumbling Depths of Deepholm. As hinted at by his namesake, Jadefang possesses an awesome green glow. What’s really cool about this, is that he’s the only Shale Spider currently in-game with this look.

Well… apart from the little companion that he drops when killed.

Because of the pet loot item, Jadefang is on pretty much everyone’s radar. Whether you’re an avid collector of WoW pets or not, everyone enjoys free pet loot, right..? Since Jadefang is a unique-skinned rare spawn exotic pet, tamable by Beast Master hunters, having him also be the bearer of treasure can be viewed as sort of a cruel joke played by Blizz, with BM hunters being at the brunt of it.

Jadefang MapAt any rate, whether you seek Jadefang as a companion, or for his Tiny Shale Spider drop, getting a chance at him does not involve the typical camping process. Jadefang spawns at the back of a small alcove, several feet up within the cave wall of the Crumbling Depths. Unless you can steal a catapault from Isle of Conquest, there are only a couple of ways to get to him…

Map provided by the fine folks at WoWHead –>

The most obvious and popular one is to acquire a certain daily quest called “Underground Economy“. The quest giver is Ricket, who can be found on certain days within the Crumbling Depths at around 61,26 (approx. coords). This quest grants you the use of Ricket’s Tickers, which are explosives used to mine ore from the depths. However, you can also use them to vault yourself up into the air (ie: into Jadefang’s cave). Just remember not to turn in the quest before you acquire Jadefang and/or his pet, as you’ll lose the bombs in the process, then have to wait again for the quest to become available.

This method will get you to Jadefang, but the catch is, the quest is only available every other day. Plus, you have to progress through enough quests in Deepholm in order to unlock the dailies. If you don’t, Ricket won’t appear at all.

Another technique I’ve seen mentioned is an engineering trick used by hunters, achieved through the use of a Nitro Boosts malfunction, combined with Disengage. Apparently some have had success using this trick, but I’m not an engineer, so I can’t confirm how effective it is. I do know that the malfunctions are totally random, and that each use has a 3 minute cooldown. This sounds like it might be fun IF you have plenty of time to kill. If you don’t stick the landing on your first shot, it could make for a long day…

The third method, and the best one IMO, is to be a Night Elf. 😀

This method worked great for me because:

A) Hey… would ya look at that… I’m a Night Elf!
B) The Underground Economy daily is not available to me.
C) I’m done with camping pets.

Night Elves have the luxury of being the only class that can fly within the crumbling depths as a ghost (ie: Wisp Spirit) — all other classes have to run. Because of this unique little trait, we need only die near the area where Jadefang is located, then res up in his cozy Shale Spider penthouse. At that point we can either punch him in the nose and take his pet, or… if you’re a a BM hunter, you could tame him.

I chose both.

I used this method in back-to back days to get both Jadefang and his pet. It was probably one of the easiest and most successful rare pet hunts ever.

If you’re alliance, then you can still get to Jadefang using similar methods, but you’ll need a Night Elf Druid with you. Both of you will go in the cave and die near Jadefang’s spawn location, then fly back in and have the Druid res up in Jadefang’s cave, followed with res’ing you up there as well.

Jadefang is a neutral mob, so he won’t attack unless provoked. Also, he’s not elite, which means he can be killed pretty easily.

Anyway, that’s the basic jist of how to get to this guy. I’m not certain of his spawn timer, but it’s really easy to check for him — you don’t even have to enter the cave. He is targetable from the surface above if you happen to use a rare mob finder addon, or just a simple /target Jadefang macro.

Right now I’ll present a tutorial for the Night-Elf-Hunter-Easy-Mode technique I used, but I’m sure the info will help those of you non-nelfs as well.

Garwulf’s Jadefang Taming Tutorial for Night Elf Hunters

  1. Look at your character portrait and make sure it says you’re level 85. *wink*
  2. Go to Deepholm and fly to (61,22).
  3. If Jadefang is there, he’ll show as a yellow dot on your minimap. If he’s there, you’re in luck… go to step 4.
  4. Ride into the cave until you reach the same approximate coordinates.
  5. At some point it’s a good idea to get naked, well that’s generally a good idea always, but as it pertains to taming this WoW pet, you should remove as much HP bolstering gear as possible so that you can expedite the dying process.
  6. The are a couple of rock worms in this location. Insult each of them with a mother joke or something.
  7. Die.
  8. Fly back into the cave in wisp Form, but instead of going to your corpse, fly right into Jadefang’s hideout, which is just above your mutilated remains.
  9. Put your clothes back on ffs.
  10. At this point you can do what you will. Beat him like a rented mule or sweet talk him into your stable.

and lastly… because pictures are fun and help to better tell a story…

Garwulf’s Screenshot Tutorial for Taming Jadefang

So anyway… that’s how to go about getting a crack at this rare pet – either for his exciting pet loot, as a BM hunter pet, or both.

As I’d mentioned (repeatedly), you must be a Beast Master in order to tame him. Jadefang is a Tenacity (tank) pet, with two very nice pet abilities. One of his abilities is a pretty sweet stat and resistance buff called Embrace of the Shale Spider. The other ability is Web Wrap, which is an excellent utility – especially for PvP. Web Wrap is a 3 second stun, with a 30 yard range, on a 31.5 sec CD (w/ 3/3 Longevity). Coupled with Intimidation, this can provide for some awesome stunlock, sure to unnerve opposing players.  😈

Personally, I prefer to use high-damage pets for PvP, but I have yet to take Jadefang out for a trial run. His two awesome pet abilities, combined with some of the great talents available in the Tenacity tree, should make him a decent PvP companion for certain BM BG hunters, or perhaps even a few BM arena comps.

Regardless, he just looks badass… Now go get him if you haven’t already! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Jadefang”

  1. I’m a lvl85 BM belf and I just tamed him last night. I know this will sound lame, but I cheated. When NPC Scan went off and said Jadefang was there I simply had to tame him, but didn’t have either the daily or a pair of malfunctioning boots. So I stripped naked and kamikazied a couple worms until I was good and dead. Then flew down to the cave and dc’d my wifi as I flew in, stayed to the left, reconnected my wifi as I reached the big chamber and landed on the ledge where I rez’d. Yes, it took me about 5 tries to do this without being dc’d, but once I was up there I laid a trap and schmoozed JF into being my buddy. =) This is the first and hopefully last time I’ve cheated the game.

  2. Dude, your night elf tricked worked like a charm. I couldn’t find the daily and I was just lucky to fly over him in the first place.

    Pure luck!

    Thanks again, nice addition to my pet collection!

  3. I got all the 85 rares but jadefang and ghostcrawler are the coolest. Went back yesterday and camped him and got the companion. Get comments in SW when I have jade and son together

  4. I got his this morning 🙂 I saw him before the first time I tried to camp him, but I’m not NE, have engineering, or the daily, so all I could do was target him, couldn’t see, touch, smell him D:

    But today luckily I had the daily from yesterday and was able to nab him, now to wait for him to respawn to kill him!! 😛 I should do the tol borad dailies to level him as my PVP pet soon.

  5. Thank you Gar, I had never looked into shalespiders before your post. Now “Jaded” (yeah I know, not very original) is my no.1 pvp pet by a large margin. The 3 sec stun followed by intimidation rocks. Never mind the lower damage output of tenacity pets. Those 3 seconds are a lifesaver and a killer opener. And the survivability of tenacity pets also comes in handy. Not to mention the fact that not many players identify shale spiders as a BM pet, ie. they tend to ignore it (BIG RED mistake).

  6. Gratz, bro! I got Jadefang, too. Named him Kryptonite as he is the bane of my enemies! =P
    I bummed a rez off a druid (my nephew) to get to him….well worth it.

  7. Got him last night. I just happened to be in there getting pebble when he spawned and NPC scan went off. For once it was just me in the cave so I had him to myself. I toyed with the idea of switching specs to tame but decided I wanted the pet instead.

  8. lol, ive catched the pet as i was in the cave for a quest and thought “hey, the name is nice, catch it”.. havnt known that this pet is a rare one 🙂

  9. I’ve seen him once – 6 of us in a group all went and rolled for the pet – I did not get him but he’s super cute. Was just as much fun to get the pet as it was for the 1 person in our group to have the ticker and try to launch us all up to the ledge.

  10. I no longer do the Therazane dailes as I have full rep, so I will have Ricket’s Tickers permanently in my backpack until I have both the tame (which for me comes first by a big margin!) and the companion pet.
    There is a video on this somewhere, but for those who would like to know, there is a place to launch yourself from where you can almost guarantee a perfect and damage free landing in Jadefang’s alcove.
    As you look up from the big chamber at the opening where Jadefang spawns, over to the right is another opening, somewhat lower. That is your launch platform. Take the passage further round to the right and keep left (through another smaller chamber) until you reach that opening. Standing a couple of paces back from the edge, turn to face the Jadefang alcove which is half right, place your Ricket’s Ticker, step forward so that it is just behind you, count to three and fly! I have never once missed, and never once taken any landing damage using this method.
    Unfortunately, I have never once met Jadefang either. 🙁

  11. Oh now you got me wanting to camp this guy lol. After I am done with Loremaster (6 more zones wee) I will just leave Anck up on the ledge, she won’t come down until she’s tamed him AND killed him, a girl gotta have her pets ^^ But what to do first.. Kill or Tame.. Thanks for the info on the bomb trick 🙂

  12. Grats Gar : )

    i caught this guy the first day i hit 85 using the old rocket boots explode, enter combat, disengage trick.

    Also i was in a party and i had the quest – used the bombs to get up there and we decided to kill it expecting to get to roll on the spider. . . . . no. . . . .it was classed as his loot and he got it = _ = the one freind i know who HATES vanity pets, looks and the liks =’] but glad it was a guildie

    Ive only got to grab sambas and the spirirt wolf to complete my rare collection again


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