Checking in

Greetings from the Oregon coast.

I wanted to pop in and say hello. 😀 I’ve been enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation up here… it’s been awesome.

I’ve been pretty detached for the most part (kinda the idea), but I have managed to get online a time or two in order to check my e-mail and to make sure everything’s in order while I’m away. Anyway… I noticed that the NDA was lifted this past week. What timing… :-\

After having gone four years without a vacation, I just so happen to bail during one of the most WoW newsworthy weeks of 2010. I’ve skimmed over some of the news, but I won’t have an opportunity to really explore things until I get home. I had grand plans of being able to work from the field, but that ain’t hap’nin. Prolly a good thing. 😉

Anyhow… I did peep this little news gem just a few moments ago over on MMO-Champion

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More Stable Slots..?

Gotta catch em allPerhaps.

In the Blizz Developer’s Blizzchat on Twitter today, one of the questions raised was the ever so popular topic of adding more stable slots. The response was both interesting and favorable.

Q. Are hunters likely to see more stable slots for their pets in the future? With the current variety of pets, the amount they have right now seems too small.
A. Arm-waving here, but a model I would love to see is dramatically expanded slots (so you can store all those Spirit Beasts) but have a smaller number of “active” pets, like 3. You could summon an active pet from anywhere in the world, when outside of combat. You would swap a pet from active to the stable at the Stable Masters.

I like this concept. BM Hunters will be allowed to “collect” more pets (ie: Spirit Beasts), yet there will be a practical convenience limiting factor in place for all hunters. Pet happy hunters won’t be capped to how many they can acquire, with the only trade-off being that Call Stabled Pet may be limited to 3 choices, down from the 5 we have now. I’m liking this direction.

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