Another reason to be excited about Patch 4.3

I have a big fat UI update on the way. 🙂

Gar Hunter UI Pre-Patch 4.3
Current version of the Gar UI

I know it’s been a patch or three since I last posted an update to this, and for that I apologize. You have to understand, however, getting a UI compilation prepared and ready for download is serious business — something I seldom have the time for. There may be little quirks and things that I can live with, fix later, etc… but when I make the decision to actually post it online, s**t has to be near-perfect. Because I have to work for a living, I must make decisions on how to spend my ‘off-time’, resulting in things like UI updates getting placed on the back burner.

Having said that… those of you eager to try out my user interface will be pleased to know that I have spent the past two days hard at work, trying to iron out the final few kinks. This involved a full audit of my custom interface, i.e., reassessing all of the addons – making sure that all of them were current and still being developed – or finding better alternatives, as well as finishing up the little customization odds and ends that have been needed prior to this update.

And I mean it this time… I know I’d been promising a Patch 4.2+ update for the past several months and hadn’t delivered, but I will be uploading an updated version of the Gar UI by the end of this week, If not sooner. Of course, this is provided that Patch 4.3 doesn’t blow it all up. 😉

I also plan to update all of my Hunter Power Auras this week. I’ll have those posted here on the site.

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Patch 4.3 Hunter Buff Recap

Patch 4.3 is set to hit live servers this Tuesday. Patch 4.3 is a mondo patch chock full of new content, including: a new raid, new 5-mans, the Raid Finder, Void Storage, Transmogrification, the new Darkmoon Faire and so much more… In addition to the massive amount of content being added, there are also numerous updates and tweaks to class …

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Slight Buffs for BM and SV on the PTR

Blizzard just released the latest patch notes for 4.3. Beast Mastery and Survival have both received some minor buffs to try and bring the specs more in line with Marksmanship’s DPS. Beast Mastery Animal Handler now increases Attack Power by 30%, up from 25%. Survival Explosive Shot damage has been increased by 15%. (Source) Neither buff is that noteworthy from …

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