Lawman30’s entry

Hall of Explorers in Ironforge

The air in the Hall of Explorers was stale. The smell of old books reminded Rustee of legendary, sometimes lost, things. That was, after all, why he was here. Why he had spent all of his spare time reading every last book that he thought might contain a clue that would lead him to that which he sought. The Celestial Steed.

High Explorer Magellas had been tolerant of Rustee’s repeated visits to the Hall. His questions, at first, had seemed very unassuming. What was he looking for? Was it something that the Explorer’s League might have information on which could be used to help him in his search? Rustee had responded to those questions with answers that were equally unassuming. But when he finally reached the point where he thought that no book here had his answer, Rustee confided in Magellas the true nature of his search.

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Kelwina’s entry

Kel’s entry was another solid submission in the Celestial Steed Contest. Enjoy.

Celestial Steed

The sound of waves crashing against the wooden vessel met the long ears of the Night Elf who sat inside her cabin below deck. The boat’s rocking kept her from enjoying any sleep and allowed her mind to wander to the mysteries of her destination. Days previous, the magnificent Stormwind City was besieged by the wretched Scourge. Led by the messenger of the Lich King himself, the army damaged the great harbor and gave the members of the Alliance the last push they needed to bring the war to the undead. The Night Elf Kelwina had fought bravely during the attack on Stormwind and for that reason enlisted into the Alliance Vanguard and grudgingly accepted. Now the Alliance warship was on its way to Valiance Keep, one of many new Alliance strongholds.

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More stories incoming

I meant to have the other Celestial Steed Contest Entries posted by now, but I had been buried with last weekend’s birthday party planning. Our little man turned 3 on Sunday. Then, no sooner was that over with, I find myself coming down with some horrible bug. Apart from a few hours, I’d been in bed from about 11pm Sunday …

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We have a winner

Trophy…and the winner’s been notified. I’m sorry I couldn’t award all of you who entered with a coveted Celestial Steed mount. I mean it… I really am.

I honestly didn’t expect the race to be this close. Being that I asked so much of everyone, I figured only a couple of you would invest the time needed to put together a well developed short (…and I use that term loosely) story.

As it turned out, I had to grade (err… judge may be a better term – I’m no teacher, that’s fer sure) these stories using several criteria. If it’s any consolation, the four top submissions had at least one component that bested the other three. In other words, I favored each article for one reason or another.

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