Kelwina’s entry

Kel’s entry was another solid submission in the Celestial Steed Contest. Enjoy.

Celestial Steed

The sound of waves crashing against the wooden vessel met the long ears of the Night Elf who sat inside her cabin below deck. The boat’s rocking kept her from enjoying any sleep and allowed her mind to wander to the mysteries of her destination. Days previous, the magnificent Stormwind City was besieged by the wretched Scourge. Led by the messenger of the Lich King himself, the army damaged the great harbor and gave the members of the Alliance the last push they needed to bring the war to the undead. The Night Elf Kelwina had fought bravely during the attack on Stormwind and for that reason enlisted into the Alliance Vanguard and grudgingly accepted. Now the Alliance warship was on its way to Valiance Keep, one of many new Alliance strongholds.

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Black Ice

The bad news is our Naxxramas 10-man scheduled for last night didn’t happen. I was all dressed up with nowhere to go because we couldn’t assemble a full group. There were a couple last minute sign-up removals and our Fury Warrior, who’s a huge portion of our DPS, couldn’t miss his Monday night episodes of Wife Swap and Super Nanny. …

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