Kelwina’s entry

Kel’s entry was another solid submission in the Celestial Steed Contest. Enjoy.

Celestial Steed

The sound of waves crashing against the wooden vessel met the long ears of the Night Elf who sat inside her cabin below deck. The boat’s rocking kept her from enjoying any sleep and allowed her mind to wander to the mysteries of her destination. Days previous, the magnificent Stormwind City was besieged by the wretched Scourge. Led by the messenger of the Lich King himself, the army damaged the great harbor and gave the members of the Alliance the last push they needed to bring the war to the undead. The Night Elf Kelwina had fought bravely during the attack on Stormwind and for that reason enlisted into the Alliance Vanguard and grudgingly accepted. Now the Alliance warship was on its way to Valiance Keep, one of many new Alliance strongholds.

Sleeping next to her was the mighty lion Blackheart. Ever since she had first ventured to the Barrens, this beast had been her companion and friend, for she was a hunter. She was deadly with her bow while sitting unseen in the trees from half a mile away. Meanwhile, Blackheart would stealthily creep behind their victims and pounce. Their enemies would never know what happened. Her talents are what made her such an excellent example as a soldier of the Alliance.

Humar the Pridelord

Yelling was heard on deck and the boat began slowing down before it reached a complete stop. It had arrived at Valiance Keep and the sailors were tying it to the dock above. Yawning and stretching, Kelwina sat up. Her equipment lay in a heap beneath the mattress. She felt safer with her long bow close at hand. With a sigh, she dressed herself in the armor she received from the ghosts of Karazhan. In the garb of the Demon Stalker, the level of intimidation she exhibited was enough to keep away all but the strongest of devils. But there weren’t any demons in Northrend, only the unholy Scourge.

Finally, she was prepared. Blackheart arched his back to stretch and looked up at Kelwina, eager to explore the new world. Together, they walked out of their cabin and climbed the stairs to the main deck, avoiding the busying sailors. As she stepped into the open, she was at first struck with surprise. The sun shone down brightly and only a few clouds gathered in the sky. No snow drifted down from above. This did not change the temperature however. Her breath came out in mists and glaciers struck out from the water with penguins gathering on them. The chill sunk down to her bones and even Blackheart felt the cold through his fur.

The sailors were wrapped up in blankets and fur coats as they worked. Many had ice crystals in their hair and beards. As Kelwina looked upon the crew, a strange feeling came on her, like a tingling that moved up the spine to the neck. Hunter sense.

Grabbing Blackheart by the mane, she pulled him with her as she ran to the side of the ship. A sudden burst of heat struck her back, pushing her farther towards the frigid waters. Screams were heard and chips of wood cut her cheek as they flew past. Two feet away from the rail, from her peripherals she saw men and women flying past her, bodies lit with blue fire. She bent her knees and jumped into the hair, using the rail as a spring board. Next to her Blackheart jumped clear over the bar and for several heart stopping seconds they flailed through the air.

They hit the freezing water, the cold shock bringing her back to reality. Chunks of wood and metal struck the ocean around them, all near misses. The bodies of the unlucky ones sunk to the bottom while eager sharks came to feed. Using her feet as paddles, she swam to the surface. Her lungs rejected the ash filled air and instead she coughed whenever she attempted to breathe in.

Kelwina guided Blackheart along as they swam away from the wreckage and climbed onto one of the icebergs. From there they could see the damage that had been wrought. All of Valiance Keep was set ablaze by blue flames. The few people left standing ran panicking from the streets and either they tested their fate to the water as Kel had or they fled outside the massive gates where the Scourge waited patiently to rip them to shreds.

Valiance Keep

Looking upon the destruction, tears fell down her face, instantly freezing in the cold air. She gazed up to the sky hoping to ask Elune why this had happened but instead was met with the true culprit. Dozens of azure dragons flew over the keep, burning all in their wake. Their sapphire scales shone from their wrath while their terrible magic kept the fires burning. Within the chaos, a cluster of stars could be seen over the wreckage, shooting from its mouth a ray of constellations. Over the fires, the dreadful message could be heard,

“Let all mortals tremble with the knowledge that Malygos will tolerate reckless magic no longer!”

The handful of survivors gathered in the remnants of Valiance Keep, each holding the look of death in their gaze. Their injuries were clear, some had minor scratches, and others had severe burns or broken limbs. Kel was the only survivor of the ship; she lay with her head on Blackheart, the shock of the attack too much for her to comprehend. A stable boy, Jimmy, quietly sat next to Harbinger Vurenn. The Harbinger had lost his whole regiment when the roof of the keep collapsed. The other survivors were Sergeant Hammerhill, Magister Dath’omere, Tom Hegger, Ferlynn Windsong, Leryssa, and General Arlos. There were a few other minor soldiers, but most of them were too injured to even share their names.

The General, Sergeant, and Magister had been discussing something since early morning. Refusing to talk to anyone else, the men spent their time in the mostly intact barracks while Ferlynn took care of the injured. She was a hunter, not a druid, so her healing skills were limited but she was trained in first aid. Unfortunately she worked as triage as well. Many souls she was forced to ignore when their injuries were too great for her to heal alone.

Several minutes later, the Magister cleared his throat to call the survivors to attention. He stood looking solemn, but determined, the fire of revenge in his glowing blue eyes.

Valiance Keep

“Heroes of the Alliance! We have all seen great horrors in this past day. Brave men and women have died in this stronghold. Malygos believes that after his seclusion he may simply destroy the magic that he has flourished in this world. He takes out his misguided judgment upon the Alliance because he believes he has the right.”

“But he will not be allowed to commit this deed without repercussions! We will take the fight to the Nexus and seek out our vengeance for this act! I will go now to Dalaran to acquire support for this attack. For now, bury your dead, mourn those lost. But remember, in a week’s time, we launch our strike on Malygos’ doorstep!”

The week rushed by in a daze, and by the end, a group of ten of the Alliance’s finest adventurers were prepared to take down the Lord of Magic. Kel naturally agreed to be part of the effort. Several other survivors had joined in as well. Harbinger Vurenn, Hammerhill, and Leryssa all faithfully accepted the call to battle. Six more brave Alliance members took up their arms as well. A wise druid named Feoridine took on the shape of a tree to provide restoration and rejuvenation to the fighters. The small gnome, Whirtle eagerly signed up. His mastery of fel magic, while a little rough around the edges, was sure to bring pain to the Great Aspect. Another gnome, this one a mage, hopped on board the crew, this one went by the name of Nuck. Most suspiciously, the dwarf Death Knight Yaarg joined the team. The elderly human priest Marian along with the world renowned shaman Salaa took to the cause. Salaa’s chronicles were so well known in Northrend that she had been granted the title, “Champion of the Frozen Wastes”.

Kel prepared to leave while the others got acquainted with each other. She preferred being among the beasts of the wild than among the civilized folk. Blackheart looked up at her with his green eyes. She feared for his safety going into this kind of fight. There was no way of figuring out what Malygos could do and if he would just incinerate them all the moment they walked in. A sniffling sound broke her thoughts and she turned to see the young Jimmy. While not sobbing, tears still wet his face. Kel stepped over to him and kneeled down.

“What’s wrong child?”

He looked up at her. “I’m afraid. All of you strong people are leaving, what if the dragons come back while you’re gone!”

She put her hand on his shoulder, thinking to herself while comforting him. She turned to Blackheart. That lion meant everything to her, she could not bear to lose him to Malygos’ wrath. Kel flipped her head back to Jimmy. “I’ll tell you what… why don’t you do me a big favor and take care of Blackheart for me while we’re out fighting?”

Jimmy blinked his eyes in confusion, but before he could start asking questions she interrupted him. “I don’t feel safe bringing him to the Nexus and you don’t feel safe here without protection. He’s the best guard cat you’ll ever find and since you have practice as a stable boy, you’re sure to know how to take care of him.”

The boy smiled happily and readily agreeing to the task. Kel felt a grin grow on her face as she watched Blackheart play with the boy. A bit of sadness still filled her though as she worried that this could be the last time she saw her companion.

Together, the team headed out for the Nexus. Its light pierced through clouds as it rose up swirling to the heavens. Blue dragons flew endless circles around it, never stopping for rests. The Oculus itself was a floating fortress that contained several rings. The Eye of Eternity, Malygos’ residence, was located within the Nexus, at its strongest point. Entrance into it required a key that only Malygos’ most trusted dragons hold. One of these beings was the late dragon Sapphiron. Luckily for them, Salaa had been part of the group that had brought down the reanimated dragon and acquired the key.

The Nexus

They lined up in front of the portal. Each member shifted uncomfortably with anticipation. Fear gripped them and the hum of magical energies did nothing to calm their nerves. Kel stood at the rear where she felt the safest. From the back she could carefully fire arrows at any enemy that attacked.

With a deep breath, the lead, Sergeant Hammerhill stepped forward. A blue glow flashed, and with a small shimmering sound, he was teleported out. Each adventurer followed with Kel being the last.

The incomprehensible vista she saw stole her breath away. Above and around her stars hung suspended in empty space and nether bands. A sense of dizziness struck her as she came upon the realization how small they were when came to the scope of the universe. They were not even specks to the cosmos. Sweat beaded down her face as she began questioning why they had ventured here. How could they even hope to defeat the Lord of Magic himself? Malygos’ sheer will was enough to obliterate their lives completely.

The Great Aspect flapped his mighty wings above their heads, his scales every shade of blue imaginable. The vast, transparent masses he used for wings shone with the glory of a thousand stars. His beauty was unmatched by any other creature she had seen previous. Malygos seemed to embody the very being of magic from his fantastic glory to the terrible destruction he wrought. His beard exemplified the wisdom of the ancient mage while his mace-like tail showed a sense of deadliness that only magic wielded from the wrong hands can bring.

Malygos paid no heed to the heroes. Instead he busied himself with an otherworldly experiment. Several orbs flew around them, each containing a sort of ethereal creature. The first, a spectral tiger that glowed with purple mist. On the far side opposite that floated a bear with a similar appearance. The Aspect was most interested in the creature floating in the middle however. A horse, magnificent in appearance, floated within the magical field. Bat-like wings flapped at its back, almost akin to those of Malygos. The horse however, was entirely made of stars.

The power contained in this beast struck Kel immobile with awe. Quickly, she decided it must be hers. Retribution was no longer her sole purpose; the desire for companionship only a hunter knows now drove her. Malygos stood between her and this beast and she felt rejuvenated for the fight coming up.

The great dragon turned his head towards the adventurers and his eyes narrowed as he looked upon them. “Lesser beings, intruding here! A shame your excess courage does not compensate for your stupidity!”

His voice shook Kel to her core. It was elegant and cultured with a sharp deadliness attached to each word. She silently asked Elune how there could be a creature so dignified and dangerous. She finally pried her eyes off the beast to look at her group mates. Each was just as stunned an awed as she had been. They were all wondering to themselves if they could defeat this beast.

As the Harbinger stared at Malygos, furious vengeance took over him. He grabbed his mace and removed it from his back and held it firmly between his hands, his weapon illuminated by the holy light. “Heroes of the Alliance! Now is not the time to surrender to your fears. Let us strike against this villain who thinks that he can slaughter our brothers and sisters without repercussions!”

A rumble moved through the group as they muttered their agreements and nodded their heads. Kel took out her bow, a small smile crossing her face. Now was the time of the hunt, and that instinct for marksmanship was taking over. Others seemed to feel the same burst of inspiration and readied their weapons. Magic users prepared their spells and allowed the mana to flow, their hands glowing with power. Feoridine shape shifted into a tree, preparing to heal the wounds of her comrades.

Then, the Great Aspect’s booming laugh halted their fervor. “Your quest for foolish revenge will be your downfall! You wish to employ magic? Against me? I am the Spellweaver, the Lord of Magic, and Aspect of the blue dragonflight!” He swept his head through the air, as if to catalogue each of them. “I see you will not be persuaded with reason. Very well, I will be rid of you!”


Malygos fell through the air, stars scattering across the sky in all directions. As his feet crashed onto the ground, the floating platform on which they stood shook as if it would flip and drop them all into the abyss. The great dragon looked down where the group stood at his feet, deciding which to kill first.

“Oi, you there! Dragon! I bet ye can’t even hit me!” Sergeant Hammerhill taunted, waving his shield in the air. Malygos turned his broad head. Without a word, his claw came down upon the dwarf, preparing to tear through his armor to his flesh. Hammerhill expertly deflected the blow with his shield, laughing like a madman as he did.

On cue, the others unleashed their attacks upon the dragon. Kel sent arrow after arrow into his scaly flesh, some fell off, but most penetrated. A renewed hope kept her going and she felt as if they had a chance. Curses were muttered, fireballs shot, and weapons slashed at Malygos. While the dragon did not appear to be tiring, a certain change could be seen in him. No longer did he speak of his infinite power, but he seemed to be reacting to each blow much more noticeably.

Then with a vicious roar, Malygos flapped his transparent wings, sending the adventurers to the ground. As he flew into the air, he yelled down to the group, “I tire of you pathetic mortals, if you cannot understand reason, then perhaps you will understand death!” The Aspect dove through the sky, grabbing the side of the platform as he fell. It tilted, sending the adventurers sliding down the side.

Kel attempted to dig her knife into the ground, but it merely bounced off and she continued down. Fear gripped her chest as she looked below into the endless abyss. She cried out to Elune for help but no response came. Sliding down the slope, she felt as if she were on ice. Stars rushed past her head along with those who had managed to slow or halt their descent. Feoridine had shifted into a storm crow and grabbed Sergeant Hammerhill in her sharp talons. Whirtle had summoned a demonic steed and was now attempting to save another.

A burst of stars darted in front of Kel. She could not tell what it was until shimmering blue appeared in front of her eyes, the star horse! It followed her as she slid down the platform, eyeing her with curious intelligence. The instinct of a beast master took control of her mind and Kel began uttering the words that would bind an animal to her control. The horse’s glowing eyes blinked curiously, but it did not struggle, nor did it try to flee. Just as she spoke the last words, the platform ended. Kel spun through empty space, suffocating as she was suddenly unable to breathe. Cold fear filled her mind and she no longer had any thought except that of the horrible drop.

She was woken from her stupor with a thud. Surrounding her suddenly was a cloud of stars, drifting lazily in a circle. In front of her now, was the shimmering blue armor of the star horse itself. Kel realized that she and the beast had a connection only hunters share with animals. They were bonded now as hunter and pet. A rush of joy filled her, not only did she survive, but now she had another shot of revenge at Malygos.

More delight enveloped her when suddenly dragons of the red flight appeared, to rescue her falling comrades. Together, they soared towards Malygos, with Kel and her celestial horse in the lead. The blue Aspect saw them coming and in his anger shot a burst of magic downwards. With a careless whinny, the star horse flew itself into the magic, deflecting it away from the others while causing itself to shine brighter.

With a spectacular burst of fire and stars, they attacked. Malygos was enveloped in the torrent, his scales burned and wings torn. He collapsed onto the platform, nearly flipping it again. “No this cannot be the end, I will not allow it!” A bright flash erupted from his body, blinding them in the azure light. When their eyes cleared, Malygos had created a glimmering portal. “Magic must be controlled because of reckless mortals like yourselves! You shall not thwart my duty as the Lord of Magic!” The colossal dragon threw himself through the portal, disappearing entirely as the portal closed instantly afterward.

Kel narrowed her eyes, but swelling with pride at the same moment. “Ha! Even the Aspect of Magic fears our strength! We’ve had a great victory today, and soon we will reap our full revenge from Malygos!” The rest of the group raised their weapons to the stars, yelling their agreement. Malygos may have escaped, but he could not hide forever, and the Alliance would patiently wait to strike.

Kel was in no rush for that day, because for now, she had a new beast to become acquainted with.

Kelwina of Exodar US
Dedicated in the memory Ronnie James Dio for his beautiful music and amazing talent. His songs inspire all my fantasy writing and bring joy to my life.

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  2. Thanks guys 🙂

    I’m also really interested in the different places the celestial steed came from also. I tihnk my favorite part of reading them was seeing other people’s points of view on the origins of the star pony.

  3. I need to go to work so I’ll finish it there >.< . But so far it's an awesome story. I like Blackheart a lot, and the way that you show the connection between your hunter and her pet is very well done. I agree with Lawman, Gar. Tell us what the other stories said about how the CS came to be! I wanna know! Again, Kel, great story, and I look forward to finishing it. 😀


  4. Great story, Kel!

    The spectrum of the horse’s origins in these stories is really quality stuff. A Titan creation. A treasure to be swiped from a fat Tauren. A creation of Malygos. Great stuff! Kudos to everyone who sent in a submission. Maybe Gar could let us know what some of the other proposed origins of the Steed were. I, for one, would love to know.


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