Sieze the Day!

This is your last chance to catch a glimpse of the Old World as we know it, for after tomorrow… all hell will hath broken loose.

A couple of months ago I decided it was time for a good ol’ fashioned Azerothian vacation, so is set out to explore its vast reaches. What I found that was even after 4 1/2 years of playing World of Warcraft, there were still quite a few areas of the world I had never encountered.

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Steady Hands

I have sent multitudes of players to the graveyard without succumbing to death myself

I have been an All-Star in both Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley

I have repeatedly braved the field of battle with the strength and cunning of an invincible Ironman

I have slain consecutive opponents in the battle arena – – without mercy and without defeat

Nearly 100,000 horde foes have fallen to my arrows, bullets and big red pet…

But for the life of me… I cannot disarm five f***king Seaforium Charges in one f***king SotA battle. 😡

Apart from Stromtrooper and Resilient Victory, which I figure are just a matter of time since I’ve been very close with both, Steady Hands is pretty much the only BG achievement standing between me and Battlemaster.

Honestly… I thought Ironman was tough, but Steady Hands is just flat-out nonsense. I’d read somewhere that it used to be you could disarm the charges from the turret platforms, which obviously was poor design on Blizz’s part. However, I wished I’d have known then what I know now. 🙁 I could have taken the easy road…

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Despite my huge PvPness

…I finally just got the Black War Bear mount last weekend. In fact, the only Horde city raid I’d ever participated in was at level 70 when we attacked Silvermoon and wiped with Theron at 2%. Since then, I’ve wanted this achievement, but for whatever reason was never able to find a group for it. When groups have been available …

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