7 thoughts on “Saurfang Down”

  1. i need help you profile has disappeared of bartendar4 and chinchilla but bartender4 is the real problem do i have to download your ui again?

  2. Gratz Garwulf,
    My guild had two raiding parties lastnight and my group ran it all the way thru while the other one quit at Lady Deathwhisper. We basically checked out the each fight and died but we always got it on the second try. We found out on Deathbringer have the two tanks rotate their taunts while hes casting rune of blood. This will keep his selfheals down and that worked for us. Me an another hunter were on the adds. For use the traps didn’t work out that well so we just dps them down.

    I too got Lady Deathwhisper bow: Njordnar Bone Bow, we just had one of the Engineers on my realm get the plans for the epic arrows Iceblades, bought a few stacks of those and went into WG and knock the crap out of all the casters, they mostly didn’t even know what hit them, lol.

    Gratz again and just found your site, looks pretty cool,


    Galorfinor of Eonar

  3. Congrats Garwulf!

    So far my guild (Shades of War, from Shattered Hand)has taken out Lord Marrowgr, Lady Death and Gunship on 25man…tomorrow night before reset we hope to take out Saurfang! wish us luck!

  4. Wow, I leave for one day and return to find a Garwulf Posting Frenzy! Looking for Contributors…. ha! You’re a one-man posting army! Thanks so much for all the posts, I’ll be putting them to good use immediately. 😉

    May the Posting Frenzy continue!

    • Hi Kazador

      Enjoy it while you can. 😀

      With the holidays coming up, along with all of the administrative work I’ll be doing, my posts are likely to slow down for a bit. I’ve got some good stuff coming though, with some fresh new faces to entertain and inform you.


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