Steady Hands

I have sent multitudes of players to the graveyard without succumbing to death myself

I have been an All-Star in both Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley

I have repeatedly braved the field of battle with the strength and cunning of an invincible Ironman

I have slain consecutive opponents in the battle arena – – without mercy and without defeat

Nearly 100,000 horde foes have fallen to my arrows, bullets and big red pet…

But for the life of me… I cannot disarm five f***king Seaforium Charges in one f***king SotA battle. 😡

Apart from Stromtrooper and Resilient Victory, which I figure are just a matter of time since I’ve been very close with both, Steady Hands is pretty much the only BG achievement standing between me and Battlemaster.

Honestly… I thought Ironman was tough, but Steady Hands is just flat-out nonsense. I’d read somewhere that it used to be you could disarm the charges from the turret platforms, which obviously was poor design on Blizz’s part. However, I wished I’d have known then what I know now. 🙁 I could have taken the easy road…

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