Sieze the Day!

This is your last chance to catch a glimpse of the Old World as we know it, for after tomorrow… all hell will hath broken loose.

A couple of months ago I decided it was time for a good ol’ fashioned Azerothian vacation, so is set out to explore its vast reaches. What I found that was even after 4 1/2 years of playing World of Warcraft, there were still quite a few areas of the world I had never encountered.

I took quite a few screenshots along the way. Some of them are from areas I’d never even seen before, some are of rare beasties I encountered along the way, and others I grabbed just because the scene was so perfect. The game world presents some really amazing screenshot opportunities if you pause to look for them.

If you haven’t embarked on your mission for World Explorer yet, you should hop to it. In a matter of hours the old world will be forever changed.

Back in September, Hoss, Galaga, Shep and I finally managed to cover every square inch of it.

I’m glad we did it!

Here are a few pics from the travel gallery.

12 thoughts on “Sieze the Day!”

  1. Ooh I just tamed Gondria today too, three spirit beasts in three days in a row! Thank you Gar for the inspiration XOXOXO 🙂 By the way Articuris spawned 6:40pm, Gondria spawned 4:50pm (server time). Maybe King Krush tomorrow? 😉

  2. Gorgeous photos! I wish I had taken more (or kept them at least).. I had the explorer title and yes it took you to great sites you wouldn’t normally go, and then curiosity took you a step further 🙂 I had a ladt day in Old Azeroth, I had been camping Articuris for probably ~12 on and off (had it running in the background at work with headphones on so I could hear any alerts). But I tamed it later that night – was a bit of competition. This other Horde hunter even tried to get an Alliance to kill me while he thought I was AFK. But I reminded him to do Zul Gurub, and just before he reached back, Articuris spawned and I nabbed him – my heart beating fast. One word, Karma. Had two other Hordies with me in case any Alliance came too 😛 Now for Gondria… Later did Zul Gurub, no mounts but I was still happy ^^ Gave away the rest of my coins I had to a mage who was almost exalted – hope she got it. And then went to explore + world PVP.

  3. Thanks for the piccies, Gar, they’re great. I recognise quite a few from my Explorer days, which I made sure to get pretty soon after I learnt to fly… it was only my second title, after Jenkins.
    I’ve just managed to get Loremaster too, after months of wondering where those elusive few quests in Blade’s Edge, Netherstorm and Storm Peaks were hiding. But even as an Explorer, while finishing off Loremaster I was often surprised to discover places I had no idea existed. To echo Louis: What a wonderful world!
    Now to get that Wintersaber mount, just in case the Winterspring snow turns to dust tomorrow. Only thirteen more circuits to go…
    *makes mental note to take more screenshots*

    • Blade Edge is such a great place to level – but not the initial flight paths. On my pally I went a bit deeper in and it was just amazing, I think some people are put off by rocky terrain and the whole dry look because I never noticed guildies spending much time at all in Blade or just skipping it. Can’t wait to do Loremaster and finish that zone.

  4. Cheers Gar, like you I fueled up my chopper and toured the world. Very glad I did it too. Not sure if having a flying mount will trivialise this in terms of getting the achievement but whatever you wont have seen the world as the way it was.

  5. Hey Gar. This is making me sad. 🙁 I don’t have time tonight to be exploring too much, and by the time I get on tomorrow the world will have changed. I remember you talking about seeing the world from the Horde’s point a view a few months back with your Orc Hunter. You ever get him to 80? Anyways, R.I.P. Old Azeroth, you will be missed. :'(

  6. Thanks Gar. A long, long time ago I wanted to set up a Flickr account and fill it up with a “photographer’s view” of Azeroth. It never came to pass but I wish I could have done that.

  7. I got the “World Explorer” achievement back in Febuary of 2009. I was quite surprised at the amount of areas I had not explored in the old world, especially since I’ve been playing since vanilla WoW was released.
    I had the same surprise when I started working on the “Loremaster” achievement, which I still have yet to get.

  8. Hey Gar, you got some cool screenies there. I do the same when I am travelling. I have quite a few with my flying and the moon or sun as the background, surrounding by some beautiful trees or mountains. It truly is a beautiful game. And I am sure there will be plenty of new ones to capture after the shattering. Anyways, happy adventuring in the new world to all Hunters out there.


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