We’ve got Spirit, yes we do. We’ve got Spirit, how ‘bout you?!

Draenei Hunter, DrachOne of the many bonuses of the new expansion is new Spirit Beasts to go after! There’s nothing like a good Spirit Beast camping, so pull out your tent, grab some marshmallows for roasting, and don’t forget to bring Grandpa to tell his beloved campfire tales, ‘cause it’s time to go camping!

Before setting off you should know both of the new SB’s are level 85, so don’t be getting all excited unless you’re 85. If you are 85, then by all means let your excitement run wild! I myself happened to hit 85 mining… that’s right, not killing some epic beast, or toiling over some arduous quest, nope… mining. I about cracked up that what put me over the edge was one little Elementium node… Go mining!!!

Dinging 85 mining..?!

There are two new SB’s in the new expansion. Karoma is the new spirit wolf that shares the same model as the old Ghost Wolf that used to be tameable way back in the days of yore. It’s a really beautiful looking wolf, so if you didn’t get a chance to tame them a while back, now is your chance. Plus they get all of the Spirit Beast goodness as well.

He makes his home in the Twilight Highlands. My buddy Anj from the forums shared a very helpful post in regards to a path to take while looking for Karoma. His map also includes the path for the newly modeled and super-cool-looking lion Sambas, so if you’re looking for both of these guys, Anj has a terrific post about where to look. But… we’re not talking about fancy new lions with hair like Bret Michaels… we’re talking SB’s, so back to Karoma.

Here’s what I could gather that will really help all of you that are out looking for him. The map below shows where he can spawn, as well as right were I found him too.

Karoma the Spirit Beast spawn locations map

His NPCScan ID # is 50138, so don’t forget to input it if you haven’t already. This makes looking for him extremely helpful, because he is a little hard to see if you’re just out and about looking for him. I mainly just circled the area in which he spawns, and before too long…voila!

Karoma the wolf Spirit Beast

I was able to frost trap him, so he is not immune, plus he doesn’t really hit that hard. I would have been fine without the trap. This next guy, however, hits like a Mack Truck!

The other new SB on the block is Ghostcrawler. He is named after a big muckity muck over at Blizzard HQ, and this guy’s main attack is called Nerfbat. It’s pretty hilarious when you think about it, but man… Nerfbat hits hard! There’s nothing Nerf about his bat – it’s got some stank on it! What also makes it tough is that he is immune to traps. I had around 90k health when I went to tame him; I did not use a haste potion or any other buff type thing. I just went in dirty. I popped Deterrence, because I had heard that he plays rough, so I think that helped me out. You can see though in my pic that he took me down to pretty low health.

Ghostcrawler the Spirit Beast Crab

Finding him is pretty easy. He is located in the Abandoned Reef of the Abyssal Depths in Vash’jir. When I went after him, absolutely no one else was around. When they say Abandoned Reef, brother they mean it!

His NPCScan ID is 50051, so I just swam around the reef picking herbs and mining ore until it went off. It’s not that huge of an area, and I’ve heard of him popping up several places around the reef, so really as long as you have NPCScan up and going you will be fine and dandy. I do suggest bringing a Haste Pot, and maybe something to help mitigate the damage he deals.

Here is the map and the location that I found him, but really I suggest just swimming around the reef because he can pop anywhere.

Ghostcrawler Spirit Beast

I love a good Spirit Beast hunt! They are just so much fun, and really exciting too. There is nothing like the feeling of having NPCScan go off as you are flying around. It’s such a rewarding feeling.

These guys are still pretty rarely seen too, as most people are still focused on leveling and trying out the new heroics, so now is a good time to go out there and get things done!

I hope you guys have as much fun as I did, see ya ‘round the lodge!

6 thoughts on “We’ve got Spirit, yes we do. We’ve got Spirit, how ‘bout you?!”

  1. I have about 11 rares, (Sambas, arcturis, Loquenahak, Skoll, Gondria, Aotona, Nuramoc, Etc.) But im having trouble trying to find Ghostcrawler, Karoma, and Terrorpene 🙁

  2. woot got him today at 2 in the afternoon in shatteredhalls realm, the crab… lokked right where u said there he was ty much, i now own all the cool rare and special pets! Good luck hunting all you fellow hunters!!

  3. Another thing I found useful in the hunt was the Carbonite add. Their world map and mini-map lets you mark spots and leave notes on the markers. I found it helpful when making my rounds for the Cata-pet-camping. It’s also a quest assist tool too, if anyone needed one. I usually only use is Chinchilla for my map add, and I’ve not been made aware of other map-adds that let you play around on the actual map itself. I switch on Carbonite especially when hunting pets. Unless I remembered the route already, without Carbonite, I end up switching out to the normal world map, which is quite limited in zooming in and out and general poking around. It just makes looking a little easier.

    Hope this helps folks like it helped me! GL!


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