Karoma, the Spirit Beast

Karoma < The Wolf Spirit >

Karoma is one of two new Spirit Beasts introduced in Cataclysm — the other being Ghostcrawler. His model is that of a spectral wolf — exactly the same as the legendary, and no longer tamable, Grimtotem Spirit Guide.

Since the ghost wolf was perhaps one of the rarest and most treasured hunter pets… ever… I think Blizzard added Karoma to appease the masses. Rather than limit proud ghost wolf owners to the select few who managed the difficult tame before the hotifx, Blizzard thought it would be neat if every hunter could have one.

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We’ve got Spirit, yes we do. We’ve got Spirit, how ‘bout you?!

Draenei Hunter, DrachOne of the many bonuses of the new expansion is new Spirit Beasts to go after! There’s nothing like a good Spirit Beast camping, so pull out your tent, grab some marshmallows for roasting, and don’t forget to bring Grandpa to tell his beloved campfire tales, ‘cause it’s time to go camping!

Before setting off you should know both of the new SB’s are level 85, so don’t be getting all excited unless you’re 85. If you are 85, then by all means let your excitement run wild! I myself happened to hit 85 mining… that’s right, not killing some epic beast, or toiling over some arduous quest, nope… mining. I about cracked up that what put me over the edge was one little Elementium node… Go mining!!!

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