Tamin’ the Crab

Last week I received an email from our old pal Semilac. Seems he managed to be among the first on his server to acquire himself a Ghostcrawler.

Semilac, sorry I’m just now getting to this. I meant to post it sooner, but I’ve been busier than a one-legged cat tryin’ to bury turds on a frozen pond. I’ve had zero time to play & zero time to blog. You’re my boy though, so I made a point tonight to share your screenies and comments.

Those of you looking for Ghostcrawler should find Semilac’s contribution helpful. Here’s what he had to say…

So I was out and about herbing when I decided to look for Ghostcrawler. I didnt know his exact spawn location so I decided to swim around. And guess what… I found him!!!!

He was spotted in the Abandoned Reef (20,67).

Though, word to the wise… if you see him, make sure to scan the area constantly, since he disappears from the area spotted on the map and reappears in the distance.




In response to Semilac’s email, and no doubt fueled by some holiday cheer *wink, wink*… I couldn’t help but lampoon a verse and chorus from an ol’ standard.

There I was farming and herbing – all throughout Vash’jir
So I figured might as well – tame an SB while I’m here

I swam around the coast to see – if GC could be found
To my surprise I spotted him – with no one else around

Tamin’ the Crab, Tamin’ the Crab
Tamin’ the Crab, Tamin’ the Crab
Tamin’ the Crab, Tamin’ the Crab
Tamin’ the Crab, Tamin’ the Crab!

I could go on, but I’m sleepy and need to hit the sack. I mainly just wanted to get Semilac’s helpful info posted while I had a few minutes of quiet time before bed.

Maybe once I get back to the game and seek out GC for myself…then…yes, then…I’ll finish this. 😉

For those of you goin’ huh..? Here’s something to cure the whoosh. For those of you that get it… enjoy the Priest.

And yes… I’ve been imbibing. 😉


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  1. WOOOOOOOO got him fffuuuucccckkk yer thanks so much for making this website helps so much thats two spirit beasts in one day andand iv seen two others thats im just missed because peoples turned up and killed them or another hunters around

  2. Just wanted to say I came to this site doing research on ghostcrawler I then went out and about thirty minutes later I tamed him at about five thirty server time at coordinates 19. 86 well hope this helps someone.

  3. I tamed Ghostcrawler and it was indeed an adeventure!

    Been camping him on and off-was in a camping mood over the Christmas break and got Jadefang (both pet and companion) and Karomas but still trying to get DW to BBQ me…but I digress, I came out of TB and decided to go over and check his spot before I went to the store. Nothing, so I do another sweep and then NPC Scan goes off. I’m like ‘where is he?’ (I hoped that someone hadn’t brought out their previous pet and set my scan off cuz then I knew I would need to log and reset etc.) but no one was around and I finally see him, be forewarned he is a tiny guy! I dismiss my pet and begin taming him. I am so nervous I hit tame before deterrence and kill the tame so now by the time I get that figured out I have been almost nerfbat’ed to death and so I die.

    Now I go to the graveyard which seemed like a thousand miles away screaming, ‘OMG I’m gonna loose him! Someone is gonna come kill him!’ My dogs are hiding and my husband is trying to make himself disappear by sinking himself into his chair white being quiet at his computer desk. So I swim in what feels like -500% debuff mode and get to where I was. No sign of him. Then he pops back up, I quickly try to get my health up so I can try again. I tell my husband to type in guild so our main paly healer can come heal me (didnt remember that would make him an aggro magnet, my brain is not working at all at this point). Finally my husband and the healer gets there, while I follow this little bastard. (Surprisingly enough, no one else ever showed up, thank you whatever deity is responisble for that blessing!)

    Ok we three are now set. I begin the tame, Paly begins the heal, ghostcrawler begins his nerfbat, Dk begins his bodyguarding. Nerfbat kills me, the dk but thankfully the paly saves himself. I’m thinking this shouldn’t be this hard! I’ve got semi-decent gear on, my health is 100K wtf is the problem.

    Rez, repeat. This time, in between my rantings my brain somewhat comes into play and I hit deterrence and then tame and with about 20% of my life left I got him. Thanked and showered the Paly with love and I danced around with glee. Only thing my husband said that it would have been so much cooler had he kept his nerfbat. Yeah very true, cuz it hits like a mack truck.

    I named him Bisque to go along with my food referenced pet names:
    MC Corehound=Barbeque

    Moral: Stack up on health and other buffs. TRY not to panic.

  4. I only read about half of the entries here but Ghostcrawler climbs all over the abandonded reef in kind of a zig-zagging pattern and phases in and out the whole time so you need to really scan the whole area. Got mine on Norgannon about 2 weeks ago and so far I haven’t seen anyone else with him. Even got to keep the name Ghostcrawler for him.

  5. Thanks to Garwulf and all the hunters! I had a good Winters Veil. On the 24th I logged in at Ambermill and there was Arcturis. Then I flew up to Zul’Drak and over to Sholazar (hoping for to find Big Green) and on the way…Skoll! Then I woke up early Sunday, and headed to the Abandoned Reef, avoided the giant red monster of doom…and there was Ghostcrawler!! Extra thanks for telling me about its disappearing trick, or I would have feared I came just as it despawned. I was so nervous..dismissing my pet, I forgot to use deterrence and was nearly Nerfbatted to death, but I have my new friend!

  6. Huge grats for all who has him! I myself am now part of the SB6 club 😛 *sigh* was so happy about 25 slots, and yes, I need more now. xD

    Grats again to all tho got this one, and yea, nerfbat needs nerfed!

  7. Serrell sounds like you have the wrong spec, You must have 31 Points in Beast Master spec to tame GoastCrawler and any other Exotic Beasties. Whats strange though is even with wrong spec Beast lore should still tell you its tamable although tame would’nt work, Unless they changed this for Cata

  8. So today I got ghostcrawler on the abandoned reef. It was a long camp but he showed up and man he hits hard. I think he is a 12 hour spawn. Today was pretty epic here is a list of what else I caught,
    Karoma, Sambas,King Krush, Loque, Skoll, Arcturis

    I kid you not, I think Northrend is completely abandoned (atleast on Christmas 🙂 The ones in Twilight Highlands were a mix of luck and camping.

  9. Found him after 3 whole minutes of looking Christmas eve. Merry Christmas to me! Helpful tips would be to track beasts and look for the magical yellow dot! Watch out becuase he burrows into the ground and dissappears for a few seconds but keeps moving! This make my 5th spirit beast tame. I’m glad to see a crab instead of a dog, bear, or kitty again (although I do love mine so). Good luck and happy hunting!!

  10. I posted in the New Spirit Beast thread about a week ago that i found this bad boy. But he was in a diffrent location for those who missed it here’s the cords where i found him (12.3 – 84.7).

    Its at the small Penisula type pokey out bit far SW of Ayssal Depths, Happy Hunting

    p.s i named mine Pinchy 🙂

  11. what addon do you use for coordinates? I used questhelper before, but i dislike that addon mostly and would like a simple and non-cluttery addon just for the coordinates function.

    Its dumb that WoW doesnt have this feature inherently.

  12. Grats Gar! In my case, Ghostcrawler spawned to the right of where you found yours. Btw, it took a friend close to 24 hours of camping to find his!

  13. Grats to all those who have tamed him.

    My first pet was a crab named Spaz. As soon as I saw on HuntsmansLodge about a week after Cata release that there was a Spirit Beast Crab named Ghostcrawler, I knew that I had to have it. As soon as I hit 85, I booked it to the Abandoned Reef. I looked around for about 5 minutes making a sweep of the entire southern part of the Abandoned Reef. I didn’t have the NPCScan add-on, but I still about had a heart attack when I saw him. (I now have the add-on, so those of you with it know what I mean about the heart attack. I went down to tame him, as I was on my seahorse and swimming just above the ocean floor, and he disappeared. I looked around the area for about a minute screaming every few seconds, “WHERE DID YOU GO…COME BACK…I WANT YOU TO BE MY PET…I’LL TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOU!” He popped back up a little ways away and I started the tame. I didn’t have great gear and he does hit hard, but he must have wanted to be my pet because he let me tame him without killing me. Spaz was back, only this time he could Spirit Walk. I also used his healing ability to recover from the tame. Spaz and I have been tearing it up in Uldum. He seems happy as he clicks and sways. I know I am ;?) Thanks HuntsmansLodge!

  14. Just tamed him today on Drenden sever at 3:30pm server time. In beta you could use a trap, live not so much as stated above. Great looking pet glad I broke my Cata rare cherry as I have been looking for the others since Cata launched with no luck hope to get Sambas and Karoma over the holidays. Good luck to those who are looking for him he is tough to see and does hit hard found him wandering in the middle of the abandoned reef he blinked on me then I found him again yards away.

  15. Grats on Ghostcrawler. 🙂

    After camping for Karoma for a whole day she was killed when I could tame because of a “Summoned pet” bug.. I couldn’t revive a pet either.. So I headed to Northrend and Loque’nahak was up, was very happy about that, wanted her all of WotLK but never got her..

    Then later went to Abyssal Depths to try my luck some more.. In between dungeon queues.. I came out of a dungeon at about 0200 and lo and behold Ghostcrawler was walking right past me, I put away Loque pop Deterrence and begin the taming..

  16. Tamed mine on December 9th immediately after hitting 85. I figured there’s almost no competition for him at that point so i might as well do it before other hunters hit 85. Still havent seen anyone else with him on my server. Also tamed Terrorpene after 3 days of camping for him. Good luck to others out there trying to get these now.. im sure competiton is fierce!

  17. Ive had Ghostcrawler for a couple weeks along with Karoma, Sambas, Jadefang, Terrorpene, the blue version of Madexx. I wish there were more new rares in cataclysm to tame i can conferm Ghostcrawler does disappear and reappear in the distance quite often plus hes really tiny so good luck and yes he hits very hard with Nerf bat

  18. Grats to this guy and those who’ve round him! Getting him out in the lonely reef isn’t a cakewalk.

    I had a mini-heart attack when I got my Ghostcrawler (now named Nigiri). When he spawned, I’d just popped out of a random heroic a minute or two prior. NPCscan went off and I saw the little dude wandering on the floor below me. At that moment also, an alliance shammy came up outta no where. I’m on a PVP server. Oh no! I got scared she was gonna kill him…and me. I happened to be in camo, so I floated there for a minute praying she’d just swim on by. I waited for what felt like an eternity, but she stayed close, targeting him. Then Ghostcrawler vanished. *CRY* I knew, however, that he phases in and out every so often and moves counter-clockwise. (I did a lot of reading in the forums about others’ experiences with him. :P) Anyway, when he popped up again, the shammy remained near, looking at him. PANIC! I was afraid she was sticking around to call an alli hunter friend, or turn him into a crab cake. D: Here, I decided to be brave and plopped next to him and hit tame beast. Longest tame of my life! I was scared the shammy was gonna hit us. Lo’ and behold, the tame completed without a hitch! The shammy even /cheered and /clapped for me, to which I responded to her with a /thank and a /love. 😀 I was left with some welts and bruises from Ghostcrawler’s bat, but Nigiri is now a well-behaving little crab. ^_^

  19. Nice.
    Also funny that you’ve made a taming the crab the same chorus as Judas Priest.My gawd that is an old video.Does bring back the metal years to mind.Anyways grats on GC tame.


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