I Hope This Helps: Gar UI Install Video

Either way, don’t be too critical. This is my first crack at a screencast and it was done on the fly. The only edit being the period where I was actually logging in. One take Gar… that’s what they call me… yep… 😉 Yeah right… one take, but after about 15 botched takes. 😐

Anyway, I wanted to make a video such as this, in hopes that it would give people a better understanding of how to install the UI package. It definitely has room for improvement, but who knows when I’ll get to making another one, so you’ll have to make do. Hope it helps. 🙂

That’s my 2 year old son you see in the beginning on my desktop wallpaper. He’s shown sliding down an artificial turf hill on our zoo trip a few weeks back. This video’s pure country – no finish work whatsoever. 😉

Like I said… I hope it clears up some confusion and answers some questions.

Gar UI Installation Video

I learned a couple of things while making this video…

  • Screencasts are serious business. I already knew that, but doing this reinforced my belief. Producing a decent one requires some effort for sure.
  • Reflux is not without its flaws.

There is a new GarUI package up on the web which is much cleaner than the old one. None of the addon settings have been changed, but all of the extraneous profiles and profile settings have been removed. The new folder contains nothing but the settings for the GarUI. If you had prior issues with this installation and want to try it again, I suggest you download the updated file and follow the directions outlined in my video.

Due to the advice received from one of my HL faithful, PingHansen, I elected to open_up_each_and_every_one_of_my_.lua_files_and_clean_them. This was a painstaking process, but I feel much better about offering this package to you now. The addon package is now in a state of freshness, as if it had already been pre-configured but never used. All of my personal details have been removed, and all that’s left is the GarUI profile.

I have found that the best way to install the UI for your alts involves the following method…

Installing the Gar UI for Your Alts

  • Install the UI and get it right on one character.
  • Type in: /reflux create AltUIProfile (e.g., /reflux create LucaUI)
  • Your screen will go all screwy and be in disarray once again. Now type: /reflux copy GarUI. It should return back to the formatted GarUI layout
  • Now type: /reflux show. Reflux should list your active profile as the one you just created for your alt.
  • Repeat this process for however many alts you want to configure this UI for.
  • Once you’ve created all of your alt profiles and copied the GarUI settings into them, now comes the tricky part… (well… not too tricky).
  • Copy and paste the Character folder from my UI package into your appropriate server directories in your WoW folder, renaming them to your alts’ names. Essentially, you’re just repeating the final step of copying over my UI package, but this time you’re doing it for your alts.
  • Once you’ve added your alts’ folders and named them accordingly, then log in on each of your alts.
  • Type in: /reflux switch YourAltUIProfile… and bam! It should be perfect!

I’m definitely new at using this Reflux addon, so if anyone else out there has some advice on working with this profile manager, please share.

Anyhow, I found the above method to work perfectly and without errors. I configured my UI for 3 characters last night using the file that’s online right now, and it worked like a charm using the method I outlined above.

3 thoughts on “I Hope This Helps: Gar UI Install Video”

  1. oow yes, ty gar i finnaly succeed into installing it and succesfully, i just got a few problems which are not related to your file, but as i told early my resolution is not that high i got 1680×1050 but i saw that the barsare ok but the minimap and the chatter are to small where i almost cant see/read anything how can i make those scale a bit better and bigger?? for the rrest looks awesome i just will need a few hours finally completely fixing my macros and keybindings into going to work with this ui 😀 ty for all your help if you could also help me with these last Q i would love it, and again it loooks rlly nice 😀

    Greetings, Shahin – The Netherlands

  2. Ty alot gar dunno if you got other requests doing this but appreciate it you did it. helped me alot but only had 1 Q, you unzip your garui file first somewhere and then put the wtf files and interface into your wow documents right??

    • I did get your requests you’d sent, and coincidentally I had been planning this. I figured you’d appreciate me posting this today. 🙂

      I extract the files to my desktop, but you can extract them to your /World of Warcraft/ folder if you want.

      I like to keep them on my desktop and copy/paste, that way I always have original backups. If for instance something goes awry, you can always trash it and start over from scratch with a clean version if you use a copy/paste method, rather than drag and drop.

      Everyone has their own way of doing things, so whatever works best. I just wanted to do a quick run-through of the steps to take people step-by-step, and to show how it should install provided everything goes as planned.


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