M***ER F***ERS

My 2v2 partner was not only hacked yesterday, but also deleted. This s**t is really getting to be a nuisance.

Some of you may recall that my wife’s account was hacked last year. What made matters worse was the fact that she was guild banker at the time. You can imagine what happened to our guild vault… It wasn’t pretty.

She ended up getting back about 80-85% of her stuff, along with most of the items in the guild bank, but she never fully recovered from that in my opinion. For better or worse, she stopped playing not long after that happened. It was a huge inconvenience at the time, not to mention the feeling one gets from being violated in that manner. Almost like having your house robbed. Not quite that bad, but you get the idea.

She started using an authenticator on her iPhone, but the reliability of that system seemed questionable at the time. I watched as it would often not accept the login credentials, thus causing her to swear at her screen and say, “f**k this!”.

I went ahead and changed my password last night, because that’s something I try to do every several months, just as an added precaution. Thing is though… I’m wondering if maybe I shouldn’t go the authenticator route. I can’t tell you how unbelievably pissed I’d be, were I ever to get hacked.

How many of you use authenticators? Any issues with them?

A Core Hound Pup sure would be cool. They’re still giving those out, right..?

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  1. We’ve had enough hacking in our guild that now we are instituting the policy that you cannot be promoted to above member, meaning no access to the guild bank, unless you have an authenticator. The one I have now on my Iphone works just as well as the one I bought before it was avaiable, and have not had a problem since. I’d like to see all guilds (or Blizzard) implement this, would save a lot of time and problems.

    • We adopted the same system shortly after I was hacked. It’s definitely a good policy.

      It’s to the point where Blizz should just bundle them with the software IMO.

  2. Based upon all of the responses and recommendations here, I’m definitely planning on getting an authenticator. Unfortunately, my new Crackberry is not supported via the mobile authenticator, so I’ll be dropping the $6.50 for the Blizz one. Oh well… small price to pay for Piece of Mind. 😉

    Thank you all for chiming in. 🙂

  3. Hey,

    well I got an authenticator myself but I had it for some reasons. I stopped playing for a while and I froze my account. But one day some of my former guildies went on msn to chat with me saying it was nice to have me back.. but I was not answering messages.. I told them to unguild me asap and quite a lucky thing the guy did not get too many items on the bank. I wanted to get my id back but the hacker got.. an authenticator installed on my account… it took a few days to get my account back. So now I’m using a physical one. To be honest if it was only for WoW I might have not done it. But I wanna play Starcraft 2 and diablo 3 mainly.. So as the authenticator is working with your whole bnet account I thought that 6 euros was worthing it. Just have to remember to keep my id when I’m moving.. and the core puppy is kinda nice 😉
    But yes for some hc guys i recoomend it ^^

  4. As mentioned already, get one. A good friend was hacked and still is trying to get his stuff back on his main char. Two weeks now and still waiting. One other note tho, be sure to check out a trojan that sends authenticator info to another server instead of blizzard there was a huge post on mmo champ about it a while back. Not to bad, just one lil file and ya get hacked. Oh and even blue confirmed it on the wow forums. Man in the middle is what they called it (it is RARE). Other than that, its your best bet against getting hacked.

  5. My husband & I have both had key-chain-dongle authenticators for over a year, with no problems. Having been promoted to GM in the interim, if I hadn’t had one before, I’d have gotten one upon the promotion. (I’m pretty sure all our officers have one.)

    I’ve seen too many of our very active, long-term players hacked, and although our bank options are limited enough to prevent serious loss, it’s painful to watch someone go through. (Although occasionally the player returns to discover the hacker has been farming on their toon, and has bags full of eternals/herbs/ore. o.O)

  6. I’ve been using the iPhone authenticator since it was released and I’ve never had a problem with it. I’d certainly suggest getting one. I’ve seen many guildies who talked about their computers being completely secure without an authenticator get hacked.

  7. I can heartily recommend getting an authenticator – it gives me peace of mind in a time where many guild-mates have been hacked. I have three accounts (self + two boys) with two physical authenticators – two accounts share one. The only “problem” is that I sometimes enter a wrong number.

    Some times the boys want to play at a friends house, but that is easily handled with a phone call, as there is always someone at the house.

    I keep the authenticator with my USB sticks and ID, but it fits nicely in the pocket as well.

    Any password, regardless of complexity, can be bypassed with a keylogger. It is quite a bit more difficult to bypass the authenticator, but it can be done. I have simply blocked all access to the IP used by the only known trojan that can do this.

    For additional security, you can use parental control. Simply block the periods where you are at work or should be sleeping. The periods can easily be changed – usually takes less than 5 minutes to change, if you have a day off or cannot sleep.

    And fight back! I report ALL in-game gold spam whenever I see it, regardless of how busy I am.

  8. Not using an authenticator is like saying you don’t mind doing online banking with just a plain text password. You want your inveestments protected to the maximum level, right? Seriously, go get one. I use the iPhone version since release, never had problems. Never been hacked either, 60% of my guild has been tho.

  9. Strongly recommend an authenticator- it’s free on smartphones, and cheap in dongle form. I’ve never heard of someone getting hacked with one on their account, either.

  10. I have one and so does my wife. Works smooth and helps keep us “safe.” Totally worth it. Just write down the serial number in a safe place that you can access anywhere online (e.g., a google doc) so that you can give it to Blizz if you ever lose the physical authenticator!

  11. Hey Gar, long time no chat, Ive been raiding alot lately, my gear is almost done phew
    anyway, I use an authenticator, the keychain one, not the iphone app, yes the core hound is cute, no problems, and since I work for a bank I rotate ALL my passwords monthly as a habit, never been hacked, but I have also thwarted many attempts, including a man in the middle attack. I use AVG full internet suite package, and yes its pricey ($70.00 for 2 year commitment) but it works., Oh and Yes Blizzard is going to Enforce socket colors so they can balance gear more efficiently, I hate seeing people ignoring socket bonuses, people who play exclusively to the meter are usually the first to die. Dead DPS = Wipe

  12. I use an iPhone authenticator, and love it. The only time I have ever had a problem was when I was getting logged out ever 60 sec in wintergrasp, and the extra 5 sec to type in the authenticator code was a pain, but that was more of a problem with wintergrasp than anything else. At this point, I love my authenticator, it works great, I never have problems, and before battle.net was required there were a few occasions where I could log in, but people w/o authenticators could not.

    We had a guildie that uses a mac, and practices safe computing get hacked (most likely from his password on yahoo getting compromised due to a large password leak there at one point). It was unfortunate, and now we require that everyone in our guild have an authenticator for guild bank access. It really should be a security setting in the guild bank security tab to make it easier.

  13. I actually have never been hacked and i don’t use an authenticator.. i’m not sure i’d ever get one either considering i know how to protect myself to begin with. Plus in my situation i’m the only one that uses this computer and watch everything i install. I could see how useful it would be for alot of people i mean i can bet 90% of players are pretty computer illiterate for the most part and need that kind of security.

  14. My husband and I have had authenticators for awhile now and the peace of mind it brings is beyond words. We’ve had guild members get hacked and it’s never fun. My husband is a bit of a security freak (16 character passwords anyone? *sighs*) so this is just an extra measure of security that is sooo worth it!

    On a side note though, while the core hound pet is adorable, his sounds are annoying! I hardly ever have him out anymore due to the annoying sounds *frowns*.

  15. I use one of the physical authenticators, since I don’t have an iPhone, and it is so easy I wonder why it took me so long to get one. I have never had a problem logging in, although I do have to remember to take my authenticator with me if I go somewhere else and think I’m going to play. I’ve only forgotten once, and that was at a guild gathering where there was plenty of other stuff to do (like actually talk to my friends in person!). I’m thinking of suggesting to my GM that we require authenticators for all guildies with bank access; I don’t want our guild going through what happened to your wife!

    Get the authenticator. I like having one that’s separate from my phone, especially since phones get stolen or lost all too often, but either way, it just makes sense.

  16. When I read about your guild getting attacked, I decided it was time to get an authenticator. I play on a Mac so I figure I’m pretty safe but I really don’t feel like seeing my gold, gear, and characters get wiped out because someone manages to hack my account. I figured the extra five or so seconds it takes to type in the authenticator number is worth the extra layer of protection. Thus far, I’ve got no complaints about it – I fire it up on my iPhone while WoW is loading on my computer (so no wait time there – it loads fast anyways so it’s not like you’d have to wait long if you forget to fire it up simultaneously) and the only extra time is typing in some numbers. Well worth it.

    And you do still get the core hound pet. 🙂

    I view the authenticator like insurance – something you never want to need but are glad you have when it is needed. The authenticator may not do anything for me but, if it ever does, it will be worth those few extra seconds every time I log in.

    • And, by “your guild” I actually mean Frostheim’s guild over at WHU… Mixing up my hunter websites… 🙂 Still, the point remains – well worth getting. 🙂

  17. Definitely get one. $6 is an easy price to pay for something you invest so much time in. One of the only vulnerabilities that Authenticators have, is key loggers. But even they only have about 10 seconds before the authentication code changes.

    It is relatively ironclad, and the best defense against hackers.

  18. Get one. The minimal cost is worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing it’s almost impossible to get hacked. I wouldn’t be without mine


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