A minor delay

Apologies to anyone hoping to download my UI compilation last night. I tested out the installation on two of my characters, as well as one of my wife’s toons on a separate computer. Everything went like clockwork, but I wanted to run one more test, so I asked a friend of mine to install it on his machine. There were a couple of issues. Nothing major mind you, but I wanted to address them nonetheless.

The bulk of the problems were a result of his screen resolution. Since my UI was designed to work on a 1920×1200 resolution monitor, it’s only going to work out-of-the-box for those of you running at that res. However, I took some steps last night that should hopefully make adjusting it a lot easier for users with different resolutions.

Basically, what I did was parent and anchor the remaining KgPanels so that they would stay fixed to the various addon modules should they be moved. I also parented all of the unit frames to each other, so that they remain in balance should the UI Scale be modified.

While doing these things, I made a couple of other minor changes to improve things a bit, but with no drastic cosmetic overhauls of any kind.

My plan is to have it available on the site at some point today, but we’ll see how things go. I want to make sure that transitioning to my layout is as easy and seamless as possible. 🙂

Protip: Don’t dismount for a screenshot on the tallest spire above Dalaran unless… you’re an engineer, or… you want to experience mounted bear base jumping without a chute.

Bear base jumping over Dalaran

2 thoughts on “A minor delay”

  1. Waiting to test your UI. However, I guess will not match so well in my 1680×1050 Res.

    Nice job with Power Auras as well. I still stick to some ’rounded’ auras around me:

    – Low Mana
    – Rapid Fire Effect
    – Ring Effect
    – Trinket Effects
    – Tier 2 Bonus & 4 Bonus Effects
    – Serpent Sting Not Applied
    – Hunter’s Mark Not Applied

    And I would like to track Call of the Wild as well, vause I’m Beast Master.
    Auras are growing xD, so I’m interesting to see how do you solve this issue.

    Drízzt from Minahonda (Spain)


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