4 Druids and none of them needed it

…so I went for it. At only 25 DKP, I considered it a steal.

Distant Land

This is of course, Distant Land – one of thee best weapons available for feral druids, and actually not too shabby for hunters either. It drops off of Festergut in 25 man ICC.

I’ll tell you what… if they changed the 108 haste to 108 armor pen, you’d have hunters falling all over themselves to get their hands on this weapon. As it stands though, even with the haste it’s still pretty sweet.

This staff allowed me to retire my rusty daggers from ToC, granting me a nearly 170DPS upgrade, so I’m happy. 🙂

3 thoughts on “4 Druids and none of them needed it”

  1. I’m so envious!! Congrats on the staff…hopefully I will have mine soon 🙂

    So you pvp/arena as BM? I’ve recently started Arena, albeit I pretty much suck at it so far. At first I was doing BM with a silithid also, but last week specced MM to try it out for pvp. (I raid as SV) I haven’t had a chance to try MM in arena yet as RL has prevailed over my WoW time this week, but want to see if I fare any better with it. I’m pretty sure I’ll go back to BM soon enough though, because I can’t keep my absolutely fav pet in the stable forever… /cry. He’ll get sad! (Loque’nahak, aka “Purrfection”…lol)

  2. I’ll probably spin it into a Chimaera vs. Silithid article, or something along those lines. I’ve actually gone back to using my Chimaera exclusively for arena, and most of the time for BGs. I still like using him, but I’m finding the Chimaera is of better use to me lately.

    Oh, and you’re right about the haste gear. It should prove helpful for plowing through the first few levels of Cataclysm.

  3. You might want to hang on to all that i264 haste gear for Cataclysm when it affects our Focus generation.

    And by the way, when are we getting that article on how awesome the Silithid is?


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