I’ve Shown You Mine, Now You Show Me Yours

…and in case you missed it, here it is again.

Garwulf UI V. 3.0

Click here if you want to know more about my UI. Click here if you want to try it out.

Ok… so now that I’ve shown you my user interface, I’m interested in seeing yours. I want to know what you guys are looking at when you play WoW, and which addons you recommend and/or can’t live without.

I’ve started a thread in the User Interface forum where anyone is welcome to post their Hunter UI and addons list. If you like, include a little extra info about your UI and what your main focus is (ie: raiding, BGs, arena, soloing, etc…).

My inspiration for designing UIs comes from viewing countless other screenshots and borrowing what I like from them. I consider a UI to be a work in progress, so who knows… maybe you can turn me on to an addon or feature I hadn’t known about or hadn’t thought of.

If you’re interested in sharing your UI with thousands of other Hunters across the globe, post your pics, addons list, or a screenshot of your addons folder, to this thread: The Art of Hunter UI.

7 thoughts on “I’ve Shown You Mine, Now You Show Me Yours”

  1. Thanks Gar, I decided to just lurk at your addons ande decide what to keep and what not, then I rebuild my own UI using as low addons as possible. So far I’m feeling good, of course it will take a little time to get used to a completely revamped interface (mostly because my hand automatically moves over specific icons that are in new places now lol…)

  2. I decided to try your UI. Smooth download, smooth install, easy “readme” file :). Only thing is… well, it’s a REAL mess lol. Have a look:


    This is my UI. What I did was:

    – deleted WTF folder (kept a copy)
    – deleted INTERFACE folder (kept a copy)
    – unzipped YOUR WTF/INTERFACE folders in WoW folder
    – renamed yourserver/yourcharacter with real ones
    – login, check addons, play

    It has really nothing to do with the UI you posted in the screenshot, dunno why.

  3. I have to say it’s hard to move from default’s UI to any customized version… after almost 3 years of standard-ui play 🙂

    What I find hard is that I usually play WoW on 2 different machines (1280×1024 and wide 1980×1050). That makes using custom UIs a real pain, due to different icons and stuff positioning.

    So far I’ve got a very clean interface but I have to admit it: I miss the “classic” ui… I’ll try a raid run and see 🙂

  4. Hi Gar, where do you place other less-used icons? I see you’ve got a clean ui with combat stuff only (bottom), chat and map. Do you have any hidden bar? If yes, how do you invoke it?


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