Hell Hath Frozen Over

I officially have two characters at max level now. Thank goodness for BoA items. πŸ™‚

As BRK would have put it, I managed to level a Death Knigget to 80.

…and you know what, they’re pretty f**king fun to play. Of course, what imbalanced “hero class” wouldn’t be fun to play. πŸ˜‰

I’m still learning the DK resource system, but already I can confirm they require a lot less keybinds than Hunters.

Some of you are like… yea, neat Gar… bring on the UI post. Reason this is important is… leveling the DK was the impetus I needed to finish the UI.

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  1. Congratulations, Gar!

    just curious, why dk? I am leveling a rogue alt; started to play it because they were giving me a hard time in battlegrounds, so I wanted to learn better how they operate from inside and then destroy them. But the I discovered it is a very fun class to play (and fun to gank others in bs as well πŸ™‚ But why dk?


    • @ npast

      I’m playing a DK for pretty much the same reasons you’re playing a Rogue. Initially it was to learn the class from a counter-intelligence point of view, but then later I discovered they’re pretty darn fun.

      My second 80 was going to be my Druid, but while leveling my DK in Outland I changed my mind. I was having a lot more fun leveling the DK than I was my Druid. Maybe it’s the pet thing, or perhaps it’s because they’re so damn OP.

      Outside of raiding and arena, there’s not too much I want to do on Garwulf these days. Learning the DK class has been a refreshing and fun change of pace, not to mention a challenge. I chose to spec DW Unholy DPS, which seems to be the SV Hunter of DK specs.

  2. @ Gar

    6040 DPS with BM sounds amazing and extremely high, considering you’re still wearing 200-219 stuff. To be honest I don’t think anyone could blame you for playing BM. Yes, SV/MM can push more dps -if correctly played- but 6K is just high enough for any encounter, unless you’re aiming for hard modes with a “perfectionist” guild, maybe.

    PUGging VOA10/25, ONY10/25, TOC10/25 and UD10/25 with your DPS is perfect. So far my highest (sustained) dps has been on Koralon (7200 dps – MM+wolf) but TOC is another story, as it requires a lot of mobility 😐

    • @ Dalaila

      I thought the same thing. 6040DPS seemed terrific given my gear. However, some of that may have had to do with my 2pc Valorous bonus.

      Recently I upgraded those slots to 245 TotC pieces, so I imagine the BM to SV DPS gap has widened. I’m considering toying with MM again, so I’ll have to do some spreadsheet work taking my new toys into account. I’m going to guess that SV will still be the top spec for my gear, but I imagine MM should be close.

      I also picked up Archon Glaive last night off of Anub in 25 man ToC! Last week I went from 40th place on our guild’s gear list to 15th I believe.

      When I said I thought I was 14th before, that was from our raid group that particular night. When I went to wow-heroes.com last I saw that I placed 40th. Not anymore though. πŸ˜‰

  3. I joined a 25 man VOA the other day (I RARELY get to raid because of RL, but my wife had 2 of the kids at dance lessons =)) and INSTANTLY another hunter in the group (there were 3 of us) calls me out and says BM is fail. I told him that I’m BM because I love it and I don’t raid very often so it’s what works for me and I know how to play the class so I’ll do ok.

    He goes on and on while we’re waitting to start about how he’ll be sooooo surprised if I manage to break 3k for any of the bosses. Koralon choked on 5.5k from me which was good enough for second on the list (the guy giving me the grief was first at 6.5 or so). Others in the raid were congratulating me for showing that guy who was boss and he whispered me to tell me he didn’t think BM could do so well. I told him that playing a hunter is more than reading off a website about what spec is “fail” (that’s how you play DKs! =P) and that a hunter who knows how to play his spec will always do better than someone who takes the top dps spec off some website but then has no clue how to play it, other than to point the open end of the barrel at the bad guys.

    A very gratifying run on soooo many levels.

    • @ lawman 30

      “I told him that playing a hunter is more than reading off a website about what spec is β€œfail” (that’s how you play DKs! =P) and that a hunter who knows how to play his spec will always do better than someone who takes the top dps spec off some website but then has no clue how to play it, other than to point the open end of the barrel at the bad guys.”


  4. My gear score is terrible I finally got my helm with conquest emblems, I have the rifle and marrowstrike. I am even rockin a PvP trinket. I pushed 4k in VoA and 10 man ToC. I like it man it feels natural like I am back home in this spec.

  5. Yep. That spec I posted has me at around 6040 DPS. My gear score is fairly low too, as I’m still sporting some Valorous, ilvl 200 trinkets, and a few other assorted 200-219 pcs. Last we checked I was 14th on our guild’s A list.

    6K+ on the spreadsheet as BM has me interested in trying it.

  6. Hey Gar….is that the same spec you had posted previously for the BM raid spec? Lemme know any changes you make I love raiding BM…..it’s going to be more exciting after 3.3!

  7. Yo Gar,

    I will use this space to point out a macro “adjustment” in your macros page. I don’t know your direct email so… here it goes πŸ™‚

    You wrote this one:

    /castsequence !Aspect of the Dragonhawk, !Aspect of the Viper
    /cast !Trueshot Aura

    And is great… but Trueshot Aura is on the GCD so it will slow down the aspect switch. I’ve this macro bound to “E” key to rapidly alternate Viper/Hawk when I need to… but I forgot that TSA is indeed a slow-down addition.

    I would suggest a slightly modified version:

    /castsequence !Aspect of the Dragonhawk, !Aspect of the Viper
    /cast [modifier:alt] !Trueshot Aura

    So you just press “alt” when you really need to re-cast TSA (death recovery).

    • I actually don’t use a /castsequence macro for my aspects anymore. As Sabaren pointed out,

      /cast Aspect of the Dragonhawk
      /cast Aspect of the Viper

      works just beautifully. I’ve been using that one because it always defaults to Dragonhawk depending on if you’re in Cheetah, Pack, Beast, etc.

      Before I switched to SV, I’d added TSA to that macro and worked it beautifully. There was no delay or anything. I’m too poor to respec and check it out right now, but unless they changed how it worked in 3.2.2, I can’t see why it would function any differently.

  8. @ Gar

    Maximum /respect, I was not that serious… and the emoticon should have been another one => :-()

    I started a DK too, some time ago (not enough time to play it though). Truth is, my “real” alt is a prot warrior (now sitting @74). I just need more hours, 24 are too low to fit wow in real life stuff!

    • @ Dalaila

      I just played my Death Knight on occasion, which meant he always had rested experience. Also, I have the plate BoA shoulders and chest. If you get those three things going for you it’s a breeze.

      Granted it took me months, but it’s nice to have another 80 now.

  9. Aye I raided as BM the other week and was pleasantly surprised by how much DPS I could do. it’s not as much as Survival, but it’s certainly fine for when I can’t be bothered with such complex shot priorities.

    Oh Garwulf, can you please reset my forum password, I did a “forget password?” and still have not been sent a new one. Got a great glitch to show everyone!


  10. I have been tanking on my DK in Blood spec, I love it. Oh and btw I have been raiding as BM because Blizz isn’t going to dictate what spec I play anymore. We did 10 man VOA and I was pushing 4k dps keep in mind I have 3 pieces of gear that’s 219, my rifle, my polearm and the leather helm. I use the devilsaur it pisses off the tanks something fierce but I pay no mind to the lesser classes musings!!!

    • @ Perceuss

      That’s the attitude!

      I’m really starting to miss my big green dino. Leveling engineering on my DK wiped out my gold reserves, but once I replenish the store I’m thinking of a BM respec and re-glyph. I’m just really curious to see where it’s at right now. Also, the 6K+ spec I put together on Zehera’s DPS analyzer has me curious.

  11. as BRK would say, where’s the d@mn MM guide? I have been BM forever and just bought dual spec to try out MM. my dps increased by almost 700 against the training dummy, but when i went into TOC 10 to play it for reals, i was actually pulling less dps than i did as BM. does BM scale more with raid buffs than MM? or is it just a L2P issue? am I going to have to face the fact that I am a Huntard?

  12. I’m the same, I love my DK, it’s a faceroll compared to playing as a hunter, currently waiting at lvl75 for my mates Warlock to catch up so we can do stuff at the same level.

    Thankfully my DK was lvl75 for Halloween so I was in loads of HH runs just for people to get an extra chance at the mount, so I have all the nice plate and DPS items that dropped from that waiting for me to hit 80.

  13. @ Dalaila

    Variety is the spice of life. πŸ™‚

    @ BRK

    Hey! πŸ˜€ Thanks for stopping by.

    I really enjoy Brain Needed Space. Being that I have a 2 1/2 yr old boy, it’s fun to check in from time to time and get a glimpse of what lies ahead for me.

    Hope you’re well.

    @ Hamlet

    Thanks. πŸ™‚

    This is only the second time I’ve ever had two characters at max level. It’s a fun change of pace.


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