Whoa! I Missed This One.

Strider ClutchmotherI must have either been in the bathroom or outside flipping the steaks on the grill when they announced this possible change…

Hunters might be able to choose the talent tree of their pet to let them pick the pet that looks best to them. Zhevra is a possibility for Cataclysm.

Holy s**t! Thunderstomping moth tanks. I’m thinking that moths and tallstriders could prove to be incredibly awesome tanks for Beast Mastery Hunters if this change goes through.

At first glance, this change would probably make spiders the unanimous choice for arena Hunters, but I still see some other cool possibilities for PvP. Min/maxers will still go with whatever the “best’ pet is, but PvE Hunters will have some nice options as well. The worm could become the next BM raiding pet… 😯

Allowing Zhevras to be tamable will really cause Hunters to want to recruit a friend for the matching mount. Maybe they’ll have some cool impale ability that adds a bleed DoT…

When’s Cataclysm coming out..?


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