Lots Happening

I’ve been quietly and steadfastly working on my new Hunter UI of supreme awesomeness, anxiously awaiting the time when I can reveal it here on the site. In addition to that, I’ve been very busy in the other massively multiplayer game known as real life. I’ll be honest, I haven’t run one single instance since 3.2 came out. 😕 For shame, I know… I’m anxious to get back into Ulduar and also try out these new dungeons, but I’ve been spread pretty thin lately.

So as you can see, my in-game time has been spent working on a new user interface that I want to share with all of you. Creating a new user interface which will be a feature here within the next week or so is taking precedence over heroic ToC runs. 😉 That’s how much I care about my peoples. 😀 Don’t get me wrong… working on a new UI isn’t necessarily an endeavor I frown upon. I do enjoy it actually.

While one of my intentions is to package it and make it available for download, it remains to be seen that anyone beyond myself will actually want to use it. Yet, I’m willing to bet a there will be a few people out there interested in it. 😉 Either way, my main focus is to help many of you decide upon which addons are necessary, useful, or can enhance the gaming experience in some way. Plus, I’m even going to show you how to use them. Just give me a little time to deliver those posts, ’cause it may take me awhile.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a UI of supreme awesomeness. It takes months and even years before you finally start to really understand how all of these 3rd party addons work and how best to utilize them.

The website has been kicked up a couple of notches with some new features (still waiting on the threaded comments though), and that’s not over yet. I’m going to get HuntsmansLodge.com Twitter-pated within the next day or two so that I can post Huntery news and findings reported from BlizzCon. I’ve been busy behind the scenes, but I’m anxious to start posting some articles and guides that you can sink your teeth into once things calm down a bit in the RL as it were. As I’ve said before, this blogging stuff is hard work. With everything that the RL can throw your way, it can sometimes be pretty darn difficult to devote the necessary time to maintaining and posting on the site, let alone just having time to play the freaking game.

Trying to serve up dinner here each week for my readers isn’t always easy. Sometimes I have to throw some dessert out there or maybe just a snack to buy myself some time. I have a tendency to always want to delve into the larger topics, or take a small topic and post a 2000 word diatribe about it. I admire people like Pike, BRK and Klinderas, who can create an article of any length and have it be equally engaging. Of course, the latter two are sorely missed and no longer active in the WoW blogging community. What sets them apart from others such as myself, is the fact that they are writers. Coincidentally, they also are, or were anyway, Beast Mastery Hunters through and through… Hmmm…

Anyhow, I am sincere and I give it my best, but I have a long ways to go in terms of being in the same league as those aforementioned bloggers. It probably takes me twice as long to get my thoughts down, organized and properly presented on the internet. Even then, sometimes I feel like my posts can start to become a willy nilly presentation of thoughts. Of course, a lot of that has to do with the distractions and flowus interruptus that goes with having a family, a business and trying to maintain a blog at the same time.

When I read stuff from Pike for example, I’m thinking she probably just knocks this stuff out in nothing flat. She’s a natural.

This guy too. Sadly, this is perhaps one of the greatest WoW related posts I’ve ever read. I’ve never quit WoW, but my wife did at one point. It can be a pretty emotional decision for some people and I thought he captured that feeling masterfully.

BRK had written a post about WoW blogging shortly after I began this site. I can’t recall exactly what it said, but it had to do with what it takes in order to stand out in the WoW blogosphere. He said something like, you need to be interesting, informative or helpful. You don’t need to be all three, but you need to do at least one of them well. Well, BRK hit the trifecta on that principle.

My main goal with HuntsmansLodge is to be helpful. I’ve spent a lot of time (too much imo) playing this game, and I feel as though I’ve amassed quite a bit of knowledge that can help others as well. While I do try to instruct players on how to best maximize their DPS and so forth, what I’m really trying to do here is enhance others’ enjoyment of the game through advice, teaching, discussion and by sharing experiences.

To me, playing a Hunter is not just about topping the damage meters *gasp!*… I know… blasphemous lies! Seriously though, there is so much to enjoy about the class and that’s what I’m trying to share here.

I have lots of other ideas for new posts, I just need to find the time… I am just one man, and after all, there are always potentially dozens upon dozens of worthwhile topics to discuss, guides that could be written or stories to be told, as they pertain to the Hunter class. At times it can feel a bit burdensome deciding upon which item of discussion to post about. Well, this is about to change somewhat.

Garwulf wanted some help, and now he’s got it.

More on this in a bit…

8 thoughts on “Lots Happening”

  1. Garwulf you do a great job and I love coming back to the site again to read what you have to say about the topics you write about. If you dont post every single day SO WHAT! I’ll still come back and see if you have anything to say the next day. Bottom line is you have great content on this website and I can tell yout that it has helped me a lot as I am leveling an alt hunter. Keep up the great work!

  2. You don’t have to compare this blog with the other.. Your style is very unique. You have this touch who makes the thing looks more easier and friendly for hunters who want to understands the secret of this arts ;).
    You do a amazing job. BUT… like the others, i like to said to you, if Miss Garwulf need more time with you … Go on !!! Take the time for her and for you buddy .. Like Roar said, family first :).
    Take care Garwulf : The hunters master ;D

  3. DUH DUH DAH!!!!! A secret assistant/helper. Suspenseful. 😀

    As I tell my guildies, WoW is a game meant for enjoyment. If it becomes anything other than that and replaces something that you should be doing irl, quit. Family always comes first. 🙂

    Though cliche sometimes and a point of ostricization from others, I’m praying for you and your family dude. 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words of advice Roar.

      Things at home are fine though. I’m a pretty good (at least I think so) manager of WoW time. The blog often wins the struggle over game time when it comes to my free time. In other words, it’s perhaps a little easier for me than some to maintain the blog because I’m not on a regular raiding schedule. WoW is there for me when I want it.

      My wife’s actually pretty supportive of the site. She thought I was silly at first, then she thought I was even sillier when when people started following me, but now that I’ve amassed the following I have, she’s fairly impressed.

      So, things are good. 😉 I just can’t help feeling like I have an obligation at times, which is probably a common reaction for most bloggers.

  4. You’d be very, very surprised to see how long it takes for me to write a post. ON a good day, it takes 5 minutes. For a long, meaty post, it took me well over 2 hours sometimes.

    Just keep on truckin’ mon ami!

    • Hey Phil!

      Nice to see you’re still haunting the WoW related blogs from time to time.

      It’d been a little while since I’d visited your personal blog. I’ll be heading back regularly now. 🙂 You’re amazing man.


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