Disappearing Act

Sorry for disappearing from the site for several days, but as some of you may have experienced… I tend to do this on occasion when the RL starts to overwhelm and monopolize my time. I had become buried with work projects, not to mention preparing for a 9 day, 2.3K mile road trip vacation which I just returned home from …

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Useful Hunter Guides

My primary goal here at HuntsmansLodge has always been to help others. I began the site with the intention of sharing all of the hunter knowledge I had stored between my pointy elven ears, so that others wouldn’t have to spend countless hours outside the game researching just to be decent at it.

Well, nearly two years have passed since the doors of HuntsmansLodge first opened and not much has changed. I’m still trying to write helpful articles, respond to comments and questions with the utmost of care, and I still take a sincere interest in the betterment of other hunters.

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Lots Happening

I’ve been quietly and steadfastly working on my new Hunter UI of supreme awesomeness, anxiously awaiting the time when I can reveal it here on the site. In addition to that, I’ve been very busy in the other massively multiplayer game known as real life. I’ll be honest, I haven’t run one single instance since 3.2 came out. 😕 For …

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