No Surprise Here

WoW Extended Maintenance for Patch 3.2

I’d actually be surprised if they’re playable by 3pm.

One thing has me a bit concerned and maybe it’s just an oversight on my part, but how come I see no mention of the Animal Handler and Wild Hunt changes anywhere?

Nowhere in the notes for Patch 3.2 does it indicate the 5/10% Attack Power change to Animal Handler, nor do I see anything about the buff to Wild Hunt..? I hope that didn’t get removed. I’m assuming it didn’t, since the expertise cap is being applied for pets this patch. I just thought it a bit strange and figured maybe there was a small chance I missed something.

Update: Nevermind… logged on a bit ago and saw those talents were updated in game. Whew.

4 thoughts on “No Surprise Here”

  1. @ Penley

    Thanks for the compliment on the site. 🙂

    Yea, I noticed that the bug is still there. You’re probably right too… I’m guessing it won’t be properly addresses until the pet bar is redone.

  2. Nice blog! Nicer still that it doesn’t get blocked by the site filter at work! Anyway, did you notice they didn’t fix the bug where pet skills set themselves to auto cast in the spellbook? That’s so annoying and now who knows how long it will be before it’s addressed. I know they’re working on revamping the whole pet UI so I suppose we’ll be stuck with that bug until then.


  3. The coolest update is there once was only Roarbeard, now there is also Roarbeardtwo, the night elf hunter. I look forward to ganking my guildies. lol. 😛


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