Skoll the Spirit Beast

That’s how his name should probably look in-game in my opinion… umlaut and all. This new Spirit Beast is definitely METAL!!! \m/

Server First!

Here’s a pic from Semilac of Destromath who managed to pull off a server first tame on this elusive new Spirit Beast. I patrolled for him on the PTR for weeks to no avail, so I can confirm that this guy is as difficult to obtain as Gondria, if not more so. Grats to Semilac for managing to nab him before anyone else did. ๐Ÿ˜€

As I’d stated in my previous post, if you manage to tame this guy then shoot me the coords and link me a screenie. Since I’m probably going to refrain from my urges to go out and tame yet another superfluous Spirit Beast, I’d like to hear from those who have. It’ll help to quench my desire to acquire yet another rare exotic.

I’m having a tough time not going after this guy, but taming him would almost certainly mean letting Loque’nahak go, and I just can’t bring myself to do that.

So please… Hunters of Azeroth… send me your screenshots and tales of taming so that I can partake of the joy that is taming SKOLL!!!

Skoll’s Spawn Locations in Storm Peaks

Spirit Beast Skoll Spawn Locations Map
A map showing Skoll’s spawn locations

Pictured above is an updated map of spawn locations for those of you who are still on the hunt. The spawn locations listed here are compiled from trusted sources, including visitors to HuntsmansLodge, of course.

Skoll the Spirit Beast

If you’re using the latest update of NPCScan then Skoll is in there. I opened mine up last night and he has been added along with a couple of the rare dinosaurs that are now dropping non-combat pets. If for some reason the version you’re running does not have him listed (as in, if you haven’t updated it yet), then you can manually enter his NPC ID. It is 35189. I highly recommmend using the latest build of NPCScan if you’re trying to find this guy.

He’s rumored to be on the 6-8 hour timer just as the other Spirit Beasts.

Good luck people, and happy hunting!!!

While banging out this post I started to write a song about this new High Voltage Wolf. I’m a little old school, so the lyrics have sort of a DIO-esque feel to them, along with that Iron Maiden gallop.

Humor me… I’ve had a little bit of “game fuel” tonight. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ronnie James DioOn the wings of a dragon… jug jugga jug jugga jug
I soar above the snow covered plains down below…

When suddenly a vision… jug jugga jug jugga jug
Of an icy mane wolf with a storming blue glow…

Appears upon the slopes… jugga jug jugga jug jugga jug jugga jug
A beast of the spirits seldom to be seen… jugga jug jugga jug jugga jug

I descend upon him quickly… jug jugga jug jugga jug
And proceed to claim his soul with my very means…

I’m such a goofball… That’s all I’ve got for now, as I’m a bit sleepy… Zzzzz…

Update: 08/07/09

Well here’s the little gallery I’m putting together from reader submitted screenshots and links. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to go out and tame this pet, then perhaps these pics will sway you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

188 thoughts on “SKOLL!!!”

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  2. Found Skoll strolling in the trees by the enterance to the cave in snowdrift plains , 2nd day of looking for him but well well worth it look awsome. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Yeah hi guys ..
    Iv been trying to find skoll for ages now at least a few months and still no luck ๐Ÿ™ I have other rare pets but i just can’t seem to find skoll. You guys talk about an addon that goes off once his spawns, just like to know more about it and where to download it from thanks heeps (:

  4. i just found skoll! woohoo! i was camping all night at the Brunnhildar location until i read about people finding him more behind the trees where the Jormungar worms are. I immediately changed my camping spot to to 28, 51 (the northern most spot) and WHAMMO! i got him! NPC Scan went off and i couldn’t believe it! I got Skoll at 2:06am (Pacific Time) , 4:06am Server Time!

    Booya baby! Boo to the Ya!

  5. just found skoll, the same way i found, loque’ nahak. when i found loque’ nahak at the northern most spawn point at 10:34 pm realm time as i was logging out..and now with skoll, i was patrolling the area just for like 10 minutes. went back to the spawn point at the cliff overlooking brunnhildar village. and he spawned as my logout timer was counting down. the time was exactly 1:30 am realm time… im in a meidium server called uldaman. i hope this helps someboddy find their pets. im just trying to help u guys be the best hunters u can be. so ill be happy if this helps.

  6. Could someone please tell me where do download this ‘NPCscan’ as I would also love to tame this beautiful pet.:D I’ve been looking everywhere in Storm Peaks for Skoll and Sholazar for Loque ‘nahak.

  7. Can confirm, Skoll can be found at Brunnhildar village, just north of it up the mountain a bit, exactley by the cap looking thing. Had to wait about 30-45 mins but there he came, strolling along. Easy peasy. It helped hwen I used the screen shots heer to orientate myself, Trilax’s screen shot is where i camped. Good luck, hope you all hav as short a wait as me!

  8. Omg after i dinged 80 i was only 2 times on looking for Skoll first time was no luck and today after i got 82 lvl i did say way not going 1 round to see if its there …After looking on 4 places no luck so i decided to go on last Spot the one on Uper left side on map and wen i got there spaming my Macro omg omg there he was … dismounted fast and puted frost trap and tamed the Beauty ….dam im so lucky now i have completed my colection …Arcturis , Gondria , Loque’Nahak and Skoll.
    And all these Rares i got them in 1 Week ..but not non stop ganking just checking places time to time …….hehe hope you guys have the same luck as i had … gona put a pic of me and him too here … Good luck guys on geting him

    • Your a lucky man indeed ive camped non stop for loque 2 weeks and skoll for 3 days…just turned 80 3 days ago. I have even offered a 500g finders fee for loque to someone in sholo not takers yet. This is on zangarmarsh server

  9. I love Skoll and get frequent /whispers about where I found it.

    But I have noticed something, about both Skoll and Arcturis.. they don’t look so great from behind !

    Skoll looks a tad.. erm.. mangy from behind ๐Ÿ˜‰ the Glow effect is definitely focused to the fore. but Arcturis has an even more peculiar problem. Because he’s mostly transparent when viewed from behind at certain angles a peculiar optical illusion happens.

    Similar to when a concave mask is viewed sometimes looks convex.. from behind Arcturis sometimes looks like he’s walking backwards ๐Ÿ™‚

    find him, tame him and see what I mean.. I’ll try and capture a screen shot to show the problem

  10. Found Skoll near the cog thing after 2 days worth of camping it. 8 hours the first day and close to 11 the next. Grabbed Gondria a few hours later after just doing a quick fly by. ๐Ÿ˜€
    [Roughly 11:30pm realm time on Moon Guard for Skoll. 1:30ish am for Gondria]

  11. Found Skoll near the water fall where some of the frostfeather witches are!
    Nearly had a heart attack!!! Funny this is, is that i was at the spawn point near the village on the disc waiting bec i read thats where he usually spawns, and decided to go to the next one and see if he was ther next thing i kno i land and then NCScan goes off!!
    Tamed him at 4:00am server time Nazgrel….
    Good luck to all the other hunters looking for the beauty:))
    Also, i was only looking for him for maybe 3 hours.. ( thought id be waiting days)

  12. At loooong last i have found and tamed Skoll, been trying for weeks, Every time i went to find him i would always see either his poor lifeless body or a proud BM Hunter with his/her new pet, Something Told me to go and herb there so i did, flying just above Temple Storm He was there just roaming around, I nearly fell off my seat i was soo excited, i was begging PLEASE no one come and kill or steal him from me and no one did. I am soo happy 2 have this VERY attractive pet at my side, Good Luck 2 all those who are still trying to get him, I tamed him at 4:15am on Turylon….Love 2 all Skoll Lovers xxx

    • Oh and i have Named him Remmon, which supposedly represents a High Demon of Lightning and storms, thought it was Very fitting as he does have his beautiful Lightning over him, and the sound it makes is awesome hehe xxx

  13. Tamed Skoll at 4:20am near the portal or gas cap looking thing just above the brunn village. Had been camping on and off for about two months. Just logged on and Skoll walked right over me. Laid down ice trap and tamed him. Thanks for all the info from all of the other posters on here I now have Skoll and Gondria.

  14. After 3 days of nonstop camping, Tamed Skoll on 12/1/10 @ the Bors Breath location @ 10:21am on nesingwary realm, well worth it!!! Skoll rules!!

  15. I thank you for this accurate map!

    Wasnt feeling well so i went to bed at 8 (Nov 25th) and woke up at 2am, searched for loque and skoll after every heroic i did (my first ever heroic oculus run on my hunter i got the blue drake!!!) and i was getting tired so i stopped chain dungeoning with the group and did one search of the basin for Loque and was ready to sleep but decided to give Skoll a chance.

    Taxi’d to Stom Peaks, (btw i was the only horde 80 hunter in the peaks so he was practically free game) flew around with my 310% blue drake (!!) from where the proto drakes fly all the way up to north of Valkyrion and BOOM my _NPCScan goes into a blitz but i cant see what it found!! (damn lag). I thought it was Vyragosa so im flying into Valkyrion but nothing there so i fly back up and all i can see is a giant worm.. greeeeat…

    Then suddenly the _NPCScan finally showed who it found (guess i went out of sight too quick when the lag set in) and Skoll was found but i couldnt see him >_< Flew around and around till i finally saw a green triangle inside some trees and Skoll was padding around right under a small collection of snowy trees :O Tamed successfully and went to bed.

    Arcturis made me work for him, he made me use a lot of math and taught me lots of patience. Gondria wanted to be my companion like NAO since i found her without even trying to. Loque obviously deems me unworthy still, King Krush tried to find me only to find someone who wanted his loot (the day after we were united <3) and Skoll had to think about it for about, a total of less then 20min (thats how long i spent in total actually patrolling for him) and he decided after a little game of Hide n Seek to show himself ๐Ÿ™‚ i wanna ruffle his big shaggy mane and give him a big hug <333

    SCREENSHOTS!!!!!! (the first one will help you see exactly where he hid)

  16. Just tammed this bad boy thats a full set for me now i have all 4 spirit beasts skoll was the last one i needed i tamed him 3:05pm nov 18th on Aman ‘thul server ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I just tamed this beautiful beast at 6:30pm server time on Eitrigg. This was 24 hours almost to the minute that another hunter tamed him at the same spot near the disk at the Foot Steppes location. I had been circling the three main spots just in case at 6:30 and it worked out for me.

    Only 3 days solid camping – I am a stay-at-home-mom and kept the game on while doing work around the house and caring for my daughter by hitting the space bar every 20 minutes or so, talking to hunters that popped in to see what they knew – friended them and let them stay in one location while I went and camped at another. I was fortunate that the person at that location was not on when he spawned as I would have had to restrain myself from stealing him from her (I had been camping at Bors Breath).

    Skoll had been tamed (at least the times we knew of) in the same location, and the timing really didn’t have a discernible pattern. The first day I camped he was tamed at 5:30am and 4:30pm (11 hours), then the next day at 6:30pm – so I was vigilent at the half hour mark checking all locations.

    I did have on my NPCscanner – and let me tell you when it went off I almost lost the ability to use my mouse my hand shook an my heart was pounding (let no other hunter be there I thought).

    As it was I forgot to dismiss my pet from my last dungeon and had marked Skoll, dismissed my wolf, started to tame, set ice trap – all was well. He was quite hungry and ate 4 pieces of meat before becoming happy – so bring good food with you!

    Good luck hunting!

    Zephyrina, Eitrigg

  18. Ah, I will never forget the day I found this guy.
    I don’t think that Alliance Hunter will either.

    I was hunting this beast on the side while helping my friend assume his spot where Skoll had appeared the last time someone got him north of Valkyrion. Needed this guy for PvP myself so I flew around the middle of Storm Peaks to the spot near Frosthold where a hunter with low health was currently at waiting for the spawn. Killed him out of boredom while my hunter friend who had been trying to tame him for 12 days had gone to the bathroom. Killed the hunter 3 times in a row when I went away from the keyboard to get things set up for lunch. Darnest thing happened. When I came back, I saw the same hunter trying to tame Skoll. Killed him, tried to tame him but for some reason it wouldn’t let me. Feigned death and tried once more where he rezzed and tried to kill me while I had mixed relentless and wrathful gear on. He died again, I got Skoll and yelled out “BOO YA!” 5 minutes later, my friend comes back and says “What? Did you find him?” I linked him the abilities of the spirit beast and he called out Bullshit till I flew back from Dalaran to Storm Peaks to show him. I will never forget the one thing he said after that. “Just my luck. My bladder has cost me another spawn.”

    Nothing is better than killing an Alliance and getting away with something he wanted.

  19. So I had a real banner day yesterday. After a couple of days searching for spirit beasts, I managed to get Arcturis and Skoll within a couple of hours of each other. Couldn’t even beging to tell you how pleased I was. Now for Gondria & Loque…

    • Managed to get Gondria & Loque over the weekend. Have to say that wasn’t too bad at all – managed to get all four spirit beasts in four days.

  20. So last night I arrived at the spawn place for Arcturis. I spoke to a guy who said he had been waiting an hour so I sat for about 20 minutes with my husband on his hunter who already had Arcturis. There was 4 other people there besides my husband and I but I was hoping I could still tag him. Luckily my husband did tag him so I began taming but out of no where another one of the hunters killed him. It pissed me off but there was nothing I could do so I am sitting here waiting for him to respawn. :/

  21. My story begins 2 days ago, when I got Arcturis. I was very lucky to only have waited for a couple hours. The next day I decided to start my search for Skoll. No luck that day. Today, I camp, flying back and forth from the spawn sites near the “gascap” to the two sites north of The Temple of Storms. At each site, I would sit for about 5 minutes, then go to the other spot. While waiting SE of the ‘gascap’, Vyragosa spawns so I kill her, thinking “hey, Skoll won’t spawn if she here”. So I head North to the Temple spawn sites, along the way I stop to whisper a couple friends.. Then kicking myself for stalling. I continue my flight, as I pull up… DING! My npcscan goes off, and Skoll’s little picture starts spinning on my screen, I swoop down and look around.. No one else was there. Perfect! I quickly change pet spots (I had Loque out at the time) Set my trap, and shake nervously, my heart pounding, while I wait for the tame. When finally, Skoll was mine. Then, ironically, not more than 10 seconds later a hordie swoops down.. I let him kill me. I didn’t care, I had my Skoll. Pretty stoked, 2 spirit beasts in 3 days. Both I waited only 3 hours tops for each. If only I had that luck with Loque’Nahak.
    I tamed Skoll at 7:26pm ST, coords: 27.8, 50.6 on Stonemaul.

  22. I felt lucky tonight (for a bit), on Dreadmaul realm ,i tamed Loque’nahak, 20 mins later i got Gondria, 15 mins after that i got Arctirus, so i thought ill try skoll, i was chattin to a mate about it, and he decided to get on his hunter and have alook, we both got to the plains spawn, and he was nowhere, we went to the cliff above brun, and he was there, by the time i landed my mate had just got him, i was pissed, i could of had all 4 in under an hour, oh well guess i shouldnt be greedy

  23. I was camping for Arcturis, logged on to find another hunter at the spawn. Started a chat and was told the guy had been waiting at the spawn point four a couple of hours already so I wished him good luck and left him to it.
    About half an hour later, he messaged me to say he’d tamed the bear.
    I was, at this point flying over Skoll’s spawn point (the gas drain thingy).
    As I headed towards some mob grinding, who should appear but the mighty Skoll himself!
    Frost trap, tame and fingers crossed until he shrank to my side like a good wolf should!
    Made me believe in Karma again I can tell you!
    Happy Hunting all ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. My story is a little different then others. I was thinking about soloing zg later that evening so I decided to go tame a rhino for a tanking pet. I tamed the new pet and named him bagels and right as I was about to fly away I saw a blue object clashing with the white snow. What is that?! I thought to myself. I decided to take a look and GASP it was the famous skoll! I sadly abandoned my new friend bagels and quickly put a frost trap down and began to tame! In a few second he was mine!! I was so excited that i sat stunned for a moment before sending out a message that I got him! My guildies cheered at me and I happily pranced off to dal with me new puppy ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. This story is a few weeks old, I’ll admit, but I’m still amazed it happened. Apologies for wordiness, but Skoll has been a big deal to me ever since I first read/saw pics of him. And this… well, suffice to say the tame was a bit more epic than I had expected, partly due to chance, partly due to my own blunder.

    I had recently raided Black Temple, and obtained the beautiful T6 shoulders, and popped my engineering warp to get to Ulduar so I could go and enchant them. Now, I had previously camped Skoll unsuccessfully, spending hours and hours, but this time, on a casual flyby of Brunnhildir village, above the cliff.. NPCscan went off. I wasn’t expecting it, and was barely paying attention, all I could tell was something felt like it had happened.

    Skoll’s little polygonal rotating portrait was spinning on my screen, and a quick glance down, I saw him, finally. And there was noone else around.

    So I descend, and in a rush, immediately hit tame beast. Waiting… waiting…

    He killed me. Skoll completely murdered me, and I felt all was lost. Then I realise I’m standing in a graveyard.

    So I resurrect, remember to drop a freezing trap… and I can’t find it on my UI. Time ticking down, I open my spellbook, my hands shaking so much the interface gets hard to even attempt to use, and manage to steady myself to cast tame beast. What follows is the longest tame ever. I’m shaking, watching Skoll in that iceblock….

    And shortly after, it happens… Skoll shrinks, and falls to my side. I’m still shaking, but I finally did it. I tamed Skoll.

    The next day, Fire Festival had started, and I’m flying to Netherstorm to finish up the achievements, when NPCscan goes off again.. There is Nuramoc, which my best friend is after… So what do I do? I figure, “well, I did get mine..” And I watch it’s patrol carefully, and when it comes to a nice floaty island I pet tank it off in the Netherstorm debris and wait, about an hour later (i wasn’t really doing anything important) my friend finally comes on, and a few somewhat panicked whispers and a lengthy flight later and a similarly tense, and successful tame occurs. Two hunters gained their quarry, in less than 24 hours. I love my class.

    I enjoy pulling out Skoll when A ferocity BM pet is called for, and look forward to Cataclysm when, hopefully, I’ll be able to make better DPS use of him. Inspired by your post, as well as knowlege of the norse mythology, I did in fact put an Umlaut in his name ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. My Night Elf started camping at the “gascap” three days ago. I was playing my other alts and infrequently checked my camping hunter. This morning I got up early, at 6:17am Eastern and nothing. I figured I would do one circuit then hit the shower.

    When I got back to the gascap, my NPCScan went off and there was Skoll, right beside an 80 Horde Paladin, just standing beside Skoll!


    Without my pet out, the Pally could easily wipe the valley with me, but remarkably, he got on his mount and flew up.

    I figured I had just a minute or two to tame Skoll, before the valley was filled with Horde hunters wanting to take a stab at Skoll. So I dropped a trap and began to tame… the longest seconds of my life went by as I watched the mini-map and that single red dot that represented the Horde Pally didn’t move.

    The taming finished up and then the Horde flew away. The only thing he did was watch from a very safe distance.

    It was good to see such gamesmanship from an opposing player.

  27. I dinged 80 today and flew Stormpeak just to check out the spawn point and oh boy was i lucky! Skoll was there. My 3rd spirit beasts, still not luckly with the bear.

    Good luck people.

  28. I’ve been camping out, looking for this guy for 3 months now, and I’m starting to think he doesn’t exist…. The other night I camped out at one of his spawn points, and another hunter shows up and start laying down frost traps in anticipation of taming this guy. I asked him if he realized that I was there first to which he replied, “Every man for himself.” one thing led to another and pretty soon douchebag was used every other sentence. More of his guildies showed up, challenging me to a duel every three seconds, running in circles around my char. who was sitting in a zen position. Now I would love to tame this beast but its turning into a headache to say the least.

    • Bummer… if that happens again, just go camp a different location or come back later.

      Once you do tame him however, be sure to name him Skoll. Next, go to where the a-hole hunter is waiting, then hide and use Eyes of the Beast. Meander around at first, hoping to catch NPCScan or his target macro – once he’s onto you, just run around him, then give him an:

      /em [your hunter’s name] has commanded Skoll to pee on your leg


      • Your right, luckily my guildes were on and insisted that I run dungeons with them rather that subject myself to further anger inducing antics. I promise though that when I do finally get Skoll I’m going to have him pee all over his mount, maybe number 2 in his cereal. Great website by the way, the articles are awesome, and I am now proud to be a hunter yet again.

  29. After camping for 7 days 12/13 hours a day, i got him :D.
    Just woke up and thought well lets c if hes there and yep there he was all alone.
    I tamed barely survived that :(.
    It was on Bloodfeather @ 10:43.

    To all those who still dont have him gogogo you can do it guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. after camping for about 4 or 5 straight hours, and seeing many hunters looking for him….i was flying around(on my last route for the night, b/c i was getting really tired) and then bam, who did i see?……SKOLL!!!!, it made my night, i feel pretty lucky after reading like 20 different forums and seeing how many ppl had problems finding him

    the only advice i can give is to not give up….i wanted to about 3 hours in….but kept looking at pics of him to make me happy, i also enjoyed reading yall’s comments too……oooo and i DLed NPCScan and i thought i had it working but it did not go off

    ill post some pics tomorrow, once i get some sleep and figure out how to use printscreen for macs(just got it like a month ago….so im still getting used to it)

    now time to find the other two, i found the cat one once……but i killed it b/c i was too low ๐Ÿ™

  31. Spent the last 16 hours running the spawn points of Skoll. Managed to down Vyrogosa a few hours ago so I thought “If she just respawned, maybe Skoll will spawn soon too”. Ran a dungeon to pass the time and checked the spawn points once I was out. To my surprise, there he was, roaming around by that metal gas cap looking thing at 46, 64 at exactly 2:53 a.m. server time (5:53 a.m. for me on the East coast). From what I’ve heard, that spawn point and the one in Bor’s Breath are the hot spots. Best of luck to all Hunters still looking for him!

  32. After reading a post about the Spirit Beasts, I logged onto my hunter that i haven’t played for awhile. Decided to scope out Skoll saw a couple hunters at some spots but the Brunnhildar area was empty. Sat there for like less than 30 min and said to myself, 5 more minutes then I’ll log off. Less then a minute later, I hear NPCScan go off and low and behold, there’s Skoll by that gas cap. Set down a frost trap and tamed him w/o any problems. Now, time to think of a name : )

  33. Tamed Skoll and Gondria within a half hour of each other today! Must be my lucky week cause I tamed Arcturis last Sunday and Loque’nahak on Tuesday!

  34. I have skoll, camping and flying between spawn locations are both good way’s. Best way is to get the addon called NPC scan also you you will want Npc overlay. As soon as you fly over a rare npc it will alert you that a rare npc has been found. Then a little box will come up showing you it’s pic and name. Every day that you don’t find him or you find an npc that you are not looking for you need to clear you catch file in wow, can be found in your wow interface. You may not see him without this he can be tucked up in alot of tree’s. And there are only two spawn location’s for him as well and there very small.

    Good luck and happy hunting.

    • yeah, i have NPC scan. i was unfortunate enough to log in this morning to it going off and another hunter taming him right in front of me. NPC scan has like five spawn locations listed, the same ones as the map up at the top of this forum. if he only has two… which are the two?

  35. is it better to pick a spawn location and camp it, or to fly between skoll’s spawn points for hours on end? and if it’s better to camp one…. which would be the best? (i’m a bit of a newb hunter)

  36. Funny cause I trying to find TLPD and I saw this mob and killed it (lock here) didn’t even know hunters want it. Anyways, just here to say that I have NPCscan installed and it did NOT pick up that mob, i just happen to land to mine some saronite and i saw this icy looking mob that I just had to kill. Then realize it was a rare mob.

  37. Well, I was near Bruunhildar, and was sitting and waiting for Skoll to show up. I got bored, and noticed the NPCScan addon you were talking about. I exited WoW, downloaded and installed the addon, and when I logged back in… Skoll was standing in front of me! I didn’t even get to use the addon at all! XD I tamed him successfully on my first try. And this was about 3 minutes ago. XD I’m still shaky with excitement. Thanks a lot for the info, guys! Could not have done it without you!

    Mokuu – Wyrmrest Accord

  38. i have killed skoll before since i am not a hunter and got a nice lvl 78 dagger from him i spotted him near a cliff cant rember where in storm peaks

  39. I saw someone with skoll and instantly wanted it after searching about 10 minutes i spotted him and tamed him right underneath the temple of storms

  40. i dont know how this fking hapenned but… yesterday after 2 days of hunting i tamed loque (2 oclock server time), today, feelin lucky i decided to go look for arcturis, but instead of finding him i killed a different rare mob, seething hate as i passed between the lodge and grizzlemaw spawn points, noting that i killed seething hate at 12, i would decide to come back exactly 6 hours later to look for arcturis. following my seething hate encounter, i decided to go test my luck looking for gondria, on my first tour of her spawn points i found her, tamed Gondria (approx 12:10 server time). 6 hours later, at 6 pm server time i go to see if arcturis will spawn, Sure enough, there he was spawning just as i arrived at the lodge spawn point halfway down the hill towards the stream, tamed arcturis (approx 6 pm server time). later this evening at approximately 9:50 pm, on another “im feeling really fucking lucky today high” i go to camp for skoll, after about 3 hours of camping/ watching basketball game, i tamed Skoll (approx 9:50 server time). 3 spirit beasts in 1 day/ 4 spirit beasts in 2 days ๐Ÿ˜€ it may be the last day of christmas holidays but oh my, it was a great day lol ๐Ÿ˜€ Silvadea of Haomarush

    • Whats good Garfulf?! Just would like to attribute my recent success tracking down Blue’s Clues! I hate to rub it in to hunter nation, but it took me not even an hour to track Skoll down.. I flew between the three confirmed cords of Skoll spawns on a 150% flyer killing time running time playing BGs. (Lok’tar Ogar!) All made possible by your site man, I’m highly appreciative of all the work you’ve done to be an “everyman” Keep up the good work!

      Time: 11:23 PM ET
      Location: Cords 30,65 Bor’s Breath; the passage between Valkyrion and the center front of Temple of Storms.


  41. Tamed him this morning (10:50 a.m. EST and server) on Magtheridon. Camped him for 6 hours at the spot next to Brun’hildar Village with no luck last night. Logged in this morning before I went to work and there he was sitting in front of me. Thanks for the help, in looking for him I found this site, lots of good info and tips. Thanks for the help, Happy Hunting!

  42. I’m horde but I was doing the Sons of Hodir daily where you kill the Wild Wyrm so my health was low when I found him and forgot to freeze so I died -.- But this is why I hate Alliance hunters.I resed and some NE hade already tamed him…He’s doomed..DOOMED!

  43. I just tamed my third spirit beast this morning (Loque, Skoll, and Gondria) and I wanted to share how I did it. I started reading forums like this a couple months back when I switched to beastmaster spec for soloing.

    It took me 5 days of searching for Loque, my first spirit beast, before I took someoneโ€™s advice. Itโ€™s common sense, but here goes: set your alarm and wake up early. I have done this with all three beasts and it has worked for me every time, though admittedly it took me two different mornings to tame Gondria. The reason for this is, obviously, that very few people are on. For loque, I woke up at 7m est (4am server time) and flew around Shalozar basin, checking his spawn points, for about 45 minutes. I was about to go back to bed when I found him.

    Last week I decided to tame Skoll. I flew around Storm Peaks during regular hours while skinning and stuff for a couple days, and then I decided to check it one morning when I woke up and couldnโ€™t get back to sleep. It was around 7:20 est (4:20 gametime hellsyeah) and sure enough, on my very first pass, I tamed him.

    Yesterday morning I decided to look for Gondria and Arcturis, since they are in neighboring zones. Woke aup at 6:15est (3:15 server time) yesterday morning before work, made 2 passes, and nothing. Woke up same time this morning, and on second pass tamed Gondria.

    I have been looking for the TLPD. Nothing so far, but two mornings ago I killed Vyragosa.

    I tamed the first two without any addons, but when I started looking for the TLPD I downloaded NPCSCAN. I HIGHLY recommend this addon, as it is a pain in the ass to constantly click a macro while flying around.

    I hope this helps. Obviously, theres no guarantee it will work as quickly for you, but it may save you from spending all day and night looking for the same thing 40 other people are looking for. And it may have something to do with the server Iโ€™m on, which is Dragonblight, but the person whose post I first read about this โ€œstrategyโ€ was on a different server. If youโ€™re on Dragonblight, you can whisper me (my hunterโ€™s name is Atillas) and I will show you where I tamed them.

  44. Got Loque last christmas so I thought I would try and find Skill this holidya.

    Yesterday, instead of logging in right away and keeping the game on in the background I started working on the computer. When I finally fired up the game I was a bit frustrated to see his corpse in front of me, must have missed it by a few minutes, if only I had logged in right away.

    Camped the Brunhilldar spawn point pretty much the whole evening without any luck so this morning I flew up to Snowplain Drifts and there he was, walking around all alone.

  45. Just tamed Skoll on Terokkar server (17:15 server time) at 27.48.
    I’m almost ashamed to say that I found him on my first flyover, but the thrill to find him was no less.
    Great looking pup.

  46. I have a terrible confession, just found Skoll again (by the drain cover)… and killed him.

    I’m afraid that the temptation to see some hot Arcturis on Skoll action was greater than my goodwill towards fellow hunters, and ‘tard that I am, in my frenzied excitement, I even forgot to grab a screenshot to record the moment.

    I promise a shout-out to my fellow hunters next time!

  47. Just tamed him 12:05 GTM+1 on the azuremyst EU realm.

    I have been camping his spawnspots every evening for an hour or two. Furthermore Iโ€™ve searched his spawn points each morning before going to work, and during my lunch breaks.

    It was during my lunch break today I finally got him. He was at the snowdrift plains at the location shown on the image below. -A tad off the reported spawn points. :

    I was shaking all over as another hunter was grinding elementals just a few hundred yards away from him. -But the taming itself went without any problems.

    He took about 2/3 to 3/4 of my health as I didenโ€™t want to bother with setting up a trap. (i sit at 18k health, 9k armor)

    I used NPCScan to find him btw.

    All in all I think Iโ€™ve used 1.5-2 weeks before I got him. Good hunting to all of you.

  48. I love your website Garwulf. I just hit 80 on my hunter and decided to look for a spirit beast. After reading your site, I went to WoWInterface and got NPCscan and NPCscan.overlay and installed them.

    After doing my dailies I drop my trusty Devil Dog “Chesty” at the Stable Master in Zul Drak and did a sweep for Gondria with no luck. I decided to run up to Storm Peaks and take a look for Skoll.

    I headed to the first location (around 48, 65) and NPCscan scared the heck outta me. There he was in all his glory. I dropped near him, popped a trap down and started the tame. He jumped right over my trap and started to beat on me. Darn him!!!

    He hit hard, so I broke taming and kited him across my trap then fired it back up. I managed to get him tamed without too much damage taken. You are correct, you have to see him in person to appreciate his “sparky” nature.

    I went back to Zul Drak and ran him around a little to test him out. When I finished I ran him through a few of my quests I had left and NPCscan screamed at me again. I stumbled upon Gondria!!!

    Another trip back to the Stable Master to drop off Skoll and I returned to find Gondria right where I had left him. I was ready for the leap over the trap this time and stayed near the trap so he still sprung it. A few seconds later and I was the proud owner of two awesome pets in only 70 minutes.

    Again, thank you for your awesome site. I have downloaded your UI and am thinking about giving it a go over the holiday.

    – Zanjuu

  49. At last !
    Having practically tripped over Gondria, I figured I’d have a go for Skoll and so for the last 3 weeks I’ve been flapping futilely around the Storm Peaks… until just after midday today !

    Had a few minutes to spare, so decided to do the circuit once again. Flying up from Dalaran, luckily I remember to swap out Gondria (or SPG as I know him) just in case, this time, Skoll is waiting for me.

    On flying up to the Snow Plains, bang ! NPC_scan goes off… it’s Skoll, land quick, now where tf is is ?. Desperately scounting round for a visual, hoping no-one else is on him already, heart pounding like a drum and the routine I’ve been waking up with every morning for the last month – abandon, freezing trap, tame – rattling around my head.

    Running around, still can’t see the bugger… up to the cave mouth – nada. Turn around. Result ! There he is, hiding behind the trees just to the South. No-one else around, so with a little twinge of sadness it’s ‘ciao’ to Rak’shiri (or Porntip to me) and hit that tame button ! Damn, no, freezing trap – by now he’s on me, I’m shaking like a leaf, and brain has ceased to function in any rational way. I’m sitting here shouting at my son, who by now is starting to look at me in a very strange way, ‘Skoll, Skoll, I’ve bloody found him’.

    So get the trap down, bang, frozen, hit the tame button… and wait. For 20 seconds I don’t breath… and finally, with blue lips and an impending heart attack, Skoll is mine !

    As the endorphins flood the system I don’t even notice the worm that aggros us, but Skoll does most of the honours with that. A little victory dance and it’s back to Dullaran to show off ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Strange how bunch of pixels can turn a reasonably rational, normal adult into a gibbering idiot, but man am I pleased with my new buddy, Throgmorton. Can’t wait for the next guild raid – my hunter buds kick my ass on the DPS front… but they ain’t got a Skoll !

    Once again, thanks for all the valuable info without which I’d never have found him (EU Sha’tar server, 12:05ish).


    • @ Fent

      Grats on taming that beautiful Spirit Beast.

      I know my pulse started racing a bit the first time I encountered Loque’nahak. It’s kinda silly, but it happens. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I have yet to find Loque, and have looked for quite a while. Tryed everything I know. I do , however have Skoll, Gondria, and uhk’kok.

  50. No.ocd is 23 tames of skoll,i keep at least 4 on me ,except when i find another exotic then it is bye bye skoll.Hello Whomever…

    Had a great week ,ghondria 4 times,krush twice,mosh and loq and cliff jumper and Barnabus .All with in 2 days .lol

    Arcturus will be next if some one only says these are the spawn spots versu the generic north of

    But when not raiding as you can see I just tame ,lol.I keep running charts and can pretty much fly up and wait till designated time ,tame then fly away.tuff thing is I need more Kool

    Gl all any one in Queldorei ever need a hand see me ,im down .Great site Bro keep it up…

    • Good Luck on getting Arcturis Whuumper. ๐Ÿ˜€

      I’ve been looking a few times per week, but have yet to find any info on other confirmed spawn areas. As far as I know, the only reliable spot is the one just north of Amberpine Lodge.

  51. SKoll is awesome, i am setting him as a priority to tame when i turn 80 im only 71 though got a bit too go, im mm too. I suppose i should make the switch considering im poor and cant dual spec ha. They should make more spirit beasts, anyone agree when i say serpent? XD

  52. Finally tame this beautiful beast! Such a surprise when it spawns right in front of me. Coord 47.63. My hand is still shaking from all the taming. XP

  53. 40 hours of camping and 4:22am server time I was on my final patrol of the evening and my addon went off —
    I was so calm about it i knew exactly what to do freezing arrow tame beast mine in a few nanoseconds of spawning

    That was a few days ago now. Since then I have fallen in love with him so much that I’ve sacrificed the DPS of surv for raiding as BM as I cant be without him ๐Ÿ˜€

  54. sorry, I’m finally done shaking and staring at Thor ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don’t really have an exciting story to tell… Save for this.

    I don’t have an epic mount. I had really no hopes of getting any of the spirit pets when there was such stiff competition, people with epics and drakes and all that. But I took my little bird and flew around looking for Gondria. And after a few weeks of dedicated searching, I stumbled across her 15 minutes before shutdown one tuesday morning. I thought for sure that’s it! But well I got an itch to “try” for Loque, knowing with such a huge spawn area there was no way. So I logged in and out at the same place for a week, if I was bored flew on my trusty non epic slow A** mount, and within a week, I dropped off my mount (literally) and the second I did my NPC Scan went off and he was within one foot me me. Well needless to say at this point I thought nope, no way I’m doing it three times… But I went to Storm Peaks and camped out by the gas cap looking thing. I wasn’t TOO interested in Skoll just yet, I wasn’t too keen on the wolf style, but the more I read, the more I saw, the more I wanted him! but, he’s heavily camped… everynight no matter the time, at least 8 or more hunters with epics on, running around. I finally gave up thinking “Well I got lucky twice”. And one night, a particularly bad night, where I couldn’t sleep I thought well hell, I just turned 38 have more money in wow than I do in real life, may as well log in and see what’s what. I circled around his spots for about 30 minutes, came to read the posts (and was jealous of the guy who found him in 30 minutes of searching!)

    So this is where it gets weird. I decided I’m not going to be mad, if I see him and someone else is taming him, I’m going to cheer them on! After about 1.5 hours, I was starting to get tired, so I went to my usual gas cap spot and dismounted my pet (humar) standing by.

    and OH MY GOD my NPC scan went off and nearly gave me a heart attack! what’s this!? SKOLL right in front of me! I quickly abandoned my pet (sad to let go of humar….. but skoll!!) I dropped a trap walked into it (literally in my excitement I had hit the walk button lol) and hit the tame button. No sooner had I done it, than this hordie on an epic mount comes by and I’m like please please don’t let it break… it didn’t and thus, Thor was mine. Kudos to the hordie, for cheering me on ๐Ÿ™‚

    So I sent a tell in general, posted a one liner here lol (I could barely think) and came back to post this long boring account of how I got the trifecta. ME! with nothing but my non epic mount, non epic gear, just someone who likes nice things ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep the faith folks, if *I* can get them, so can you.

    Be well,

    Oh, and sorry for typos, adrenaline and lack of sleep clashing… brain frying, but smiling no matter what now ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Lieber Garwulf,

    Thank you so much for posting the spawn points! It makes looking for rare spawns much less frustrating.

    I tamed this cool pet today, on my first pass through Storm Peaks to look for him. He was at 29,50, just strolling around all by his lonesome. I stabled the ghost kitty, dropped a trap, and tamed him with no problem. I still can’t believe I found him within ten minutes of beginning my search. I saw other hunters hanging around, too.
    I think maybe this hunter has used up all of his luck for a while…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again, and also good luck to those in pursuit of this elusive beast.

  56. Hey, just wanted to say big thanks for publishing spawn locations, started looking for wolfie yesterday morning and found him in the evening ! at round 21:00, location: Bor’s breath, just north of frosthold. GREAT STUFF!

    Headshot of Maelstrom

  57. Tamed Skoll at 1115 am central time on 09/20/2009 on the Duskwood Server. He spawned in front of me as i sat on top of the gas cap location in Storm Peaks. Thanks a lot for the info and posts on here!! This gives me the Tri-fecta as well. All within a week! Thanks again.

  58. Tamed him today @ 1100 am at the gas cap location. easy tame. This gives me the Tri-fecta as well. Gondria was yesterday and Loque last friday. Do any other hunters believe they should add stable slots as they add rare collectible pets??? Come on blizz!!!

    • Grats Grandragon! I agree that there should be additional stable slots added as long as Blizzard intends to keep tempting us with new Spirit Beasts. Even if it were an optional “exotic” stable that BM Hunters needed to purchase, i think it would be a nice addition.

      5 stable slots can be pretty limiting if you raid, BG, arena, and have BM for one of your specs.

  59. A friend of mine were looking for TLPD and accidentally found Skoll. He invited me and i got there in about 3-4mins as i was already checking gondria’s patrolling route. Laid down a trap and tamed him successfully. I then went helping my friend looking for TLPD, and after 2 hours i decided to swipe by zuldrak, and there i found first Griegen, then the sentinel, then terror spinner and 20mins later i found and tamed gondria(trap works great).

    I was already as happy as a hunter can be, but yet i wanted to have all 3 spirit beasts. Swiped by Sholazar and found Loque dead. What stupid person would do something like that. Skinned him quickly and kept searching for loque from the morning off and some on the afternoon. I killed King Krush at 6:30 am and decided to check the possibility’s for a 3 or 6 hours spawn rate. Myth busted, no sign of any rare-pet. Gave up, got me some sleep and started again at 10 pm.

    After 8 hours of looking my npcscan went off with my druid that i had placed at the eastern 2 spawn points, moved him slightly south from the camping spot and alarm went off. I was in shock, didnt know if i just found another hunter’s pet, a dead loque or one that was alive and waiting to be tamed. Activated the other screen with wow with my hunter and i was at the northern spawn points with my hunter so i flew as fast as a hunter can fly. And again npcscan went berserk(love that addon). Spammed macro and found that my target had full health and it was a rare elite. Found him behind the one tree with the gorillas. Layed a trap at my feet, fired a shot at him to aggro him, and started taming at some range. I then waited for 20seconds, the longest 20 seconds in my life i think. Would someone else show up? Would the trap break. Then when i finally finished taming my heartbeat was going at about 80000 and i just yelled out in guildchat and to my m8 who was helping me look for the 8 hours and watched me tame him. I’d gotten all 3 spirit beasts in about 48 hours time. On one of the most populated realms in EU. Ive always played MM, and have now BM for the pets sake. I really wish blizzard could make BM more competetive in pve, because this was GREAT FUN! ๐Ÿ™‚

    written by the most happy hunter in the world.

    • That’s quite a story “hunter”. Nabbing all three Spirit Beasts within 2 days, especially on a heavily populated realm, is no small feat.

      BM should see a slight boost to overall DPS in this patch, but the main difference will be the added 10% damage bonus that will apply even when the pet’s dead.

      Once they incorporate crit scaling as they said they were going to, BM should see a pretty nice gain.

  60. 5AM the other morning I log on Naz and run by the spot under towers in the icy valley to find Skoll dead on the ground so fresh I skinned him out. Logged on tonight at midnight and I was so unfamiliar with NPCScan alarming I was like whats that sound and I look down and Skoll is right underneath me ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Hi. I have something to add about skoll.

    I finnally got him, i will explain how, it can help some people.

    So i camped him for a few days, with no luck, just found his body one time, i was very upset, because i dont understand stupid people kill him even if they know he is has no good loot and so, but you know they are lot of silly people.

    After i often roam around the spawn point, for hours with no luck, so i decided to camp at spawn point for all day long, since the morning till the evening, like from 8m to 5pm i was a spot near the iron circle and i saw my friend tell in public channel / Yeah i got it, i was happy for him but a little jealous i have to confess so i noticed the time he pop, it was 5pm, and i have try to count on the respawn time lot of people tell in theyre post, and that my point.

    Respawn time isnt fix and sure, its random totally. Its my guess, because he killed him at 5pm, i have camp at the point he spawn for hours after, and Six hours later, no spawn even at the other spawn point, Eight hours, still not, and ten jours and twelves hours is the same. Still not Skoll, i even waited few more hours and was nearly alone in the moutains with my character, and no trace of skoll.

    So i gived up, go sleep a few, and after near 12am, i did Edc 10 with guild buddys, and im tell myself, well i guess i have no chance, but cost nothing too take a look, so it was 2pm, i flew near the spawnpoint, and boooom, npcscan poped the screen ” Skoll Found “, my heart as jumped a bit lol and was very stressed, i dismount my dragon on the snow, send back loquanack my old pet at the stable, and i haved no mana left enough for charm and ice trap, so i decided to try to tame him with no freeze trap, and give it a chance, was too afraid somebody else come there and still it from me.

    And i was right, because right after i tamed him, a guy just came by my way, its was short and i got lucky he nearly killed me, left 2k hp when i finally tamed him hehe, its was an excinting moment hehe.

    So what i learned from that and what i can tell you is, for me i have seen for my friend and me, the spawn point was near the Harpy, where Virogosa spawn ( he poped right after Skoll was tamed when my friend got him ) so he got him there, and me too, so i guess he spawn more often there.

    I think too the spawn time is random, because in my case he spawn 22hours after my friend tamed him, and im pretty sure nobody got him in that time because i was checking like the whole time.

    And two more advice, be ready, when i found him, i was in Survey talents, and with a few mana, and got lucky to have to the time, to respey, take beast mastery and send my other pet back to the stable.

    And the last, be sure to have a freeze trap, because i have 20khp, and he down me to 2khp, it hit quite hard, sometime for 4khp, so its more dangerous to tame him without the trap, and imagine if you get killed trying taming him and somebody got it the time you come back, you’ll be angry ehhe.

    There was my advice, excuse my english, im french so i do my best, and really, he worth the effort, he is really good, have a nice look, and everybody will tell you how your pet rock, and where you found it.

    Good luck all hunters.

  62. I camped Skoll out at the point just above Brun by the disk on the ground for 2 weeks on and off. Yesturday I camped him there for 14 hours. I logged off finally and checked some other things before bed. I was just about to go to bed and decided to log in just that one last time and WHAM there he was RIGHT in front of me! I tamed him at 10:00pm but he could have spawned earlier. Here are some pics.

  63. Just killed Skoll again, this time he spawned near the Valkyrion village @ 28,64. When I attacked him (with my skoll xD) he leaped like Loque’nahak…They probably fixed him since the last patch?

  64. Garwulf,

    After 2 weeks of camping and watching hunter friends tame him Skoll is finaly mine. Tamed him on Drenden server by the disc above Brunnhildar village at 11:20am server time. Had tabbed out to do some work as I was on my work laptop andon phone with a customer when by chance decided to tab back in and BOOM!! both NPCscan and Silver dragon had gone off and there he was right in front of me thought for sure someone else had already tagged him but no one was around, tagged him threw down the frost trap and voila now the proud owner of my Lighting puppy. Just for fyi all of my hunter friends that tamed him except one tamed him at the disc. Looks to be a 12-18 hour timer as a buddy tamed him at 12:01am server time this morning and I tamed him almost exactly 12 hours later. The other good that came out of the camping for Skoll Last Friday I logged in to see if he was there and then 5 minutes later the Time Lost Proto Drake spawned and I now have him as well so WOW has been good to me. I also have the other two Spirit Beasts so I now have the Trifecta as well as Aotona the rare Sholazar bird. For those of you still hunting him he does exist and he will be yours when u least expect it.

    Good Luck!!

  65. An yet again.I sought to perfect my tame once more. My using the tiger for bait method worked great.But was distracted by chat as I looked up I see the wolf stroll by.This time no heart racing etc,more of a Hello…Tame…No freeze trap…

    BlueMoon ,I had to camping is sometimes agreat change of pace from HardCore raiding…Now Onto Krush…

  66. I’m probably the 7th or 8th in Azjol Nerub.

    As far as I remember, here were the spawn times (server time) and locations:

    Fri 4:00AM 29,50 (Dirkee, 5:00AM at the Engine.)
    Fri 1:50PM 46,65
    Mon 2:30PM 46,65
    Mon (a claim at 46,55)
    Tue 8:30PM 29,50
    Wed 5:15PM 46,65 (Vyragosa 5:20PM at Brunnhildar Village)
    Thu 1:56PM 46,65 my tame

    1. There are only two spawn points. Skoll pats from the Brunnhildar disk to the Frozen Tombs or cave to the north.
    2. Skoll probably pats from Snowdrift Plains down to the frozen lake past Valkyrion.
    3. Skoll has his own randomized timer and location.

    – threats to kill Skoll while others are taming
    – one player going around showing off Skoll just to trigger npcscans of others
    – false spawn times whispered or posted in General
    – those three bots farming at Snowdrift Plains, they come up at regular times

    Good luck! (reposted from my post at wowhead)

  67. Dammit, not fair – why do the beast mastery hunters get all the cool pets??

    But WOW, this pet is amazing; wolf,(best pet in the game, no contest,) and looks like he’s made out of ice. Finally, a pet that does the new worg model justice. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Makes me seriously consider respeccing.

  68. Hi there guys! After a week of searching and hours and hours of sitting in one place, I tamed Skoll! I tamed him by the disk by the cliff of Brunhildar Village at 5:15 pm server!

  69. Hello Ladies and Gents!

    I’d like to give you all my gratitude as I tamed this beautiful creature moments ago! Almost had a panic attack seeing his name pop up when I was spamming my macro.

    The information being given by all and the map produced was amazing and really made it so much easier. Found him at approx 30,64 (The lightening streak on the map below the Temple of Storms)

    ~Victus – SWC ~ 02:10am

  70. To date as of 930 pm eastern time.Yet another tame of skoll.In the quel do rei realm.

    Ro date have found 4 times all at spot above /Brun Village.

    He follows 6 hour intervals.2 tames would have last 2 also .But limites in Stable slots.Plus other beasts.

    If you are in my realm it was 3;30am on the 8-12-09.Plus again it was spotted at 9;30 pm,etc.If you read this graph the times an you might catch.

    Remeber to clear all caches also.I am tryin to camp him for a long while to get conclusive data on travel paths an time be fore he vanishes…

    But Staggerlee and Boddiley say hey…Gl all

  71. Sorry for the late reply Garwulf, was roaming in the real life lately ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Well, he did something around 350 – 600 damage, but once the time passed he did up to 2k damage, which kinda stressed me out thinking that he actually might kill me before the tame was complete. I don’t think he pounced me or knock me back since I managed to tame him without the trap.

  72. My trick to taming is find one of the most common spawnpoints according to the blogs that I read. Then always make sure you log in and out on that point. eventually with out trying to find him he will be there. it works every time. so far I have both loq/gondria. only seen the green t rex once and nver seen autona.


    • I’ve often tried that strategy myself. It wasn’t until I tried taming Loque’nahak that I started to actively patrol.

      What’s odd, is I have only seen Loque’nahak alive twice since WotLK, but I’ve seen Krush and Aotona probably a dozen times combined. Krush about 7 and Aotona 5. Aotona is always in the same spot for me too. NE of Mosslight Pillar.

  73. In my previous comment about my taming of Skoll on Windrunner, mentioned being the 3rd to tame on my real, while also having been camping when my new buddy Archer tamed Skoll to become the 2nd tame on windrunner I told you a time but neglected to indicate am or pm. So to clear that up it was at 1:05 pm server time. I also forgot o include a 3rd screenie of the aftermath of Archer’s tame when a few of us hunter gathered to congratulate my new friend and fellow hunter Archer on his tame and to stand in awe of this amazing new spirit beast. i happened to just take a snap shot of us all gathered (even a troll was there and was being very gracious) and upon later review noticed the other two spirit beast were in the pic as well. I was with my Gondria and a dwarf was thei with Loque. This is btw at the spawn point near Brunhidar.

    Enjoy and again, good luck!

  74. After excruciating hours of camping, I finally tamed this beaut. Needless to say, it was a huge thrill and well worth the effort. I was windrunner 3rd tame, behind archer, with whom I was camping the same time he got Skoll. I tamed him at 1:05 server time at the bors breath spawn coord 30,64 Here are 2 screen shots One of me with Skol; the 2nd of Archer and me, windrunner 2nd and 3rd tame together. Good luck. Oh btw a nice incentive to this tame is he tame at level 80 so no leveling it.


  75. I just tagged him at the above coordinates near Brunnhilder. He spawned right in front of me, and another hunter thought that they would try to steal him from me. Truth be told, that hunter actually got killed by Skoll lol, and I just tamed him.
    The most amazing part about this pet, is not only the bolts of lightning, and the sound of the bolts, but the amount of joy you get knowing that you have some pretty damn nice eye candy.

  76. Feel sorry for the hunter that was camping him where I tamed him, was obviously AFK, and if I didn’t tame him, the warlock would have ganked it.

    Apparently there is a rumour (from the warlock) going around that the crappy LVL78 random enchant dagger that drops from killing him sells for 500G, so people are farming him to kill, even though there is no achievement for it.

  77. Thanks!

    Forgot to say, not 30 seconds after I tamed him, Vyragosa spawned right above my head as well. Double rare find in less than one minute.

    I went straight to Sholazar to see if I could find King Krush to make it a three in a row, but no luck lol.

    • Grats Uchikoma! A similar thing happened to me with Loque’nahak. I was just standing there killing a few wasps when he just magically appeared.

      You getting Skoll today is another example of being-at-the-right-place-at-the-right-time. Cheers!

      I posted your screenshot btw.

  78. I had looked for him for a grand total of 39hrs. and 30-45mins. The spawn points have been pretty well covered by hunters since the patch came out, so there’s been a lot of competition for Skoll out there, as you all know. I knew of other hunters getting him over the past couple of days, and all of them were taming him at the spawn point in the Foote Steppes above the village (Titan coords 46, 65). But typically, there were anywhere from 1-5 hunters in that area – camping and/or circling the spawn point.

    After all that time, I was getting frazzled. I even logged out earlier tonight without any intention of logging back in to hunt for him again until tomorrow. But, us hunters just can’t resist that call of the wild. So, I ended up logging back in really fast, just to check one more time.

    I had logged out at the Snowdrift Plains point, so when I logged back in, the first thing to greet me was an orc hunter in a ROFLcopter hovering right over me. So, I decided to fly around the area and see how many hunters were out, what spawn points were open (if any), etc. After hopping on my slow flying mount, checking Bor’s Breath, and making my way to the Foote Steppes, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get a shot at him. I saw no less than 4-5 other hunters in the area – mostly flying around, checking the spawn points but a few were in the Foote Steppes killing rhinos and whatnot. All of a sudden, my NPC Scanner went off (great add-on btw, just got it this morning) as I approached the spawn point. I was so excited that he spawned, but I was sure another hunter would have him or at least be taming him already.

    When I rounded the trees though, I was shocked to see him all alone with not a soul at the spawn point but me! I forgot how to dismount from my gryphon for a few seconds, then I targetted him but forgot how to shoot! I hit the mouse button several times (re-targetting Skoll) before I remembered to push a freakin’ button and get a shot off. Pew! I got him! Dropped a frost trap and easily tamed him.

    So, he is mine finally and now I have all three spirit beasts. I named him Ohm after Ohm’s Law. I uploaded screenshots, etc. on my guild portal blog (linked to my name above) including a few of him in beastial wrath. He’s massive!

    Good luck to everyone else still looking! I am so glad to be done with this hunt! Especially after four days into the patch without running BGs or dungeons/raids for my gear!

    Titan Panel Coords: 46,65 (above Brun. Village – where everyone else is getting him!), 11:27-ish PM Alaska Time/ 2:27-ish AM server time.

    Happy hunting!
    Ladye Ermorela
    Thorium Brotherhood

    • I just Got Skoll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg Right by the gas cap 7:20am real time/ server time on trollbane, I noticed knowone ever puts the server they are on when the catch him, times are different on most servers! but woot, got him alas!


  79. Hey Garwulf!

    Don’t give up! He will be there sometime. I would have sent a pic of my taming him, but since that npc scan blew up like that I was lucky to live let alone the other hunters that were above me watching lol.

    I did however try to talk myself out of this, but he is just to cool to not have ๐Ÿ˜€

  80. Well apparently I am not the only one on my server with him anymore but it makes me happy, hopefully they get bugged some like I have been ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hi Yaone!

      Congratulations on getting Skoll for reals! I still have yet to see a Hunter with him on my server since 3.2 went live.

      Have fun with your big blue wolfy. ๐Ÿ˜€

  81. I just tamed Skoll today at the spawn point near snowplain drifts was around 18.05 server time.
    Took me two days of flying back and forth occasionaly checking his spawnpoints :p

    • I wish… Furious Howl with a Spirit Beast would be incredibly awesome, even if it meant trading Spirit Strike for it. Let’s hope that Blizz eventually starts to create some variation between Spirit Beasts, as far as abilities are concerned. A prowling wolf that uses his claws is a confused wolf.

      I’m assuming this will happen in time since it’s believed that they will be adding more species of Spirit Beasts to the game. No way they’re going to add a prowling Rhino. o.O

  82. Gotta be honest not too impressed with this guy, a blood elf that was stupid enough to attack me at a spawn point ended up with him later on that night….he’s a blue worg…./yawn. I did make a point to eradicate the poor guy about 7 times in WG tho….poor blood elves…they are hot tho…even dude blood elves.

    • I think he’s pretty cool looking myself, but I still put him behind Loque in terms of looks. Just my opinion.

      I’m still hoping for a black old world version Worg model with glowing red eyes and aura. Maybe a dripping blood, Massacre Enchant type of effect on his fangs. That’d be worth camping for. Oh yea, and how about bite instead of claw…

  83. got lucky, was on my way to icecrown and spotted this and tamed him ๐Ÿ™‚ i posted on the forums coords and a link to a screenie

  84. Im still campin this puppy. Its rivalin Loque in difficulty… especially when other hunters zoom past you on their epic mounts while youre wind rider is sittin at a nice slow pace. xD

    Tis hard, but look at him! ๐Ÿ˜€ epic!

    • @ Bomb

      He’s going to be tough to get right now because all eyes are on him. Also, it’s very likely that there are a handful of unknown spawn locations. Good luck and let me know if you do snatch him up. ๐Ÿ˜€

  85. Yo! Frequent reader of your blog!

    I managed to tame Skoll Thursday around 21:15 at 40.61. I had just finish doing my dailies when NPCScan went berserk. At first I thought it was TLPD but it was SKOLL!

    Flew down, trap, ALMOST forgot to abandon pet and later managed to tame it (without the use of frosttrap, was such a hurry)!

    Luckly, first on my server Executus EU to tame it! And I helped two other hunters with the aid of this, and one of them, Trizzi, got the second catch last night! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good luck mate and to all the other hunters looking for him!

    Screenshot is availble as well if you need it!

  86. Found this am at 3 eastern time at swer cover above village.

    Freeze trap snapped an tamed with 130 health left.
    Thank You for advice all .Great Work in this blog also .

    Keep Great info coming…Whuump

  87. Its a good question Ninjivitis … I really dont know but, if someone know how, pls tell us ๐Ÿ™‚ !!

    And with that, the next time a new rare pet come, ill fight to be the first one ๐Ÿ˜€

    • After the successful tame a Gnome flies down to congratulate you and presents you with a “Server First Tame” certificate, which you can then redeem for a pc of T8.5. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  88. How can you tell if you get a server first tame? I got him today at 4:50am on Twising Nether and I’d definitely like to know if anyone else has him.

    • @ 11 Ninjivitis the way to no is if u tamed him the day the patch came out. I no i got a realm first tame cuz of the spirit bear because i tamed him the day he was added and theres almost no way any1 else had tamed him and respawned. if its not the first day of that patch, then its not realm first

  89. Persistence pays off. I tamed him at 7:28 server time on Windrunner. NPCscan went off and I nearly had a heart attack! He was at the spawn point just north of Brunnhildar.

    I’ll send the pics to Garwulf!

  90. I tamed him today (August 6) at 02:57PM.
    Im from Lothar server.

    I camped the spot Brunnhildar from the beginning of the patch. He is really hard to find.

    I dont know if im the frist on my server but, im the only one with him in Dalaran ;oP

    Good Hunt Guys !

    (Screenshot Avalaible if you want it)

  91. Tell me about it…

    While I didn’t really camp for him, I did make several pats while on the PTR across all of his spawn points for a few weeks. I kept seeing some of the same Hunters too, which told me that they hadn’t had any luck either obviously.

    He’s out there though, so keep at it. You’ll get him.

  92. This is one elusive puppy! I camped the spot above Brunnhildar for 10 hours yesterday and didn’t see hide nor hair of this beast.

  93. @ Dalaila

    He’s an icy blue electric wolf. He actually looks much better in person. the screenshots don’t do the staticy aura much justice. But yea, he is quite icy in appearance.

    @ Allan

    I think there is some promise for BM after this patch, but I still don’t think it’s going to be as close to the other specs as some players may hope. I think that once our pets start inheriting some of our crit the gap will be much smaller.

    This patch will probably bring the skilled Beast Mastery Hunters in line with the “decent” MM or SV though. I’ll try to post what I feel the best talent and glyph setup will be, along with pet spec.

    I think BM Raiding is an oxymoron right now, but that may change a bit soon. I’ll see if I can get some testing in, but I can’t promise anything. I’m not sure how much raiding I’ll be able to do within the next few weeks, but ya never know. I’ll make the BM testing a priority.

    • So heyy, I managed to find him about 20 minutes ago, like above the village, the spot that has the platform thing in the ground. I noticed that when I wrote a message here earlier, the time was way off for me than it is here, and way.. my time I caught him at 3:40.p.m. And maybe it was because there was an ally up and to the right of my hovering by the mountain, but i didn’t see my NPC Scan pop up.. could be that I also clicked and tamed him very quickly in fear that the ally would come kill him lol. But yeah, So ….FINALLY I Found The Elusive Skoll. ๐Ÿ™‚ So Anyway, You’ve all been quite the help.. and it may take a while, but he’s worth the wait. Happy Hunting… And Belated 420 ;P Peaceouttt <3 !

  94. Hi Garwulf, I got Skoll this morning.. and I love it so much I plan to take it to raids, how about working together on some articles for improving BM dps? I’m sure something can be done now with the last fixes and the new gems and all…

    let me know. I’ve searched and it seems pretty much abandoned or full of SV/MM hunters.

    • So happy right now. Used this map to find skoll tamed him at roughly 2am server time on Ravenholdt oct 7th. Hope this helps sombody else get him! hes beast! i love him so much only took my 10 min to find.

    • I found have been looking for him for a few days now after i decided that i really wanted to tame a rare as a pet (this is my 1st hunter) i did alot of reading and the spawn pts seemed consistent but there was no set time. i saw that a lot of ppl tamed him at night so i stayed up late a few nights and no sign of him even after flying around to the different spots when i got bored. i logged in today and was flying over bor’s breath and thinking maybe its not worth it there are other things i can focus on for this alt. then i went to the plate and looked around and landed next to it. then out of NO WHERE he walks up and my addon alarm went off, i was so EXCITED that i had to remember not to shoot but to tame him lol. and without using any traps etc i tamed him! SO HAPPY! that was 4:48 CST time on Lothar server.

    • can some1 tell me what is respawn for Gondira and Skoll ???
      last time 1 hunter kill me when i em on 77lvl and i must kill Skoll becose i have to low lvl ๐Ÿ™

    • I disagree with you on this.. I have him as a pet and have for months now.. He literally has LIGHTNING bolts coming out of him.
      Now if you would kindly tell me how he is icy, that would be appreciated.
      He is light blue, not covered in ice -.-

    • Very Happy tamed him at 9:18am he was near the spot where he has a chance of spawning in npc scan went off and i’m like WOOTTT kept being worried i was going to get jump b/c the other day i was taming sambas and a Nightelf Hunter got mad b/c i was taming it and almosted killed him i had to kill her but so happy i got skoll i’ve been all over the place getting rare pets (Emerald Dream Server RP-PVP) Good Luck Guys & Girls!

      • Grats on the tame. Could you tell me which spot exactly you tamed her at?.. like out of the five on this page. I’ve been on and off looking for the past two days now, and either I’m extremely unlucky.. or it just doesn’t like me lol. But in any case, I’ve been spending the majority of that time camping Bor’s Breath, and the spots above brunnhildar village.. and obviously have had no luck. And I’ve also heard that if it is not tamed within 10 minutes it will dissapear and go on to start its timer again.. Is that true? cuz I don’t believe it is. Anyway, I love this site, great job guys. Please get back to me.. Thanks, Happy Hunting ๐Ÿ™‚


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