Attn: Garwulf UI Users, Re: SLDataText

Today before I logged in, I ran my MMOUI Minion client to see if any addons needed updating. Among the couple that had been updated was SLDataText. Problem was, the client updated it using a different version of the addon, which caused some configuration issues.

Formatting is fubar with the Cataclysm fan update

If you’re trying my user interface, then be sure you maintain this version of SLDataText:, which is being updated by Taffu. If you accidentally update to the Cataclysm 4.3 Fan Update by SuicidalKatt, then you’ll lose the formatting.

If the above screenshot looks familiar, then just delete the SLDataText folder from the AddOns directory (in your WoW folder), along with the SLDataText.lua located in your Saved Variables (in the WTF folder of your WoW directory), then replace them with the ones from the GarUI folder you downloaded.

There...that's much better.

I doubt there are too many of you with this issue, but I figured if it happened to me…it’s bound to get a couple more of you.

Hope this helps.

9 thoughts on “Attn: Garwulf UI Users, Re: SLDataText”

  1. Hey Gar,

    Just wondering since it looks like you’ve done a lot of addon shopping in order to get your UI up. Is there anything else besides SLDataText available on Curse Client? I’ts just that I’d rather have all my addons on a single addon manager.

    If not, guess I can always manually update SLDataText.

    Good Job, both the UI and the site!

    • Pretty much all of the addons can be managed via the Curse Client. SLDataText usually only requires updating if there’s a major content patch update. I’ve had no troubles with it since this post.

    • Hey Kaz,

      Yea, I’m hangin’ on. Been enduring an intensely stressful period in my life that began towards the end of last month. Truth be told, it really started over a year ago, but came to a head 3 weeks ago.

      I’m pulling through and will be back soon to post — perhaps either today or tomorrow.

  2. Hi sir, I’m a spanish speaker I download and install the UI from you an it shows very good ty for this, but i need your help to help me how to make the binding for the keys and macros 🙂 ty!

  3. Something is wrong with my UI, I don’t understand how to update Sldatatext, also my cast bars have gone weird, it’s not thin anymore its fat and it says the ability on it. Also my buffs are on the other side of the screen, what is happening!

  4. hey, always look first at internet, and your site is tabbed in chrome.
    so this morning i opened internet and saw your comment of sldatatxt,
    did this first before i opened wow.
    still messed up
    will try a fresh install this afternoon when i come home from work.(live in the netherlands. amsterdam)
    love your UI

    hope it works then..


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