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Worgen Starting Quests

After two nights of leveling a new toon and partaking of the whole Worgen experience, I must say… I’m having a blast. I’m making sure to soak in all of the sights and sounds along the way, but I’m clicking along at a pretty good pace. I went ahead and mailed over a half-dozen or so heirlooms to my new Rogue, making things a little smoother. 😉 I was thinking about going the more challenging route and using only quest gear, but nah… a lot of time, blood and sweat were spent acquiring those BoEs – might as well use ’em.

Needless to say, I’m pretty beastly now…

Decked out with my BoEs

Pretty soon I may take a break from the questing for a few, and hit up 10-19 WSG for some fun. Maybe take out a few unsuspecting hunters. 😉

I’m only level 14 at the moment, so I haven’t really gotten a feel for the Rogue class just yet. Ambush does seem to do amazing damage at this level, which has me excited about getting into some BGs. Ooohhh, I just realized… don’t we have Arathi Basin available for 10-19 too?

As far as the Worgen class goes… I really like it. The starting quests are quite engaging, and the gothic feel of the whole Victorian-Era-London style setting really helps draw you in to the whole werewolf experience. The new accents are amusing too. 🙂

Mr. Worgen's Worgen Wild Ride

Darkflight is a pretty slick racial, and handy during the lower levels for a quick giddy-up now and again while questing. Viciousness may not be an exciting racial, but it’s pretty awesome. 1% increased critical strike chance on all attacks, while using any sort of weapon, is pretty sweet.

Aberration looks pretty boring on paper, but I’m sure it will prove quite useful for PvP.

Once I obtained the ability to switch between the Two Forms, I used it a couple of times, but I prefer to just remain wolfed out now.

Surprisingly… one racial I’m really excited about is Flayer. 🙂 It sounds kinda lame when you read the tooltip, but damn… I love having the faster skinning time. It’s a huge convenience. Also, I had neglected to skin any mobs for awhile, being so awe-stricken by the new surroundings, quests, etc… When I finally realized, Doh..! I’ll probably need to go back and start on a few lower level mobs until I get my skinning level caught up. Nope. The +15 bonus to skinning covered my error. 😉

One thing that may strike you as funny… I find myself wanting to shoot stuff quite a bit. I can’t help it… 😉 I mean, I’m stabbing stuff to beat the band, but I love pulling with my Upgraded Dwarven Hand Cannon. I just can’t be expected to suppress my inner hunter.

Anyway… this has been a really fun journey so far. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. 😀

That Sylvanas Windrunner is one hot piece of arse

In case you may be wondering what that red bar is at the top of my screen, or what that round thingamajig is near the middle, I’ll be getting to that shortly.

I can tell you though… it is really bitchin’ and it’s made questing a breeze…

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    • Ooops. Didn’t see the above post…..nvm. Not sure if I approve of guides like that. I mean, it’s not like the game is unbeatable or anything. I don’t mind if people use them, but I’ve never seen a reason to.

      • Ah. Didn’t know that you did that/even had that option. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not so much a problem or disapproval, that wasn’t the right wording; it’s more a preference to get through the game myself, y’know? I think there’s something to be said for a good ol’ fashioned solo gaming experience, with no help from anyone. I just like that more. It all depends, though, and I don’t have any major problem with them.

    • Mhmmm… I never had much desire to use one of these guides/addons, but these guys have it down. It doesn’t detract from the game one bit, and instead adds enjoyment by saving me time and hassle.

  1. Sounds like great fun, but I think i’ll pass on making anymore chars for now… 10 80’s is much enough for me 😛 One thing i must say is the newly vamped dungeons (Deadmines for example) really great fun. Love the mini tactics they’ve introduced

    Shame that they can’t be 10 85’s… My cata still hasn’t arrived from amazon 🙁

  2. Glad you’re having fun with the rogue class Gar.Just a heads up,you might want to make your Need To Know bars abled for your stun effect,Cheap shot,,gouge,kidney shot/It’ll come in handy for when you pvp with him.As for me I’m still undecided as to get Cata,due to every one questing in the same area and it’ll be just that slower for questing.But I’ll wait for another week or so.
    Anyways have fun and i’ll be waiting for the next post.

  3. Just finished up the Worgen experience the other day – was really pleasantly surprised at how far Blizzard has come in tightening up the new player experience. My son – who has rarely had the time or patience for WoW is now sitting pretty on a level 40 toon that has taken him all of a few days to level up. Between the improved quests and the dungeon finder he’s finding it a completely new game.

  4. That’s what I like about the Undead, the whole dark halloween feel is fun to me. I’m really enjoying this whole Zombie vs Werewolf thing that WoW has going.

    WSG should be a breeze as a a worgen rogue. Darkflight + the speed boots + rogue dash… Capturing the flag will be cake, no one can catch ya!

      • Sorry, I meant sprint, not dash. Dash is for cat druid.

        Sprint comes at level 16 I think, my rogue just got it a few days ago. I’m not sure if it will share a cooldown with your darkflight racial though. Let me know, thatd be interesting.

        • I believe it used to be shared, but now it’s not. That better be the case, otherwise it’s a waste. Darkflight + Sprint means I’ll be on hordies like white on rice. 🙂

  5. I, too, am having a BLAST so far in cata. I did all the quests in Vash’jir (where I chose to start), got the achievement and then went to IF to train my mining for the next level.

    (As a side note, HOLY HELL ARE MAGES MAKING AN ABSOLUTE KILLING SELLING PORTS ON MY SERVER!!!! The cheapest I’ve found a port for thus far is 10g. Many are charging up to 30. One guy that sold me a port told me he just parked his toon in one of the caves in Vas’jir and then all he did is answer port requests for the first two days. He told me he’d made 4k in those first two days charging between 20-40g per port, depending on how many other mages were in the zone at the time!!!)

    Anyhow, I went to the bulletin board to see where to go next and thought “You know what, I’m going to Hyjal. I’m going to do every quest in every zone right out of the gate because THAT’S what I want to do. So I did. And I’m having more fun than I could have imagined. Hyjall is virtually empty as everyone has plowed on to the higher zones. It is just awesome. The lore in the quests in Hyjal is just mind-blowing…I mean really, I GOT TO GO INTO THE BARROW DENS TO DO A PRISONER TRANSFER!!!

    The way I’ve see it, I’ve got two years to get geared and it will take a number of grinds to do so. I’ve got one chance to do the quests the first time. You can bet I’m gonna dunk my french dip fun samdwich into the tasty au jus that is the lore in the quests in what some might call an insatiable manner, COS DATS DA WAY I ROLL!!! =P

    Keep having fun out there, people!


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