Zygor Leveling Guide Review

Zygor Leveling Guides

Just before I decided I was going to dive into Cataclysm, casually as it were, I contacted the folks over at Zygor Guides to see if they’d let me try out their fancy leveling addon. The individual that replied to me, John, was most accommodating and set up an account for me in nothing flat. Now I’m not just saying this… John is a really cool guy to deal with, and I think he may be the queso grande over at Zygor because he’s the voice in the videos.

In exchange for providing me the free leveling guide, I offered to write a review of it on my site, so here we go…

Alright… so there were a few reasons I wanted to try out the guide…

For starters, I wanted to see just how helpful these leveling guides were. Some of them are really pricey and I wanted to know if they were actually worth it, or if they were just some unneeded fluff. The reason I contacted Zygor is because after looking at the many guides out there, theirs was by far the slickest.

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This is great!

Worgen Starting Quests

After two nights of leveling a new toon and partaking of the whole Worgen experience, I must say… I’m having a blast. I’m making sure to soak in all of the sights and sounds along the way, but I’m clicking along at a pretty good pace. I went ahead and mailed over a half-dozen or so heirlooms to my new Rogue, making things a little smoother. 😉 I was thinking about going the more challenging route and using only quest gear, but nah… a lot of time, blood and sweat were spent acquiring those BoEs – might as well use ’em.

Needless to say, I’m pretty beastly now…

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Going the extra mile

One of my readers contacted me in hopes that I might be able to offer up some personal assistance. This is something I do quite often in the form of e-mail replies and forum post responses, however, I decided to do something different this evening… I felt that it’d be a nice touch to take my advice to the front page of the site. Rather than bury it in a forum response, or in an e-mail that no one but he or I will ever see, I thought maybe a few others could get some value out of my advice as well. 🙂

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Reader Mail

Hunter E-Mail

I was about to respond to this via e-mail, when I thought maybe it would be better put to use as a post. So, I’ve elected to keep the sender’s name anonymous and answer their questions right here on the public forum so that others may benefit from it as well.

Since the e-mail was fairly lengthy, I’ve broken it down and attacked each question or comment individually. My comments are immediately following the blockquotes.

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