Love Me Like A Reptile

YouTube just finished processing my video, so here ya go… Watch it in high quality and FFS turn it it up! Enjoy.

This is my first real World of Warcraft video. I edited it on my mac after watching a couple of quick tutorials on the intarwebs. I’m a recent Apple convert and let me tell ya… I’m not looking back. Apple > PC.

Technically, my Loque’nahak taming video was truly the first, but it sucked and was unedited.

I spiced this one up a bit with some Mr. Kilmister, aka Lemmy. I had this Motorhead song stuck in my head last night when I conjured up the idea to go after this guy, and well… it just fits.

I’ll break down the King Krush solo taming process tomorrow – gear, buffs, etc… but I’m gonna hit the sack right now. Night all… 🙂

5 thoughts on “Love Me Like A Reptile”

  1. Im a student so im looking into laptop instead of a desktop. I hope to see the same results. Thanks a bunch for your help! Happy Hunting!

  2. I’m using the 24″ 3ghz imac with 4gb of ram and a 500gb HD. I love it.

    When I first got my new mac I was still playing WoW on the Windows partition. After a few months of that, I kicked off the training wheels and started playing in OSX.

    First thing I noticed was my latency went down to <20 and I was averaging 60-80fps in the major cities, and that's with settings maxed. There's virtually no difference in gameplay with the intel macs, but the ease of in-game recording gives mac the win. I highly recommend looking into one if you're in the market for a new computer.


  3. Hey, gratz on king krush and on loque! just wondering something non-hunter related, how is playing wow on a Mac and what Mac are you using?


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