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Well… technically, this particular post is # 501.

I wasn’t paying attention, or else I would have mentioned it in last week’s post. The article about the new skin for GC marked the 500th post here at, with 469 of those penned by yours truly. The other 31 were submitted by my various esteemed contributors from the past two+ years.

Which reminds me… I need to update that list. 😕

That in itself is quite amazing to me, yet that contribution still doesn’t include the 500+ forum posts I’ve made, plus the 20 other pages of guides and various articles. No wonder I scarcely have time to play anymore. 😉

Anyway… a huge thanks to all of you for making this place such a wonderful community, full of huntery fellowship. 😀

I know I’ve been fairly quiet as of late, but the simple fact is… I’ve been really busy with just about everything that involves not playing World of Warcraft. However, I have been logging in on occasion, with much of that time spent tinkering with my user interface. For those of you wondering when I’m going to get around to posting an updated 4.0.1 compatible version, well… soon, hopefully.

I have things more or less how I want them, apart from a few minor adjustments here and there, but I’ve not had enough time to actually test things out. I like to go through quite a few BGs and instances before I decide if certain features are practical, etc… Lately, I’ve just not had as much time to devote to the game, which is why I’m lagging on finishing things up.

As far as updated guides are concerned… I may or may not get to them before Cataclysm. Being that there will likely be some more class balancing going on, as well as our current builds only being important and relevant for the next few weeks, I may just wait for the expansion before I wax philosophical on how to build your hunter. Truth be told… I’m still experimenting myself, as I think most of us are. 😉

My interim pre-Cataclysm plans are to finish up my UI, update my macros & power auras pages, farm some gold when I can, continue working towards Justicar, “…of the Alliance” and Battlemaster, try out MM and SV for a bit, and… that’s about it.

Oh… and acquire a few more beasties for my stable. I managed to get many of the pets I wanted to add, but there are a handful I still need.

‘Til next time… 🙂

8 thoughts on “Post 500”

  1. Blog much? Only kidding, I’d be lost if it wasn’t for the posts, especially with such changes like 4.0.1 patch. With that said…have a drink on me! 🙂

    • Hey..! Thanks Chedwa!

      I sincerely appreciate the “thank you”. I’ll be sure to hoist a few frosties in your honor.

      Thank you my friend. 🙂 It’s always nice to get a little nod of recognition for the work that goes into this site. It looks like a lot of fun, and is…, but man… it can certainly be a chore. Not to mention, it puts the squeeze on actual “play-time’ considerably.

      Anyway… thank you again Chedwa. 😀

  2. Gratz gar and thanks for all the posts.. been out taming new pets and having great fun in BGs thanks to your inspiration and advice.. here’s to the next 500..

  3. Gratz on your 500th 🙂 I don’t visit many sites specific for classes, this is the only one I visit regularly even though I have a pally, druid, priest, dk and soon to be warlock. I was first attracted to your power auras, there are may sources for them and I tried a few but yours were perfect (both in function and style) + your macros, I love them 🙂 For people who don’t want to get into customizing addons/game settings, you’re a legend! Will enjoy reading your posts in the future while sipping tea at work 😉

    • Thank you Ancksanura. 🙂 That was very flattering. *blushes*

      It’s ironic really… I played this game for about two years without ever touching an addon. It wasn’t until I started raiding on a semi-regular basis that I decided to look into them. I hated how clunky my screen started to look with the default UI+Recount+Omen+DBM, etc…

      Initially, I thought addons were more trouble than they were worth, but with further patience I could see the merit. Eventually I got totally absorbed with the idea of configuring and tailoring my UI around my style of play. UI customization also compliments my artistic, yet technical side. It’s a perfect marriage of creativity and precision – sort of like web design… which is why i enjoy that as well. 😉

      I get a lot of satisfaction from helping others with addons, as I know they can provide a steep learning curve for some. Plus, as you’d mentioned, a lot of players are interested in what they can offer, but don’t want to fuss over them. It’s nice to be able to pay all of my invested time forward, so that others don’t have to spend countless hours tinkering with, and breaking things.

      Addons and UI customization are no doubt some of my claim to fame, but that’s just a fraction of what I’m about. It’s really just a part of my main premise.

      If I had to shut down the site tomorrow, the way I’d want to be remembered is something like…

      The guy who taught hunters how to enjoy their class, by providing the necessary tools and information to enhance their gameplay.

      Anyway, cheers Ancksanura, and thanks again for the kind words. 🙂

      • My comment was mainly about your addon help, but your articles were a great help too, and your recent posts about PVP have convinced me to get my hunter back into PVP’ing as BM ^^

    • Thanks Rip!

      You get that beer money I sent you the other week..?

      Once again… great show! The BlizzCon HPP was the first live one I’d ever caught. I opted out of the PPV this year, but after having listened to the podcast, I didn’t feel as bad about missing it. You guys covered most everything I was curious about. 🙂


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