This never gets old

Warsong Gulch - Call to Arms

I don’t know about you, but I just loves me some old fashioned Capture the Flag. 🙂

Apart from the misfortune of being stuck in 2 battles with one of the biggest d**kheads I’ve ever played with, last night’s WSG marathon was a blast. I won all but 3 of the BGs I participated in, captured 9 flags, was extremely close to getting Ironman on two separate occasions, assisted another hunter in getting the achievement, and earned just shy of 1K rep with the Silverwing Sentinels. I’m making a push for Justicar, so I’ll be active in there tonight as well. I need about 6K more Silverwing rep and a Justicar I will be. 😀

Since the old school PvP ranks are being reintroduced in Cataclysm, I figure I could use a new title to go by in the expansion. Lieutenant Commander will probably lose some of its prestige once the new PvP system is in place and everyone is able to obtain those old ranks.

Justicar is within my grasp, as is “of the Alliance“. By the time I hit Justicar I should only be about 10K kills (give or take) short of 100k. Battlemaster is the one I’d really like to have though. 😀 I have my work cut out if I plan on going after that one however.

I honestly thought I was going to walk away with Ironman last night, but both times I was en route with my 3rd cap, practically the entire horde team converged on me and sent me to the graveyard. The first time I almost had it, they stomped me in our tunnel.

The second time I was running back with my third cap and thought for sure I was home free. I had a Druid with me and there were no horde in sight… well, for a few seconds at least. Once I hit midfield they were coming in numbers. My healer got dropped and I was taking heavy damage so I headed in to grab the first aid buff, hoping it would buy me a little time until my teammates could come escort me. Nope… No Ironman for me.

I did drop one of my caps so that another hunter on my team could get the achievement. That was my good deed for the night. 🙂

Considering I’ve never gone for that achievement before, and had no healbot with me, I’d say I did alright. It’s definitely one of the harder PvP achievements, in my opinion.

So anyway, I’ll be back in there tonight, going for broke once again. 🙂 I queued as BM last night, but tonight I think I’m going to switch between BM and MM, just to break things up a bit. Hope to see you there.

Oh… and tonight will be a sober endeavor. I hit it a little hard last night. 😉 Anytime you see me opening comments to my own post, and especially… quoting Slayer lyrics, it’s a pretty safe bet that Gar’s getting his swerve on. I had fun though. 😀

It’s good to blow off a little steam now and again.

7 thoughts on “This never gets old”

  1. Thanks, look forward a MM PvP guide. As a suggestion for a future Gars Guide can I suggest a 101 PvP opponent class guide? I’ve only played a hunter and am finding out about some of the other classes signature moves the hard way. It would be great to have a “watch out for and how do deal with” other classes from a hunter’s POV.

  2. Are you using a MM PvP spec when you mention switching it up and keeping it fresh Gar? I saw the spec you had listed and then went to check out the MM PvP guide under guides but……..

    • Nope, haven’t gotten round to drawing that up yet. I need to get back and reacquaint myself with MM for a few days, then I’ll bust it out. I’ve been staying BM lately since I’m still trying for Ironman. Once I get it, or get fed up with trying for it, I’ll queue as MM for a few days then start compiling a few tips here and there.

  3. Nice work Garwulf…

    I’d not seen hunters as good flag carriers. Clearly you are an exception to the rule or maybe we need some education. Any hints and tips on how to be successful at this for us would be welcome.

    • Hunters are decent FCs, but I think BM is probably the best build for it, especially with a Chimaera. We’re not as good as say Paladins or Druids, but we’re still pretty capable.

      I usually blow Deterrence just as the enemy is in range to attack. This allows me to escape all of the initial burst and snares. Then as they converge on me I get the area all nice and frosty for them, then Disengage out to try and avoid Death Grips and what not. I’ll send my Chimaera on the closest target to slow them, then Intimidate anyone else that’s closing fast.

      I always keep my pet near me unless I’m slowing someone – this way I have quick access to Master’s Call when needed. Bestial Wrath is my ace in the hole that I use when no other CDs are available or if I’m locked down. As long as I can make it to our tunnel entrance, I’m usually home free, with our without support. Frost Trap is usually off cooldown by that point, so I just drop another at the mouth of the tunnel then book on into the flag room.


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