11 thoughts on “Call to Arms!”

    • I am also under the influence as we speak. Don’t diss coors light. You drink enough, and it’ll hit you. Even if it’s almost 4 am.

      Gar, you and I share an interest in pvp. Im about to take my belf over to your server just so I can attempt to put bullets/arrows/weird objects in the back of your head. Out of love of course.

      BRING IT.

      (if you win, you cant tell anyone)

  1. First!

    on my own post… lol… how pathetic. 😉

    Anyway… been going well tonight apart from my foiled attempt at Iron Man. I was about to return my 3rd flag when I got raped at the relief hut. You almost need a few friends to get that one as a hunter.

    Ah well… I was damn close, so I’ll keep trying.

    SLAYER is pumping through my headphones right now, so it’s on… all you 80 vengeance hordies are about to pad my HKs.

    Coils of the serpent unwind

    Buried beneath beneath you will find

    Deep in the halls of the damned

    Spirits in Black til the end…

    That may seem a little random to some of you, but goddamn I love METAL!

    I may be silly, but I’m all about keepin’ it real. 😉

    • The world slowly decays

      destruction fills my eyes

      harboring the image, of a spiraling demise

      Burning winds release their fury, simulating judge and jury

      drifting flurries of pain…


      \m/ SLAYER \m/


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