This never gets old

Warsong Gulch - Call to Arms

I don’t know about you, but I just loves me some old fashioned Capture the Flag. 🙂

Apart from the misfortune of being stuck in 2 battles with one of the biggest d**kheads I’ve ever played with, last night’s WSG marathon was a blast. I won all but 3 of the BGs I participated in, captured 9 flags, was extremely close to getting Ironman on two separate occasions, assisted another hunter in getting the achievement, and earned just shy of 1K rep with the Silverwing Sentinels. I’m making a push for Justicar, so I’ll be active in there tonight as well. I need about 6K more Silverwing rep and a Justicar I will be. 😀

Since the old school PvP ranks are being reintroduced in Cataclysm, I figure I could use a new title to go by in the expansion. Lieutenant Commander will probably lose some of its prestige once the new PvP system is in place and everyone is able to obtain those old ranks.

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