Frenzied Defender

Frenzied Defender WSG Achievement


Now I just need Ironman and then I can start to work on some of the other BG achievements. I’ll tell ya what’s sad though… my 7 flag return performance still couldn’t get us a win. Nearly all of the horde teams I faced tonight were quite formidable. They had a more organized showing tonight and a lot of them seemed ridiculously geared. 🙁

I do what I can, but I am just one man… err… Night Elf. 😉

Frenzied Defender

Feels nice to knock that achievement down. 🙂

Now, only 6k more rep to go for exalted Silverwing status and my shiny Justicar title. That’s probably a ways out though…

What’s funny… my now-retired 19 hunter managed exalted status within a few months. Even though I’ve got thousands of WSG matches under my belt, Garwulf actually hasn’t been in there all that much considering he’s 4.5 years old.

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      • Yeah, i don’t get it man. I dunno what tactics to even tack at that combo. Sorry if the post was a little confusing I had a few adult beverages at that point.

        • This is a pretty easy win actually. The key is to focus on the Shaman, while avoiding damage and CC from his wolves and from the BM’s pet. The Shaman has no damage immunity of any kind, so he will eventually go down.

          I usually go with deterrence right at the start, since the both of them will usually blow everything they have right away. All the while my pet will be chomping on the Shaman, with me laying traps. As Deterrence is wearing off I Feign Death, shake the wolves, then enrage. The Shaman is usually dead by the time TBW wears off.

          Your Pally should still be up at this point, because he will have bubbled were they focusing him. Now it’s just a 2v1 vs a BM hunter w/ no CDs. GG.

          The trick is to always burn the shaman first. If you focus the hunter, he’ll just pop deterrence. The shaman has no way to bubble, so he will eventually go down if you maintain pressure.

    • I still like WSG and AB. EotS is fun as well.

      I guess the most popular is which ever is awarding the most honor, e.g., WG when it is going or the Call to Arms BGs.

    • Gratz! I got “ironman” this weekend right before turning 80. These ‘Call to arms’ events are amazing for grinding xp. Frenzied defender is the last on taht list for me – Gratz on getting it.


      • Nice work on getting that done pre-80. I think that’s the best time to get most of these BG achievements. After 3 straight nights of trying for Ironman, the closest I got was on Friday night with my 2 failed attempts on the 3rd cap.

        Unless you’re running a premade, I think Ironman has got to be perhaps the toughest of all the BG achievements. You not only have to worry about the enemy trying to take you out, but you also have competition from your own teammates. Seems there’s always a few people in each BG who are after that one.

        Grats again 🙂


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