So… which pets…

Beast Master

…will you be adding to your stable in Cataclysm?

With the proposed change to stable slots, hunters will now be able to keep a stable of 25 pets. We’ll have 20 slots available via the stable master, plus another 5 (it looks like) in our on-demand stable.

I’m so stoked over this change, I can’t tell you. It’s not that I need 25 pets, I just want to be able to have more than 5.

For example… right now I more or less have a 4 slot stable, because I have one pet, my Grimtotem Spirit Guide, that I’ll never ever get rid of. This leaves me with 4 slots, which is plenty for a lot of hunters, but me… I’m a pet maniac.

Another pet that I have who is near non-disposable, is King Krush. Unless Blizz changes something to make him a rollover solo tame, then I’ll likely keep him for the long haul as well. Taming him was one of thee high points in my days of playing WoW.

Next, I have the obligatory Spirit Beast. Loque’nahak to be precise. While not all that uncommon these days, I still think Loque is the premier Spirit Beast. Not to mention, I went through a lot to get him. Easily my most epic camp… ever… period… end of story. Loque’nahak is another pet I’ll probably keep until my account disappears into the sunset.

So that really leaves me with only two stable slots to mess around with.

Right now I have those occupied by my Ravager, SlingBlade, and my Chimaera (Nuramoc aka…), Galaga. I’ve been switching off between MM and BM for PvP the last several weeks, and those are the two respective pets I use.

So there ya have it… that’s what my current stable looks like.

For practical purposes, I’d be happy with, say… 10 slots. 3 for vanity, 4 exotics for PvP (Core Hound, Chimaera, Silithid and Worm), an extreme solo pet, 2 non-BM PvP pets and a raiding pet. Wait, make that 11 slots. Well… one of the vanity pets is my current raiding pet as well, so I guess I could make due with 10. πŸ˜‰

However, I’ll be smitten with the possibility of keeping up to 25. πŸ˜€


Now… were I to have access to additional stables right now, here’s what I’d add:

  • Grubthor – I love using a worm for BGs, plus I dig the old school models. Grubthor and Oozeworm are the only golden worms in the game. Pure win.
  • Uhk’Loc – He just rocks. I’ve always had a thing for this guy. He was one of my favorite pets all throughout vanilla and TBC. I always end up abandoning him inf avor of something more useful, but it always makes me sad to do so. I’ll look forward to taking him out now and again in Cataclysm.
  • Arash-ethis – Provided I go SV in Cataclysm, which is doubtful at this point but ya never know… I’ll be getting my old raiding partner back. TROGDOR and I had some good times back in TBC. I have some really fond memories of this pet.
  • Deathmaw – Another favorite of mine, as well as my PvP pet of choice back in vanilla. Before Blizzard decided to normalize pet attack speeds, this was my favorite pet. I’d want him back for sentimental reasons. πŸ˜‰
  • Spiteflayer – A really ugly pet, but nonetheless one of my favorites back in vanilla. Along with Deathmaw, this was another of my favorite PvP pets.
  • Silithid Ravager – I really like Silithids for PvP, but I still prefer a Chimaera. In Cataclysm I’ll get to have both! Yay! Also, this is my favorite of the Silithid skins.
  • Bjarn – I need a bear and Bjarn is just the ticket.
  • Sewer Beast – I tamed this guy once after years of never laying eyes on him – not once. I never really actively pursued him, but I always checked around for him from time to time. It was pretty cool encountering him for the first time. If crocs are still uber AE tanks in Cataclysm, then I’m all over this one.
  • Cranky Benj – Can you believe I’ve never really used a turtle before..? I’m sure I must have tamed one at some time or another, but I’ve never kept one around. Come Cataclysm, that’s gonna have to change.
  • Olm the Wise – I enjoyed using this guy back in vanilla. I didn’t have him for all that long, but did enjoy having him for a pet. He’d be fun to go out and tame again.
  • The Beast – Core Hounds are awesome for arena, and I’ve heard that taming this guy is quite the challenge. I haven’t tried it yet, but I may end up giving it a go before the expansion.
  • Aotona – Just because. I’ve actually thought to tame this bird a few times during WotLK, but I only ever run into it when my stable is full. I also want a good excuse to farm for the Hyacinth Macaw. Aotona + Hyacinth Macaw + Bloodsail outfit = epic.
  • Arcturis – I tamed him on the PTR and thought he was pretty nifty. Although all Spirit Beasts are created equal, this one’s pretty unique.
  • Skoll – I actually tamed him once, but couldn’t think of a good enough reason to keep him. He’d still be fun to have around.

There are other pets I’ll probably want to acquire eventually, and yes… that includes Broken Tooth, but those are just a few on my short list of additional pets I’d like to either hunt for or just have back in my stable for the hell of it. As evidenced by my list, I have a penchant for rare pets. To me, it’s just so much more exciting acquiring a rare pet – it feels more like a hunt. πŸ˜‰

How about you..? Which pets will you be tracking down?

Another question is… I wonder if any of these old world pets will be history… Due to the upheaval, I know some of the old rare pets may be going bye-bye forever.

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  1. So I managed to tame The Beast from BRSpire last night with the help of a guildie priest. Favorite part is that she retained the Boss tag and ?? level. Strangely, her level went to -1 once she was tamed. Waiting to see what happens with that, but I do enjoy the ancient hysteria buff and the lava burst attack.

    • Strangely, my Beast lvl’d the other night and her level STAYED at -1. Curious. I wonder if her dmg and such will scale when I start lvling in cata. Right now she does more dmg than my lvl 80 wolf and has higher stats in general. Anyone have any theories?

      • As far as I know, everything about the beast has been normalized, apart from the -1 that still displays on the character screen.

        My guess is they will fix that bug as well, making the beast just another FelBeastSkinRedBlack in Cataclysm. Still cool though, I suppose.

  2. While not quite as exotic as yours, my stable is being filled with white/whitish beasts. I have a couple of ring ins at the moment until I’m high enough to replace them, but so far I have The Den Mother and a Ghostclaw Apha. I’m eyeing off the white eagle when I get to 78. I’m accumulating a few pets, and trying to spec them a little differently so can use them for different purposes. I have a scavenger bird whatsit from Thousand Needles who I think will be a hoot (no not an owl!, nor white…) in BGs. We’ll see how I go in the long run.

  3. Hey Gar, have you tried getting The Beast yet? Give us an update when you do, I think he’s probably the last epic tame for you to try. (And perhaps King Dred, though he’s much easier really).

  4. Hey does anyone here know if the current pet scaling for the monkeys and foxes is a bug or if thats how its intended to be. I’ve only seen pictures of hunters with foxes but BRK has a stable movie up where he shows off a monkey and they’re FRIGGIN HUGE! Like nonsenscially so. Anyone here in the beta that can confirm that those pets seem a bit oversized right now and, if so, is there any word on that getting fixed?

  5. I think you can make a better choice of which pets you will take when we know what the special buff or debuff each pets bring that way you can choose what suits your play style solo raid pvp things like that, i know that i will keep my Rak’ shiri rare cat in winterspring my king dred devilsaur from the dungeon and my loque nahak aka Athena for ever i got also a wolf and a bear that proberly stay for now πŸ˜€

    • Yep, you’re right on the buffs influencing choice, but regardless… with 25 stable slots, there will be pets hunters will want to keep no matter whether they’re buffs are useful to them or not.

      For example, I don’t care if gorillas get a new ability called “Ball Scratch”…

      Ball Scratch – Level 1
      Gorilla scratches its balls for 5 seconds, increasing its health and happiness by a small amount. While scratching its balls, the gorilla cannot attack. This spell is channeled.

      …I’m still taming Uhk’loc no matter what. πŸ˜‰

  6. While I have yet to plan my 25 pets, I will pick up a turtle (for soloing) and a fox (because I love foxes) for sure! My fox’s name is going to be Jiras. +2 points if anyone knows the reference. :3

  7. After not playing WoW for several years. I have comeback to join the ranks of my fellow hunter brethren. I now am playing along with my 10 year old. My goal this time around is purely a solo act, no Guild, no Raids. I am a hunter of Pets and Gold pure and simple.

    I am currently at lv23, last night I was so fortunate to grab Humar-the-Pridelord. I also have Timer & Bjarn. My son and I are having fun hunting down rare type pets.
    I currently can be found farming the whelps for the tiny crimson whelplng in the wetlands.

    I am after Rare and some Non-Rare pets this go around. There are some skin patterns I think are just must haves.

    Here is my 25 list in no particular order.
    1. Rak’Shiri
    2. Humar The Pridelord
    3. Timber
    4. Bjarn
    5. Uhk’loc
    6. Gezzarak the Huntress
    7. Fjord Hawk Matriarch (Just for the American Pride!)
    8. Vargul Blighthound
    9. King Krush
    10. Devilsaur White
    11. Shardhorn Rhino (Rhino Blue)
    12. Loque’nahak
    13. Nuramoc
    14. The Kurken
    15. Aspatha the Broodmother
    16. Ironjaw
    17. Dragonbone Condor
    18. Trachela
    19. Scion of Quetz’lun
    20. Ironback
    21. Agam’ar
    22. Kurmokk
    23. Bhag’thera

    Dwarf Hunter

  8. Well, My current stable is full /sigh
    I Have:

    Depending on the state of the draenai starting area once Cata has launched, I suspect I’ll be dropping Ironjaw for the Kurken, if it looks like he’ll not be around post Cata. Once Cataclysm is out, I’ll probably go back and get Ironjaw for the 4th time (I keep on having to abandon him for one reason or another πŸ™ )

    -I’ll pick up Pitch, in memory of Humar, who was my main pet from 25 till I started raiding in WotLK and cats were edged out by Raptors. I abandoned Humar to train Loque. *sniff*
    -I’ll be grabbing a wasp, assuming they keep their sting, most likely Blacksting. The WotLK wasps are intimidating, but I like the BC model, and Blacksting’s coloration.
    -Numeroc I’ve had and let go. I may try to grab him again. I’m not sure.

    Any pets beyond those, will probably be picked up depending on what buffs they bring, since Bliz seems to have indicated the plan is to have (some of) our pets provide minor raid buffs.

  9. from my earlier post:
    1. King Krush – mark of a true hunter… if solo-tamed.
    2. Aotona – best looking Bird of Prey. (Though I don’t like his parrot squawk attack sound)
    3. Loque’nahak – still my favorite Spirit Beast. I love his deep attack roars and Spirit Strike.
    4. Gondria – whisper-like attack roar.
    5. Arcturis – newest one, plus he’s a challenge for having only one lone spawn spot.
    6. Skoll – blue, electric, nice.
    7. Ghost Saber – my very first unique-looking pet.
    8. Humar – my second rare pet. Black lion.
    9. Echeyakee – had him once through the help of a random hordie.
    10. Rak’shiri – love the bluish skin.
    11. King Bangalash – white tiger.
    12. The Kurken – cleanest looking core hound.
    13. Olm the Wise – white owl.
    14. Uhk’loc – white gorilla.
    15. Mazzranache – pink! (nice to pair with a Mulgore Hatchling)
    16. Ironjaw – brown wolf, quick spawn time.
    17. Old Cliff Jumper – green-eyed grey wolf (still my current pet).
    18. Shattered Hand War Hound – armored wolf, glowing eyes.
    19. Sentry Worg – changes to a random color when summoned.
    20. Prairie Wolf – barks when clicked! I also like the “old world” wolf running animation much better. The new wolves seem to limp…

    adding the folllowing 5:
    21. Springpaws – especially if you’re Alliance
    22. Cursed Offspring of Har’koa – black and white with red glowing eyes
    23. Warp Chaser – warps
    24. Disembodied Jormungar – because it’s disembodied
    25. Rip-Blade Ravager – random color when summoned

  10. This is a RUMOR!!!!

    I do not have beta access, but this was a rumor concerning the lava core hounds (The Beast) from Molten Core. It was stated that Molten Core might get significant change or wiped out altogether in Cataclysm, hence, no more core Beasts to tame. So if you want a lava flavored core hound, now is the time.

    If someone can offer up some facts on this, it would be appreciated.

    That said, the Beast was the hardest pet I have ever tamed. Skoll just took patience, The Beast, especially running it solo took lots of planning and research to get in, get to just the right spot and then tame without a core hound killing you or some other random mob that missed its breakfast.

      • Since it seems likely that Upper Blackrock Spire will be eliminated or altered, I tamed The Beast last week. Having gone after the Spirit Beasts, Krush, Dred, etc, I have to say that The Beast was the most fun (and most difficult) tame ever. Garwulf, I think you’d really enjoy it. You use fundamentally the same strategy you use for King Krush, to speed cast time and BW to avoid the nonstop interrupts to your casting.
        Plus, the Beast retains his “Boss” status even after tamed. His tooltip shows a skull instead of a level, and says (Boss) after his name. I named mine “DaBoss”. I am currently using him in Arena and he certainly gets the attention of the enemy team.

  11. I imagine there will be some form of achievement for a full stable, the pets I’ll definitely have…

    Ghost Saber

    and I will no doubt fill up the stables with other wonderful pets, I must say the monkey’s look quite nice!

    Also Garwulf, you promised me you would tame a Ghost Saber, do it! πŸ˜›

    • HaHa, yeah, you’re right. I’ll probably drop my Ravager and get one before Cataclysm. Who knows if they’ll still be around with all of the changes coming to Darkshore.

    • Gar do you think I’d be OK dropping Nuramoc to pick up a Ghost Saber? I can’t imagine that they’d take him out of the game if he’s tucked safely away in Outland. I’d really like to get a Ghost Saber now in case they take them out come Cata. I can only afford to give up Nuramoc as I flat out REFUSE to get rid of any of the Spirit Beasts.

      • I do believe the Ghost Sabers will remain in Cataclysm, I’ve had a sneak peak from screens and a video of the ruins by the tower of Althalaxx, they are almost unchanged… so I assume the statues remain? Obviously no guarantee though, so get it while you can? (which may or may not be for forever).

  12. Still trying to track Loque down….but him…my ghost saber ( had him since i created my hunter) and a fox when Cata come out…so stoked about Foxes

  13. I get attached to 1 or 2 pets, but beyond that, I don’t have a desire for more. I have 4 pets who just sit in the stable and do nothing as it is.

  14. Currently I am a card-carrying member of the SB4 club with Nuramoc locking down the 5th slot for PvP. That beig said, here’s the list:
    1. King Krush
    2. Aotona
    3. Ghost Saber (if they’re still around)
    4. A bat
    5. MC Core Hound (had to let him go for Arcturis =( )
    6. Uhk’loc
    7. Sewer Beast
    8. A Rhino
    9. Zarakh
    10. Disembodied Jormungar
    11. A Turtle

    I will round it out with as many pets of each type until I fill the stables. After the turtle, I will tame based on the buff they provide. Overall, I am VERY MUCH looking forward to being a hunter, particularly a BM hunter, in Cata.

    Now if I could only get somewhere with having Blizz give me Gnome hunters……

    • I just went over and looked at the latest Cata pet info on petopia and I need to add the following to the list:
      1. Spiky Crab (MAN do these look BADAZZ!!)
      2. Fox (everyone’s gonna have one so I might as well to)
      3. Monkey (just so I can figure out if there is some type of poo flinging emote >=) )
      4. Emerald Bird (forgot to add that one originally…that bird just looks sooo cool)
      5. Something that looks like a Falcon that I can name Maltese Falcon

      DAMN am I a sucker for pets!

  15. Yes.I have heard that to that they were going to be endangered and a few hunters have mentioned the possibility of taming them before they are gone forever.I for one will not be taming those if they are endangered.Currently have Bear aka Greypaws,and Wolf aka Fester(Got him at the starting gates for humans).Thought he’s still have that poison look when I tamed him,but NOOOOOO.oh well.Now I’m in the thought process of a wicked PvP pet.Umm something that would rip the armour off hard and pew pew your dead (snicker).The worm sounds fantastic and yes I have seen one of the rares in Deadmarsh.Anyways I’ll take a few suggestions and go from there.

  16. My friend, who is tracking all the rare spawns from Azeroth has mentioned some rares that probably will disappear in Cataclysm.
    If we get the additional 20 stable slots after Cataclysm is out, I am tempted to drop some of the rares that I have now from WotLK with some old world rares, as I can always go back later and retame those.
    The most endangered rares are likely to be the Barrens rare spawns, and I actually levelled a new hunter to 25 just to go out and tame Humar, Dishu and Azzere the Skyblade (and I couldn’t resist grabbing Mazzranache either). Then again, the Ghost Saber might disappear aswell in Cataclysm.
    When it gets closer to the release time, we’ll have a better idea what will go and stay.
    Even though I am proud of my Aotona (even though I hardly ever use her), I’d rather release her and go through the long process of searching and taming, than keep her and lose that stable slot for a pet that might disappear.


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