The Flag of Ownership

Flag of Ownership

The Flag of OwnershipFlag of Ownership WoW TCG Loot… It’s too much fun.

My wife threw a couple of packs of the World of Warcraft TCG in my Christmas stocking and I was lucky enough to pull the Owned!Owned Loot Card WoW TCG loot card from one of them. I had never bought any of these packs before, but I knew about the loot cards. Being a former hard-core sports card collector, I knew an insert card when I saw one. What I didn’t know was just how cool it was…

I haven’t used it a ton, but Flag of OwnershipFlag of Ownership WoW TCG Loot is a blast to use in battlegrounds or any other PvP situation. It plants a flag with the “Thumbs-Down” icon on it into your victim, and then announces that you’ve “Planted the Flag of Ownership into (insert victim’s name here)”. It’s a barrel-of-monkeys for sure.

I planted it into a Mage in Warsong Gulch who tried to 2v1 me with their Lock teammate and lost, then came back to 1v1 me while I was eating by the graveyard. They lost again with me beginning the fight at about 50% with no cooldowns. I couldn’t resist at that point. Needless to say… after planting my flag, I became their Huckleberry. After res’ing the 2nd time, the Mage came after me with a vengeance and dropped me. It was close, and I was only at about 20% to begin the fight, but I guess I deserved it after my unsportsmanlike taunt. 😉

Update: Flag of OwnershipFlag of Ownership WoW TCG Loot has been reduced to only a 1 min cooldown, down from fifteen. I highly recommend you obtain one of these. It greatly enhances ones enjoyment of the game. 😉

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