I’m still here, I swear

I feel bad about having only updated this site once in the past few weeks. Truth is, I’ve been busier than a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest. My time on the computer has been soaked up by working on other websites – some of them my projects, and some for clients. Whenever I’d sit down and think about updating this blog, I’d think “forget this, I’m gonna play instead”.

However, one of my late resolutions this year is to keep this site updated on a regular basis with interesting stories, helpful information and resources. While I’m not hardcore like BRK or some of the other number-crunchers out there, I do have some knowledge, input, and ideas that I intend to continue sharing. Since I’m not an active raider, don’t expect to see any dps comparison spreadsheets or anything like that. The main thing I care about is whether I can kill my opponent before they kill me. Don’t get me wrong… I like to maximize my dps for raids and so forth, but I’m more interested in the PvP side of things than achieving 5.32% more dps on my next Naxx run.

With the recent changes to Hunters, it remains to be seen how much time I’ll actually want to spend playing Garwulf (that is until they undo some of these excessive nerfs). I intend to stay Beast Mastery because it’s my favorite spec and it’s what Gar’s always been for the most part. I’ve played the other specs, but call it my dorky role-playing side or whatever, Garwulf is and always will be a Beast Mastery Hunter. Even if I considered re-speccing I wouldn’t now that I have Loque’nahak.

I’ve not had a chance to arena since the patch. That may put a new paint job on things, since it was enough of a struggle before. I’m not the type of guy to spam general looking for some stranger who happens to be the right class for me to queue with. I prefer playing with friends and acquaintances who compliment my playing schedule rather than trying to schedule arena with the leet players for the uber rating. Attaining all of the Gladiator pieces (aside from shoulders) used to be a goal of mine, but I really don’t care anymore. If arena is an even more hostile environment for me, then I may just start playing Death Knight more, I dunno. On the other hand, my 2v2 team could be competitive if we ever queue again. /waves at Blaquespell

Taming Loque’nahak was some of the most fun I’ve had in WoW since I started playing. A lot of people would think I’m crazy, but to each his own. Ever since I heard about rare pets back when I was around level 43 or 44, I have been obsessed with them. To this day, I think that taming Broken Tooth was one of my most joyous moments on Garwulf. Of course, back then it meant something. Ever since Blizzard normalized pet attack speeds he’s always up pacing around whenever I pass through the Badlands. While once the trophy pet of WoW, now he’s just a cat who drops greens.

I suppose that maybe after three years of playing, I’ve seen and done so much that the “work” aspect of the game doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Let’s face it, whether it’s scheduling your life around WoW for raiding or spending countless hours in battlegrounds or arena trying to upgrade your gear, WoW can start to become like a job. My idea now is to simply have fun. In fact, last weekend I had the best time playing my 19 Hunter. I didn’t get any awesome drops, new honor gear, make any gold, or learn any new recipes, but I had a damn good time. To me, that’s what it’s all about.

Alright… enough of my dissertation on World of Warcraft and philosophy towards gameplay.

I know that those of you seeking to tame Loque’nahak or King Krush have found some things of note here on my site, and I think that’s great. Seeking and taming pets is my very favorite aspect of the game, so it makes writing about it very easy for me. I hope that some of you found some useful tips on here that may have helped you acquire one of them.

I still love that cat, or Spirit Beast I should say. Sometimes you spend countless hours seeking a pet only to get disenchanted with it later on. This pet will be with me until the end. Hopefully Blizzard doesn’t continue with their trend of “making things easier” for people by adding a whole slew of Spirit Beasts to the game so that every Hunter can have one. 😐

Well, that’s it for now. I got a little carried away I think. I intended to just make a quick post to have at least something new on the front page. So much for that.

Coming soon…

A Garwulf pet retrospective and a feature on my 19 Hunter, Wrathchild

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